Memorial book
For the Jews of Carei and its Surroundings
(Carei, Romania)

47°41' / 22°28'

Translation of
Sefer zikhron l'yhudiy karey (nag' karoy)

Editor: by Israel Weiser

Published in Jerusalem, 2018




This is a translation of: Sefer zikhron l'yhudiy karey (nag' karoy)
(Memorial book for the Jews of Carei and its surroundings),
Editor: Israel Weiser, Published: Jerusalem, 2018 (H, Hu 375 pages)

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Translated by Jerrold Landau


In their Memory 7
Thoughts Before Passover 5708 [1948] 10
Words from the Editors 12
Introduction - ELŐSZÓ 17
Chapter 1: Carei, the city and its history 19
Chapter 2: History of the Jews of Carei 25
      1. History of the Jews of Carei from the beginning of their settlement in the city until the end of the 18th century 25
      2. History of the Jews of Carei from the beginning of the 19th century until they received emancipation in the year 1867 35
      3. History of the Jews of Carei from the time they received emancipation until the end of the First World War (1876-1918) 42
Chapter 3: Religious life, Rabbis of the communities, and Yeshiva studies 60
Chapter 4: Education in the Jewish Schools 76
Chapter 5: History of the Jews of Carei between the two world wars under Romanian rule (1919-1940) 81
Chapter 6: The return of Hungarian rule 126
      1. In the shadow of the laws regarding Jews 126
      2. The state of moving gallows – Service in the labor brigades (Munkaszolgálat) 134
      3. The Yellow Hangman 150
      4. Ghettoization of the Jews of North Transylvania and deportation to the camps 154
Chapter 7: History of the Jews of Carei, returning home 173
Conclusion 179
Rosh Hashanah 5709 [1948] 182
Tables of Testimony – Names of those from Carei and the area who perished in the Holocaust 184
List of those who perished in Nagykaroly (Carei) 209


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