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Ciechanów Necrology

This Necrology lists Ciechanów Jews (Aleihem HaShalom) who were known to have been murdered by the Germans during the Shoah, 1939-1945.

The following list was transliterated from Yiddish, and represents the collective knowledge of the surviving, organized Ciechanów Jews in Israel, France, and the U.S. in 1962.

It must not be considered definitive.

Corrections or additions may be submitted for consideration and rigid confirmation.

This English version was prepared by Allan Eliyahu Mallenbaum, Chairman of the Rosa Robota Foundation, Inc.

Some conventional spellings and contemporary pronunciations have been employed although the common Yiddish pronunciation and printed alphabetization from the original Necrology were followed in most cases.

Note To Researchers: Original Polish name spellings and original Yiddish pronunciations were different from the names we know today!




Dalet Heh








Pay Tzaddi Koof Raish Shin


[Used to transliterate some A, O, and E names into Yiddish]

Abrentsh Chaim
Abrentsh Devora
Abrentsh Malka
Abrentsh Feivel
Abrentsh Shlomo
Adamski Avrohom
Adamski Chava
Adamski Yitzchak
Adamski Yisrael
Adamski Moshe
Adamski Rivka
Adamski P'nina
Olovnik Yisrael
Olovnik Shmuel
Osterreik Eliyohu
Osterreik Devora
Osterreik Chaya
Osterreik Yitzchak
Osterreik Modechai
Osterreik Feivel
Osterreik Rivka
Osterreik Shmuel
Osterreik Sara
Osterreik Chana
Ostri Zelik & Family
Ostri Moshe Yosef & Family
Ohrbach Yocheved & Family
Avshanka Adam
Avshanka Miriam
Avshanka Gavriel
Avshanka Moshe
Avshanka Sara
Eisman Yaakov & Family
Eisenberg Avrohom
Eisenberg Breina
Eisenberg Mordechai
Eisenberg Chaya
Eisenberg Leibel
Eisenberg Mottel
Eisenberg Roize
Eisenberg Noah & Family
Altus Avrohom
Altus Aharon
Altus Devora
Altus Hershel
Altus Chana
Altus Yosef
Altus Yitte
Altus Yaakov
Altus Yaakov-Leib
Altus Yitzchak
Altus Moshe
Altus Frumme
Altus Sara
Altus Rochel
Altus Rasheh
Altus Shaindel
Altus Shimun
Altus Moshe
Altus Bela
Altus Binyomin
Altus Nosson
Altus Rochel
Altus Sara
Altus Kalman
Antkos - - -
Offenheim Gadalyahu
Offenheim Abba
Offenheim Dovid
Offenheim Lea
Offenheim Avrohom
Offenheim Sara
Offenheim Eliezer



[Used to transliterate most B names into Yiddish]

Bokser Eliezer
Bokser Eliyohu
Bokser Binyomin
Bokser Sabina
Bokser Pesse
Bokser Rivka
Bordovitsh Eliyohu Meir
Bordovitsh Botze
Bordovitsh Dovid
Bordovitsh Chana
Bordovitsh Yechezkel
Bordovitsh Leibel
Bordovitsh Feige
Bordovitsh Eliezer
Bordovitsh Devora
Bordovitsh Hadassa
Bordovitsh Yaakov
Bordovitsh Nachum
Botshka Dovid
Botshka Lea
Botshka Yisrael
Botshka Shlomo
Biezshoner Binyomin
Biezshoner Hinde
Biezshoner Yisrael
Biezshoner Lea
Biezshoner Mordechai
Birenboim Yitzchak
Birenboim Miriam
Birenboim Yisrael
Birenboim Lea
Blum Abba
Blum Reuven
Blum Raizel
Blum Temme
Blum Sara
Blum Nachman
Blum Devora
Blum Neche
Blum Simcha
Blumshtein Chaim
Blumshtein Devora
Bergson & Family
Berlinki Meir
Berlinki Devora
Berlinki Hinde
Berlinki Nechama
Berlinki Rochel
Berlinki Shlomo
Berka Yishachar & Family
Berka Alter and Family
Bronshtein Aidel & Family
Bronshtein Dovid & Family
Bronshtein Avrohom
Bronshtein Brocha
Bronshtein Chaim
Bronshtein Mordechai
Bronshtein Rivka
Bronshtein Sara
Bronshtein Shimun
Brash Mordechai & Family
Brash Fishel & Family
Brenner Slomo
Brenner Gittel
Brenner Chaya
Brenner Chana
Brenner Yitzchak
Brenner Fela



