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Zionist activists in Capresti 113 125
Hehalutz Branch in Capresti - near “the pit” (1921) 115 127
Gordonia Leaders in Capresti (Passover 1932) 123 135
Hashomer Hatzair Branch Leaders in Capresti (1932) 127 139
With Haim-Leib Harsonski and Eliskof - prior to their immigration 128a 141
The first pioneers from Capresti (August 27th, 1922, Kishinev) 128b 142
“Dror's” Emigrants detachment (Falticeni, June 10th, 1935) 128b 142
Moshe Broitman during training at “Hehalutz” (Briceni) 128c 143
Moshe Broitman's agriculture training (Sadigura) 128c 143
Gordonia branch prior to Eliahu Peck's Alyiah (June 22nd, 1933) 128d 144
Members of Gordonia branch (December 4th, 1932) 128d 144
Farewell from Leah Kijner prior to Aliyah (August 9th, 1936) 128e 145
Israel Faierman and Mordechai Mer during training at Hashomer Hatzair (Iasi, April 3rd, 1934) 128e 145
Hashomer Hatzair meeting - Capresti and Marculesti branches (March 19th, 1933) 128e 145
Graduating group of Dror branch in Capresti with the instructors 128f 146
Members of Dror and Poalei Zion branches in Capresti (October 3rd, 1934) 128f 146
Capresti delegates to Gordonia's Congress (Balti, August 7th, 1933) 128g 147
Mordechai Faierman's member I.D. no.1 128g 147
Right hand side: Jewish National Fund Appraisal Certificate - Israel Faierman (1932). Left hand side: Immanuel Pripas' member's Card no. 1 (January 1st, 1933) 128g 148
Dror's branch board members in Capresti 131 151
Mordechai Rishpi, Yehezkiel Eliskof, David Volman, leaders of Poalei Zion's branch 134 154  
Rabi David Kaplivatzki (left) - Rabi Yona Kaplivatzki (right) 145 165  
Dr. Iochanan Kaplivatzki- Kafil - passed away on January 13th, 1960 147 167  
Rabi Aaron Libstug Sho”b (Ritual slaughterer and Kosher inspector) - passed away on May 17th, 1951 152 172  
Near Eliezer Heisiner's shop 157 177  
Shmuel Leiberfarb and his spouse Beilah 160 180  
Josef (Iassel) Skliar 161 181  
Shmuel - Yankel 162 182  
Standing: Haim Leib Hermon (Harsonski) and his spouse Feigeh. Seated: Bella Lavi, Dr. Nacum (Niuka) Fidelman and his spouse Zelda 163 183  
Dr. Nahum Fidelman 164 184  
No caption (Mina Hayat) 188 208  
No Caption (Hannah) 198 218  
Daniel and Sheindl Leiderman and their family 224a 245  
Rabi Aaron Weismann and his family 224b 245  
Aaron and Alteh Froimchuk's family 224c 246  
Aaron and Hannah Faierman's family and relatives 224d 246  
Berl and Sarah Itzkovitz (died on sinking motor-schooned Mefkure)with their children Pninah and Shaul 224e 247  
First row: Moshe Broitman. Second row: Aizic Ockshtein and Iacov Broitman. Third row: Sara Broitman, Berl Broitman 224f 247  
Dikerman family - Bella and Ethel (Dr. Asia Zaslavski) of blessed memory, Israel and his children 224g 248  
Moshe and Elka Lerner and their family 224h 248  
Izrail Yanovitz, Velvel Ivtcher, Shmuel Mer, Velvel Gershtein, Buma Yotzis, ?, Moshe Saltzberg, ?, Leib Mer 224i 249  
Avram Kleiman's Alyiah (September 27th, 1927). First row: Moshe Broitman, Yossel Birshtein. Second row: Moshe Saltzberg, Avram Kleinman, Shaike Zaikonir, Izrail Yanovitz. Third row: Buma Yotzis, Mina Hayat. Fourth row: Haim Shaposhnik, Eli Turban. 224j 249  
Buma Heisiner, Nioma Kleinman, Haim Ivtcher, Nissan Heisiner (1924) 224k 250  
First row: Dora and Leib Froimchuk. Second row: Reizel, Esther and Buka Froimchuk 224l 250  
First row: Gitel Bliumis, Yitah Ackerman. Second row: Roza Putik, Tzipah Skaldman. Third row: Susaleh Kleinman, Bella Libstug (May 1st, 1932) 224m 251  
Sonia Brownshtein, Rozenfeld, Malka Skaldman, Leib Froimchuk, Sarah Erlichman, Beria Yanovitz, Rivka Elkis (August 28th, 1934) 224n 251  
First row: ?. Second row: Sonia Feinboim, Gitel Heisiner, Mara Hayat. Third row: ? 224o 252  
