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Ciechanow Jews Throughout the World

Supplement to the Yizkor Book

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Landmanschafts and Aid Activities

The Ciechanowers in Israel

From 1920 until the outbreak of war a large stream of Ciechanowers left for Palestine. People from all Zionist groups went on aliyah: Hashomeir Hatzair, Hechalutz, General Zionist, etc. The Ciechanowers contributed a great deal to the building of the land. In all aspects of the building they participated: in industry, agriculture, in the city and in the settlements. Like all olim, they went through the thorny path of building Eretz Yisroel: that is -- hunger, sickness, epidemics, guarding and defense, danger of attack by the Arabs. The Ciechanowers drained swamps, made the barren land fruitful with their blood and sweat.

We organized ourselves as a special Ciechanower Landsmanshaft, as a result of the bloody war in 1939. When we received the first news of the khurban of our Kehillah, when we received the first cries for help from our brethren, who managed to save themselves from the great catastrophe and from those who were scattered in the Siberian forests in Russia, some of the community decided to do whatever was possible to help the unfortunate ones.

Appeals for help reached our honored Rov, Reb Chaim Mordecai Bronrot Z”L, who was living in Tel-Aviv at that time, and to the Kahane family, who were amongst the first to go on aliyah to Eretz Yisroel.

At the beginning our Rov Z”L, thanks to his contact with various institutions in the country, sent parcels with the assistance of his son Yaacov. The Kahane family also sent parcels on their own initiative. However, when the appeals for help increased, the first aid-committee was established with the Rov as honorary chairman; M. Kleinyud, secretary; members-at-large: R. Kahane, Y. Bronrot, S. Fuchs, Moishe Porakh, Shulamit Porakh, D. Newman, Bryna Pulus, Z. Aronovich (Malina), Kh. L. Ostry, A.D. Vinditsky, A. Fried, F. Friedenreikh, V.H. Zilbershtrom.

The committee arranged the first impressive memorial service for our Kehillah and appealed to America for urgent help. We immediately received $100, and shortly thereafter another $200 as well as parcels to distribute to the survivors who came to the land and to send help to those in need who were still scattered throughout Europe.

The aid work grew. More and more olim came to Eretz Yisroel. We received little support from abroad. The economic situation in the land was critical, and to our great misfortune, our dear active member, Moishe Kleinyud, was torn away from us prematurely at a young age. Still, every oleh was received warmly and received primary assistance. We started to think about constructive help for our brothers in order to establish them in the land. Those who were especially active at that time were: Malka Bromson (Fuchs), Noah Zabludowicz, and others.


The Plan for Establishing a Gmilat Hesed Fund Becomes Ripe

The Ciechanow community heard that Frau Mazur, the daughter of Avraham Klinger of Ciechanow, wants to establish a memorial for her family who perished. A committee of Ciechanowers approached her and influenced her to establish a Gmilat Hesed Fund (Free Loan Society), with a considerable sum for the Ciechanowers in Israel, to be named after her parents. She then gave $300. Another Ciechanower, who didn't want his name disclosed, contributed a larger sum, and these donations were the foundation of the Gmilat Hesed Fund.

The Gmilat Hesed soon became a large financial institution that helped constructively to establish all the Ciechanow olim. Money came from various sources, mainly from New York and Detroit.

Our landsleit in New York came up with a plan to establish a special housing project for Ciechanowers who had come to Israel. They raised several thousand dollars for this purpose, but this grand plan was connected with so many difficulties that they had to give it up. They had already sent the money to Israel to a specific institution. After much effort we succeeded in getting the money back and with it, to enlarge the Gmilat Hesed Fund.

The last balance of the treasury is as follows
Gmilat Hesed Society of the Ciechanowers in Israel
Founded in memory of the Klinger family

Balance as of 31.12.61

Active Passive
In bank 2,986.31 Capital 14,768.62
Owing 12,630.00 Keren Ezra 177.00
  Keren Hasaifer 635.69
  Zakhayim 35.00

Total 15,616.31  

Income Expenses
dues from America 440.00 Memorial 145.00
Sons of Abraham 1,797.50 Postage 64.97
from American relief 375.60  
donations 317.00 Supplies 60.00
from the bank 30.30 Postage 20.00
  Miscellaneous 1.40

Total 2,675.40 Total 291.37
minus expenses 291.37  

Total 1,384.03  
on hand as of 1.1.61 12,349.59 Loans distributed in 1961
net income for 1961 2,384.03 12 x 300 .. 3,600
other income 35.00 32 x 400 .. 12,800

Total 14,678.62 44 = Total 16,400


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Members of first society from Ciechanow in Israel to help survivors
Members of first society from Ciechanow in Israel to help survivors

Including: Chaim Leib Charif-Estry, Malka Bramson, Rivka Kahane, Moshe Frach-Kveit, Noach Zabludowicz, Shmuel Fuchs, Yakov Bronrot.

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Members of first society from Ciechanow in Israel to help survivors
Members of first society from Ciechanow in Israel to help survivors

Including: Moshe Shlossinger, Yisrael Galadosher, Yakov Kahane, Dvora Paulos, Yichiel Yisraeli-Tromkbi, Noach Zabludowicz, David Bramson

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