[Used to transliterate most G names into Yiddish]

Gozavski Eliezer
Gozavski Dovid
Gozavski Chaim
Gozavski Yitzchak
Gozavski Shaindel
Gotteiner Elimelech & Family
Gottleiber Yosef
Gottleiber Rochel
Gottleiber Shmuel
Gottleiber Moshe Dovid & Family
Gottleiber Mattis
Gottleiber Feivel
Gottfried Moshe & Family
Gottfried Shmuel & Family
Gottfried & Family
Galadzsher Velvel & Family
Golombik Yitzchak
Golombik Lea
Golombik Brocha
Golombik Zindel
Golombik Leibe
Golombik Rochel
Golombik Miriam
Goldberg Avrohom
Goldberg Brocha
Goldberg Henne
Goldberg Mendel
Goldberg Moshe
Goldberg Feige
Goldberg Feivel
Goldberg Temme
Goldberg Rochel
Goldberg Avrohom
Goldberg [Dentist] & Wife
Goldshtop Devora
Goldshtop Chaim
Goldshtop Yitzchak
Goldshtop Sara
Goldshtop Yocheved
Goldshtein Esther
Goldshtein Efraim
Goldshtein Beila
Goldshtein Zev
Goldshtein Chaya
Goldshtein Yosef Hersh
Goldshtein Menachem
Goldshtein Mordechai
Goldshtein Tsluvke
Goldshtein Shaindel
Goldshtein Shimon
Goldshtein Chaya
Goldshtein Yitzchak Meir
Goldshtein Faiye
Gallina Gedalyahu
Gallina Devora
Gallina Zelik
Gallina Chana
Gallina Moshe
Gallina Roize
Gallek Leibel & Family
Gallek Yaakov & Family
Galka Kalman & Family
Garfinkel Mendel
Garfinkel Avrohom
Garfinkel Devora
Garfinkel Yisrael
Garfinkel Lea
Garfinkel Nosson
Garfinkel Feige
Garfinkel Abba
Garfinkel Yosef
Garfinkel Chaya
Garfinkel Simcha
Garfinkel Velvel
Garfinkel Dovid
Garfinkel Shimon
Garfinkel Zev
Garfinkel Tova
Gutman Yosef & Family
Gurni Eliezer
Gurni Devora
Gurni Hadassa
Gurni Hirsh
Gurni Chava
Gurni Chana
Gurni Yiddel
Gurni Yitzchak
Gurni Zishe
Gurni Lea
Gurni Tzvi
Gurni Hershel
Gurni Sholom
Gurni Rochel
Gurni Yechiel & Family
Gzshevyenazsh Moshe & Family
Gelberd Aharon
Gelberd Henne
Gelberd Chana
Gelberd Yosef
Gelberd Miriam
Gelberd Sara
Gelberd Moshe & Family
Gershenovitch Berel
Gershenovitch Lea
Gershenovitch Meir
Gershenovitch Devora
Gershenovitch Deena
Gershenovitch Chana
Gershenovitch Yeshayahu
Gershenovitch Feige
Gershenovitch Frumme
Gershenovitch Rivka
Gershenovitch Shlomo
Gershenovitch Simcha
Gershenovitch Yosef & Family
Gershenovitch Yitzchak & Family
Grossbard Yosef & Family
Greenshpan Yechiel & Family



[Used to transliterate most D names into Yiddish]

Dombek Chaim & Family
Dan Yeshayahu
Dan Gittel
Dan Leibel
Dantus & Family
Daniel Chaim
Daniel Efraim
Daniel Brocha
Daniel Golde
Daniel Dovid
Daniel Henne
Daniel Miriam
Daniel Sholom
Dzshik Dovid
Dzshik Rivka
Dzshik Gittel
Dzshik Chana
Dzshik Yeshiyahu
Dzshik Miriam