Golda Rabinovitz, Mindel Gretzenshtein, Esther Froimchuk, Chaya Leibsohn 224p 252  
Moshe and Malka Elkis and family 224q 253  
Niura and Esther Itzkovitz with family and guests 224p 253  
Velvel Heisiner (“Moskivker”) 224-19 254  
Rivka Itzkovitz, old people of the community 224-20 254  
Baruch Yanovitz 224-21 254  
Moshe Kolker - In the family nest 224-22 255  
Moshe Kolker - Waiting for a buyer 224-23 256  
Mordechai Goldenberg 258 290  
No caption 265 297  
Hertz Rivkin (?) 272 304  
Tzvi (Hershel) Tzalman 284 316  
Dr. Sussalah Kleinman of blessed memory 287 319  
Dr. Moshe Sambation 291 323  
Painters of Capresti at Bella Lavis' exhibition. Standing: Israel Reshef, Yaffa Virtzberg (Sheindli Mer), Bella Lavi (Libstag). Seated: Shifrah Schneider (Borman) 293 325  
Bella Lavi (Libstag) at her exhibition 294a 326  
Israel Reshef (Faierman) at his exhibition 294b 326  
No caption 317 349  
Josef Skliar, Suska and their family with Avraham Hertzfeld and Knesset member Tzvi Gershoni - in Nir Am at grandfather Iosef's 70-birthday (see page 210) 344a 376  
Moshe (Morris) Yanovitz and his sister Sarah with their family prior to emigration to America (see “Capresti people in America”) 344b 376  
The partisan Eliahu Kubinski 362 394  
Memorial candles 368a 401  
Red Army headquarters announce regarding Mina Ivtcher' s death 368b 402  
Hannah Weiner's (Poterman) certificate confirming her detention in a slave-camp 368c 402  
David Leiderman's Identity card in Ghetto Balti. (ID no. 40 issued by Romanian Gendarmerie for the Jew Leiderman) 368d 403  
David Leiderman's letter written before being killed (in Yiddish) 368e 404  
Red Cross Letter sent by Mordechai (November 28th, 1941) to his family in Capresti. Red Cross answer sent from Bucharest (February 2nd, 1942): Addressee traveled to Soviet Union, according to her will. 368f 406  
The girl Yedidah Yitzkovitz, Niura and Esther's daughter, died together with her uncle Berl and her aunt Sarah; on board of Mefkure, torpedoed by the Germans 368g 407  
Tzvi Leiderman in the Red Army, before becoming blind at a land mine disarming 368h 407  
Torah Scrolls in the memory of Capresti victims 368i 408  
Boris (Berl) Broitman and his spouse Sonia 393 433  
With the Prime Minister Golda Meir. Left hand side- Moshe Broitman and at the right hand side his spouse Betty 394 434  
Sonia and Boris Broitman with the children and grandchildren 396 436  
Haim of blessed memory and Malka Zigelboim 399 439  
Paravarski family (Baltimore, July 17th, 1961) 401a 441  
Paravarski family (Baltimore, July 19th, 1953) 401b 441  
Chavah “Die Bainushke” and her family in USA. At the silver wedding of Itzkovitz and her spouse Mani 401c 442  
Avraham Braun (“Baletzarkovski”) 401d 443  
Avraham Braun (“Baletzarkovski”) - Baruch Haim's son (USA) 401e 443  
Bat-Sheba Yanovitz and her family (Sao Paolo, Brazil) 401f 444  
Haim Kalbart - Niura Yitzkovitz's (“Culture” school foster headmaster in Capresti) brother-in-law 401g 444  
Yitzhak Libstug, his spouse Esther and their daughter Chaiah (Montreal, Canada) 401h 445  
Harry (Haim Hersh) Itzkovitz - during a visit in Israel 401i 445  
Velvel and Sarke Zigelboim 401j 446  
The Big Synagogue in Capresti 401k 447  
Hertzel-Bialik school in Capresti 401l 448  
Velvel Zigelboim. Born March 3rd, 1901 - died November 6th. 1978 401m 449  
Chavah Dernboim-Itzkovitz of blessed memory 405a 453  
Berta Bravin (Itzkovitz) of blessed memory 405b 453  
Standing: Dr. Avraham, Morris (Moshe) Yanovitz, Yitzhak Lichtman. Seated: Perl - Dr. Avraham's spouse, Chenia Yanovitz with her daughter Betty and Sarah Lichtman 408 456  
Ophthalmologist Dr. Irving Vicks and his spouse Esther, of blessed memory 415 463  
Sonia and Boris (Berl) Broitman 418 466  