[Used to transliterate some H names into Yiddish]

Honigman & Family



[Used to transliterate most V and W names into Yiddish]

Vosk Orish
Viatrak Chana
Viatrak Mendel
Viatrak Breina
Viatrak Devora
Viatrak Lea
Viatrak Moshe
Viatrak Sara
Vilenberg Binom
Vilenberg Dov (Bertshe)
Vilenberg Henne
Vino Moshe Reuven
Vino Zisse
Vino Yosef
Vino Hillel
Vino Yeshayahu
Vino Yaakov
Veingarten Yoel Dovid
Veingarten Miriam
Veingarten Pesse
Veingarten Yitzchak
Veingarten Nemmi
Veintrab Volf and Family
Veintrab Chanoch
Veiss Dovid and Family



[Used to transliterate most Z names into Yiddish]

Zabludovitch Moshe Leib
Zabludovitch Lea
Zabludovitch Chana Hinde
Zabludovitch Yishachar Ber
Zabludovitch Menachem Mendel
Zabludovitch Boruch
Zabludovitch Chana
Zabludovitch Yeshayahu
Zabludovitch Rochel
Zagatzker Mordechai
Zaloshnitza Chaim
Zaloshnitza Devora
Zaloshnitza Mendel
Zilber Avrohom
Zilber Aizik
Zilber Chaim
Zilber Chana
Zilber Yente
Zilber Mendel
Zilber Shaindel
Zilbershtram Isser
Zilbershtram Boruch
Zilbershtram Devora
Zilbershtram Arye
Zilbershtram Yechiel Hersh
Zilbershtram Bronya
Zilbershtram Brocha
Zilbershtram Neche
Zilbershtram Feige
Zilbershtram Shlomo
Zilbershtram Shmuel
Zinger Chava
Zinger Chana
Zinger Chaya Bayle
Zinger Avrohom
Zinger Nemmi
Zshelaner Nachman
Zshelaner Simcha
Zshelaner Sara
Zismanovitch Yitzchak
Ziskind Shlomo
Zshbik Hersh and Family
Zshbik Dovid and Family
Zshita Bella
Zshita Devora
Zshita Zev
Zshita Rochel
Zshelaner Rochel
Zshelaner Feige
Zshelaner Meir
Zshelaner Avrohom
Zshelaner Blumme
Zshelaner Binyomin
Zshelaner Dvora
Zshelaner Gitte



[Used to transliterate most T names into Yiddish]

Tottengreber Avrohom Eliyohu
Tottengreber Devora
Tottengreber Chana
Tottengreber Feivel
Tottengreber Rivka
Trambka Yehoshe
Trambka Pinchas
Trambka Moshe
Trambka Miriam
Trambka Raizel
Trambka Tzviya
Trambka Avrahan
Trambka Brocha
Trambka Devora
Trambka Chaim
Trambka Chana
Trambka Yechezkel
Trambka Yitzchak
Trambka Avrohom
Tshechanover Binyomin
Tshechanover Devora
Tshechanover Dovid
Tshechanover Chaya
Tshechanover Chaim
Tshechanover Chana Hinde
Tshechanover Yishachar Ber
Tshechanover Yishachar
Tshechanover Leibe
Tshechanover Mendel
Tshechanover Mordechai
Tshechanover Moshe
Tshechanover Nosson
Tshechanover Leibe
Tshechanover Pesse
Tshechanover Rochel
Tshechanover Simcha
Tshechanover Rivke
Tshechanover Raya



[Used to transliterate some I, J and Y names into Yiddish]

Yentshmen Chaim
Yentshmen Yosef
Yentshmen Yehoshua
Yentshmen Malka



[Used to transliterate most C and K names into Yiddish]

Cohen Avrohom
Cohen Chava
Cohen Mordechai
Cohen Sara
Kahana Eliyohu
Kahana Lea
Kahana Zelig
Kahana Shmuel
Kahana Shlomo Zalman
Kvitaika Chaim
Kvitaika Leibe
Kvitaika Blumme
Katz Chaim
Katz Chava
Katz Tzvi
Katz Moshe



[Used to transliterate most L names into Yiddish]

Lach Yehoshua
Lach Feige
Lach Chaim
Lach Chaya
Lach Yitzchak
Lach Feivel
Lubinietski Sholom & Family
Luksenburg Dina
Luksenburg Yitzchak
Liberberg Hinde
Liberberg Aizik
Liberberg Miriam
Liberberg Moshe
Liberberg Nachman
Liberberg Sara
Littman Volf
Littman Breine
Littman Miriam
Littman Nachum
Littman Rivka
Lichtenshtein Shmuel
Lichtenshtein Fraida
Lichtenshtein Esther
Lichtenshtein Devora
Lichtenshtein Yehoshua
Lichtenshtein Yente
Lichtenshtein Faibish
Lichtenshtein Chana
Lichtenshtein Elke
Lichtenshtein Rivka
Lindenberg Yishayahu
Lindenberg Eliyohu
Lindenberg Hinde
Lindenberg Chava
Lipski Breinne
Lipski Shimun
Lipski Shlomo
Lipski Chaya
Lipski Raizel
Levetal & Family
Lemberg Dovid
Lemberg Pesach
Lemberg Ekiba
Lemberg Chomma
Lengalka & Family



[Used to transliterate most M names into Yiddish]

Malina Boruch Mordechai & Fam.
Magnashever & Wife
Makovski Temme
Makovski Yaakov
Makovski Leibel
Makovski Tsiril
Margolis Avrohom
Margolis Moshe
Margolis Chanuch
Margolis Chaya
Margolis Yehoshua
Margolis Nemmi
Mondzshak Moshe
Mondzshak Leibel
Mondzshak Chava
Mondzshak Chana
Mondzshak Chaya
Mondzshak Feivel
Mondzshak Yisrael
Mondzshak Mordechai
Mondzshak Hinde
Monshtok Yisrael
Monshtok Hershel & Family
Monshtok Abba
Monshtok Devora
Monshtok Chana
Monshtok Nachman & Family
Mishor Hershel
Mishor Devora
Mishor Henne
Mishor Hadassa
Mishor Miriam
Mishor Moshe
Melavski Avrohom
Melavski Bashe
Melavski Gittel
Melavski Lea
Melavski Neche
Melavski Feige
Melavski Pesse
Melaver Dovid
Melaver Vavtze
Melaver Chain
Melaver Reuven
Melaver Roize
Melotzker Dovid
Melotzker Rochel Lea
Melotzker Chana Gittel
Melotzker Moshe
Melotzker Rivke
Melotzker Hinde Rochel
Melotzker Mordechai & Family
Melotzker Berel & Family



[Used to transliterate most N names into Yiddish]

Nagor Gedalia
Nagor Penina
Nagor Rivke
Novogrodski Eliyohu
Novogrodski Devora
Novogrodski Dovid
Novogrodski Hadassa
Novogrodski Zev
Novogrodski Chana
Novogrodski Yaakov
Novogrodski Meir
Novogrodski Miriam
Novogrodski Simcha
Navre Sara Feige
Navre Shmulik
Navre Chanhalle
Nachtigal Nachum
Nachtigal Dovid
Nachtigal Yosef
Nachtigal Lea
Nachtigal Nachman
Nachtigal Rachel
Nirenberg Hershel & Family
Naiar Mordechai & Family
Neiman Yechiel & Family



[Used to transliterate most S names into Yiddish]