Memorial gravestone - in the memory of: our grandfather Rabi Shmuel Zigelboim; my father and our grandfather Berl son of Azriel Leibsohn. Commemorators: Sarke Zigelboim (Leibsohn), grandchildren Moshe and Boris, Velvel's son, Zigelboim, grandchild Sousa Van-Dam (Zigelboim), Yizi Ben Haim Zigelboim 423 471  
No caption. Niuma (Nahum) Yanovitz 424 472  
No caption. Amnon Kushnir 430 478  
In the memory of my father, Zalman (Mina), David Ivtcher's son. Fallen in combat WWII, against Nazi enemy. Of blessed memory. Commemorates: Roza Ivtcher, daughter, Natania 431 479  
In the memory of: our father Berl Borman, died in 1941 in Russia; and our mother Bella, died in 1927, Capresti; our brother Dr. Mendel Borman, exterminated in the Holocaust, 1942. Commemorate: Baruch Biran (Borman), Tel Aviv; Shifrah Schneider (Borman), Ramat Aviv 432 480  
Commemoration site for Freida Abu-Hatzira (Botoshanski). Her spouse Alihav; her sons Avraham, Haifa, and Asher, Kibbutz Yiftach; and her grandchildren 433 481  
Memorial candle. To our father Leib Broitman, passed away in Capresti, 1918. To our moher Miriam Broitman, died in Capresti, February 2nd 1942. To our sister Sarah Ockshtein, died during wanderings in Soviet Union. To our brother-in-law, Aizic Ockshtein, died in Czernowitz, 1977. To my brother Yaacov Broitman, died in Chile, 1940. Commemorate: Sonia and Boris Broitman, Betty and Moshe Broitman. 434 482  
Unfortunately, we commemorate our dears of blessed memory: Our father Aaron Brownshtein, died in Israel, 1956. Our mother Leah Brownshtein, died in Czernowitzi, 1970. Our sister Rivka Grobcopatel (Brownshtein), 29 year-old and her daughter Zina, 4-year old exterminated by the Nazis in the concentration camp of Balta, 1942. Commemorate: Sonia Feinboim (Brownshtein), Kiryat Motzkin; Issachar (Sonie) Brownshtein, Kiryat Haim; Chaia Drezner (Brownshtein), USA; Bronia Conovel (Brownshtein), USA; Tzvi Brownshtein, Haifa 435 483  
With deep regret I commemorate my father Moshe Iacov Brownshtein and my mother Batyiah Brownshtein who perished during their escape from the Nazis in the Soviet Asia, 1942 ; their resting place is unknown. Will their memory be blessed. Commemorates: their only child, Ozer Brownshtein, Tel Adashim 436a 484  
A perpetual candle in the memory of Moshe and Elka Lerner' s family members. All of them killed by German murderers and their resting place is unknown. In the memory of Eliezer Lerner, passed away in Eilat, March 23rd, 1963. Commemorate: his wife Sarah, sons Dan and Moshe Lerner Eilat, daughter Nitzah Bar-Ner (Lerner), Raanana . 436b 484  
We remember forever my mother and my spouse Brachah Berdicevski. Her spouse Zalman Berdicevski, Petach-Tikvah; her son, Leib Berdicevski, Petach-Tikvah 437 485  
In the memory of my dears: father Iacov Goldberg, died in Uzbekistan; mother Miriam Goldberg, died in Uzbekistan, 1943. Commemorates: Shoshanna Alon (Goldberg), Haifa 438a 486  
In the memory of my dearest: My mother Teveleh daughter of Yitah and Pinchas (Galitzki) Finkensohn, died during her wanderings in in the Holocaust period in the Soviet Union. My father Dr. Ben-Zion Finkensohn, immigrated to Israel in 1967, passed away in November 30, 1966 . Commemorates: daughter Esther Barchanah, Tel Aviv 438b 486  
Leib and Reizel Greenshpon, may the Lord revenge their blood. Commemorate: daughter and sister Mary Ratinski Greenshpon and her spouse Yehudah; son Kopel Greenshpon 440 488  
No caption. Avraham Hochman (Chik), article written by Yitzhak Ben Efraim 442 490  
In the memory of our parents. Our father Josef (Yossel) Heisiner. Our mother Malka Heisiner, died in Capresti. Commemorate: Nissan and Fruma Heisiner, Kiryat Tivon,; Shimon Heisiner, Soviet Union 443 491  