Sabal Yoal
Sabal Devora
Sabal Chana
Sabal Lea
Sabal Nosson
Sadzovka Yechezkel & Family
Sadek Eliezer
Sadek Beile
Sadek Henne
Sadek Hershel
Sadek Chaim
Sadek Chana
Sadek Yitzchak
Sadek Mashe(!)
Sadek Rivke
Sadek Rochel
Sadek Sholom
Stopien Mattos
Stopien Chaim
Stopien Tsaddok
Stopien Chana
Stopien Rochel
Stopien Sholom Bendet & Family
Student Yisrael Yakov
Slod Boruch & Family
Slod Devora
Slod Zelig
Slod Yakov
Slod Shlomo
Slod Dovid
Slod Miriam
Smalazsh Berel
Smalazsh Zisse
Smalazsh Hersh Volf
Smalazsh Feivel
Smalazsh Yosef
Sentzkaver Simcha
Sentzkaver Devora
Sentzkaver Dovid
Sentzkaver Chaim
Sentzkaver Chana
Sentzkaver Rivka
Sentzkaver Yitzchak
Sentzkaver Tzerke (!)
Sentzkaver Rochel
Sentzkaver Boruch
Sentzkaver Hersh
Sentzkaver Mindel
Sentzkaver Rivke
Sekola Velvel & Family
Seratzk Altter and Wife
Skoza Chaim
Skoza Gutta
Skoza Avrohom
Skornik Nosson
Skornik Esther Lea
Skornik Shaindel
Skornik Dovid
Skornik Meir Lippe
Skornik Miriam
Skornik Yechiel & Family
Srebnagora Binyomin
Srebnagora Devora
Srebnagora Yitzchak
Srebnagora Freida
Srebnagora Simcha Binnem
Srebnagora Moshe
Srebnagora Mindel
Srebnagora Simcha
Srebnagora Shaintshe(!)
Srebnagora Eliyohu



[Used to transliterate some E names into Yiddish]

Ettinger Notte & Family
Elboim Binyomin
Elboim Esther
Elboim Chanoch
Elboim Yitta
Elboim Maks
Elboim Nemmi
Eliasavitz Boaz
Eliasavitz Gedaliahu
Eliasavitz Zev
Eliasavitz Chaya
Eliasavitz Leibe
Eliasavitz Moshe
Erlich Ben-Tzion & Family



[Used to transliterate most F and P names into Yiddish]

Fagazsheletz Chaya
Fagazsheletz Chaim
Fagazsheletz Bella
Fagazsheletz Devora
Fagazsheletz Dovid
Fagazsheletz Zelik
Fagazsheletz Yakov
Fagazsheletz Yitzchak
Fagazsheletz Yishachar
Fagazsheletz Rivka
Fagazsheletz Rashe
Fagazsheletz Shifra
Fagazsheletz Sara
Fazner Meir & Family
Fazner Pesach & Family
Fazner Avrohom Meir & Family
Fazner Yitzchak & Family
Fazner Hershel & Family
Fazner Aitshe(!) & Family
Fazdshorek Shmuel & Family
Fazdshorek Rivka
Fazshdzsharek Zalman
Fazshdzsharek Yitzchak
Fazshdzsharek Rochel
Fazshdzsharek Rivka
Fater Yitzchak
Fater Shmuel
Fater Devora
Fater Chaya
Fater Eliyohu Leib
Fater Zalovka(?)
Fater Abba
Fater Feivel
Palloch Chaim
Palloch Yoel
Palloch Malke
Palloch Mendel
Palloch Mordechai
Palloch Moshe
Palloch Rivke
Palloch Sara
Fanfil Shlomo & Family
Paktshik Devora
Paktshik Yitzchak
Paktshik Peretz
Farma Eliezer
Farma Dina
Farma Zelik
Farma Zissel
Farma Hershel
Farma Miriam
Farma Feivel
Farma Sara
Fodalavitsh Berish
Fodalavitsh Safra
Fodalavitsh Breina
Fodalavitsh Aharon
Fodalavitsh Dovid
Fodalavitsh Dina
Fodalavitsh Pinchas & Family
Fuchs Eliyohu
Fuchs Yona
Fuchs Aharon
Fuchs Avigdor
Fuchs Binyomin
Fuchs Devora
Fuchs Rochel
Fianka Chaya
Fianka Yosek
Fianka Yakov & Family
Fianka Esther
Fianka Tova
Fianka Chava
Fianka Miriam
Fianka Pinchas
Fianka Rochel
Fianka Brocha
Fianka Mordechai
Fianka Menachem
Fianka Simcha
Fianka Yechiel
Filot Moshe & Family
Fiekarek Aharon & Family
Fisherman Shmuel Lieber & Family
Feffer Yitzchak
Feffer Israel
Feffer Devora
Feffer Chaya
Perlmutter Yosef
Perlmutter Yakov
Perlmutter Feivel
Perlmutter Perl
Perlmutter Leibak
Peretz Chana
Peretz Shlomo Dovid
Peretz Leibe
Peretz Rochel
Peretz Breina
Peretz Zelik
Peretz Pinia
Peretz Yeshayahu Yitzchok
Peretz Baile
Peretz Shlomo
Peretz Nechemia
Peretz Yocheved
Peretz Rochel
Fried Binyomin
Fried Chaya
Fried Yitzchok
Fried Mendel
Fried Rivka
Friedman Avrohom & Family
Friedman Yehoshua
Friedenberg Zerach & Wife
Friedenberg Efraim
Friedenberg Michal (!)
Friedenberg Avrohom & Family



[Used to transliterate most TZ and some S and C names into Yiddish]

Tzukerman Altter
Tzukerman Gittel
Tzukerman Dovid
Tzukerman Hershel
Tzukerman Nachman
Tzukerman Rivka
Tzinaman Mordechai
Tzinaman Chana
Tzinaman Rivka
Tzinaman Chaim
Tzinaman Yakov & Family



[Used to transliterate some K names into Yiddish]

Kahn Yeshayahu & Family
Kozshik Devora
Kozshik Chaim
Kozshik Chana
Kozshik Yitzchak
Kozshik Mendel
Kozshik Miriam
Kolakavski Mordechai & Family
Kaloska Devora
Kaloska Yosef Hersh
Kaloska Yisrael
Kaloska Miriam
Kalenberg Menachem
Kalfus Yakov
Kalfus Kayla
Kalfus Sara
Kamianer Yosef
Kamianer Malka
Kamianer Rize
Kamianer Shlomo
Kanarek Leibel & Family
Kanarek Binyomin
Kanarek Chaya
Kanarek Chana
Kanarek Fromme
Kanarek Rivke
Kanarek Shmuel
Kostsheva Urka & Family
Kostsheva Volf & Family
Kostsheva Moshe Chaim
Kostsheva Miriam
Kostsheva Moshe Nachum
Kostsheva Lea
Kostsheva Avigdor
Kostsheva Avrohom
Kostsheva Itta
Kostsheva Devora
Kostsheva Penina
Kostsheva Rashe
Kostsheva Shifra
Kostsheva Esther
Kostsheva Tova
Kaplan Avigdor and Wife
Karetka Sholom
Karetka Yehuda
Karetka Henne
Karetka Devora
Kutner Simcha Dovid
Kutner Leiba
Kutner Yitzchak
Kutner Meir
Kutner Miriam
Kutner Esther
Kutner Yosef
Kilka Simcha
Kilka Chaya Neche
Kilka Rochel
Kilka Mindel
Kuska Aharon
Kuska Moshe
Kuska Rochel
Kuska Rashe
Kufiatz Devora
Kufiatz Yitzchak
Kufiatz Pesse
Kufiatz Shmuel
Kirshenboim Aharon & Family
Kirshenboim Mendel & Family
Kirshenboim Binyomin & Family
Kirshenboim Moshe
Kirshenboim Feige
Kirshenzweig Monish
Kirshenzweig Blumme
Kleinyod Mendel & Family
Kleinman Yitzchok
Kleinman Leibe
Kleinman Aharon
Kleinman Hershel
Kleinman Chaim
Kleinman Mendel
Kleinman Chana
Klenietz Berish
Klenietz Miriam
Klenietz Meir
Klenietz Dina
Klenietz Rivka
Klenietz Chana
Klenietz Moshe
Kelman Avrohom Aharon & Family
Kronenberg Golde
Kronenberg Hershel & Family
Krulik Leibel
Krulik Peretz
Krulik Chava
Krulik Henne
Krulik Moshe
Kremer Nachum
Kshivanovski Boruch
Kshivanovski Eliezer
Kshivanovski Hershel
Kshivanovski Lea
Kshivanovski Rivke



[Used to transliterate most R names into Yiddish]

Robota Yeshayahu
Robota Feige
Robota Sara
Robota Roize
Robota Chaya
Robota Yakov
Radzinovitsh Avrohom
Radzinovitsh Gutman
Radzinovitsh Chana
Radzinovitsh Yitzchak
Radzinovitsh Feige
Radzinovitsh Rivka
Radzinovitsh Shlomo
Radzinovitsh Sara
Radzinek Dov
Radzinek Hinde
Radzinek Yakov
Radzinek Mordechai
Radzinek Feige
Rozmarin Dov
Rozmarin Devora
Rozmarin Chanoch
Rozmarin Miriam
Rozmarin Rivka
Rozenshtein Yochanan & Family
Rozenblum Kalman & Family
Rotenberg Shimon & Family
Ramek Chona (!) & Family
Rubinshtein Shlomo
Rubinshtein Esther
Rubinshtein Rivka
Romianek - - -
Riba Chaim
Riba Berel
Riba Yitzchak
Riba Devora
Riba Mendel
Riba Rashe
Riba Sara
Riba Avrohom
Remboim Devora
Remboim Chaya
Remboim Yosef
Remboim Yitzchak
Remboim Abba
Remboim Yakov
Remboim Mordechai
Remboim Menachem
Remboim Velvel & Family



[Used to transliterate most Sh, and Sz, and some Sch names into Yiddish]

[Note: Where Sch represents Sk, the name will be found under Samech.]

Shano Chaim
Shano Mendel
Shano Malka
Shano Miriam
Shafft Michal (!) & Family
Shaffran Binyomin
Shaffran Devora
Shaffran Yosef
Shaffran Nachum
Shaffran Rivka
Shultz Menachem
Shultz Chaim
Shultz Mordechai
Shultz Nemmi
Shultz Feivel
Shultz Chava
Shultz Zishe
Shulrif Dovid
Shulrif Golde
Shulrif Hershel
Shulrif Chana
Shulrif Chanan
Shulrif Rivka
Shulrif Rochel
Shulrif Shalom
Shuster Shilom & Family
Schvartz Dovid
Schvartz Chana
Schvartz Yente
Schvartz Yakov
Schvartz Miriam
Schvartz Nachman
Schvartz Reuven
Schvartz Yakov Dovid
Shtutzki Yechiel
Shtutzki Rochel
Shaiman Baruch
Shaiman Dovid
Shaiman Chanoch
Shaiman Yehoshua
Shaiman Malka
Shaiman Miriam
Shlamovitsh Dovid
Shlamovitsh Chana
Shlamovitsh Sara
Shlamovitsh Devora
Shlamovitsh Yisrael
Shlamovitsh Yitzchak
Shlivka Yakov
Shlivka Chana
Shlivka Yorre
Shlivka Menachem
Shlezinger Chaim
Shlezinger Feige
Shlezinger Yosef-Dovid
Shlezinger Gittel
Shlezinger Yosef
Shlezinger Yakov
Shlezinger Yisrael
Shlezinger Libbe
Shlezinger Masha
Shlezinger Roize
Shlezinger Slomo Zalman
Shlezinger Simcha
Shmichovitz Berel
Shmichovitz Leibe
Shmichovitz Moshe
Shmichovitz Tziril
Shmichovitz Temme
Shmichovitz Yitzchak
Shmichovitz Pinchas
Shmichovitz Roize
Shmichovitz Rochel
Shmichovitz Shmuel Hersh
Shmichovitz Sara
Schmidt Avrohom
Schmidt Avrohom Michal
Schmidt Aizik
Schmidt Eliyohu
Schmidt Efraim
Schmidt Beile
Schmidt Dov
Schmidt Dovid
Schmidt Hadassa
Schmidt Hinde
Schmidt Hersh Yosef
Schmidt Chana
Schmidt Yosef
Schmidt Yakov
Schmidt Mindel
Schmidt Malka
Schmidt Mordechai
Schmidt Miriam
Schmidt Feivel
Schmidt Rutke
Schmidt Shaindel
Schmidt Michael
Schmidt Tova
Schmidt Reuven
Schmidt Shimon
Schmidt Elke
Schmidt Zlate
Shnaidavski Dovid
Shnaidavski Esther
Shnaidavski Nachum
Shnaidavski Pesse
Shnaidavski Shabsai
Shreiber Sender
Shreiber Avrohom
Shreiber Eliezer
Shreiber Chana
Shreiber Lea
Shreiber Malke
Shreiber Rochel

May Their Memory Be For A Blessing

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