In the memory of our loved dears. Will their memory be engraved in our hearts forever. Eliezer Heisiner, father, died in wandering across Ukraine and Russia during the Holocaust. Rivka Heisiner, mother, passed away in Tashkent at an old age. Shoshanna Heisiner, sister, passed away in Tashkent from illness. Buma Heisiner, brother, died in Bucharest from illness . Hertzel Heisiner - Hertz Rivkin, brother, died in the Soviet Union Diaspora, deportation to Siberia. Commemorate: Tova Filon, daughter and sister (Gitel Heisiner), Ramat Hasharon. 444 492  
In the memory of our husband and father, the unforgettable Pinchas Ben Noah Galitzki. Born in July, 15th, 1885, passed away April 13th, 1961. Commemorate: Yitah Galitzki, Israel Galitzki, Nir-Am 445a 493  
Dejuma (Deborah) Shapira (Hesiner). Commemorate: Avital, daughter, and her spouse Eliezer; Amos and Avner, sons; grandchildren and grand-grandchildren, Kibbutz Mizrah 445b 493  
We will remember, we will not forget: Mordechai, father, and Rachel Weiner, mother - perished in Capresti after their return from wanderings across Soviet Union vastness. Chuna, the very young brother, killed in a Nazi shelling near by the bridge in Vad Rashkov. Our sister Bluma and her spouse Tzvi (Hershel) killed during their wanderings in Ukraine. Commemorate: Chanan and Chana Poterman (Weiner), Hadera. 446 494  
David Volman of blessed memory. Commemorate: Ahuva, spouse, Ramat Gan. Sons: Dr. Yoram Volman, Tel Aviv; Ariel Volman 447 495  
We are remember our dears. Our father Asher Varzov. Our mother Leah Varzov who perished in the Holocaust and their resting place is unknown. Commemorate: Moshe Varzov, Ashdod; Peretz Verzov, Haifa; Simah Verzov-Kobinski, Petach-Tikvah. 448 496  
We will remember them forever. Our father Moshe Yanovitz, passed away in June 1975; our mother Pninah Yanovitz, passed way November 3rd, 1976. Commemorate: Etty Anker (Yanovitz), Ramat-Gan; Akiva Yaniv (Yanovitz), Givataim; Tzipi Zandbend (Yanovitz), Hertzelyah 449 497  
In the memory of my spouse, our mother and grandmother Rivka Yanovitz. Commemorate: Your husband Beria (Baruch) Yanovitz, your sons Eliahu and Miki Yaniv, Arieh and Gilah Yaniv, your grandchildren Einav, Sharon, Yilan, Rotem, Ron 450a 498  
With soreness and melancholy we lament the memory of Tzilah, daughter of Moshe and Feige Davidovici (Yanovitz). Passed away in Orivo, Soviet Union, February 1975. Mourning: her spouse Israel Davidovici, Soviet Union, her brother Baruch (Beria) Yanovitz, Haifa 450b 498  
A perpetual candle for 451 499  
My father Iacov Yanovitz, my mother Feigeh our sister Cheniah, our uncles and aunts from father's side and mother's side  
All of them cruelly exterminated by Nazis and their resting place is unknown. Commemorate: Yanovitz Mordechai and Tzofiah - Haifa and the children  
In the memory of our parents who passed away at an old age: Mordechai-Lev Yanovitz, passed away in Czernowitz, January 5th, 1969; Rachel Yanovitz, passed away in Czernowitz, August 9th, 1963. Commemorate: Israel (Izrail) Yanovitz, Bnei-Brak; Roza Har-Zion, Hadera 452 500  
Their memory will be with us. Our dear father, Rabi Aaron Libstag and our sister Deborah Rosenberg. Commemorate: Yitzhak Libstag, Canada; Moshe Sambation, Canada; Bella Lavi, Natania 454 502  
A perpetual candle in the memory of my dear family members. My mother, Hannah, Moshe Moskovitz's daughter, died in Capresti, September 26th, 1971; my father, Jehoshua, Moshe Moskovitz's son, died in Capresti, December 17th, 1951; my brother Hersh, Jehoshua Moskovitz's son, sacrified his life in combat against the Nazi enemy, foe of the Jewish people. Fallen in Koenigsberg (Germany), September 19th, 1944. I will not forget forever! Moshe Moskovitz, Ramat-Gan. 456 504  
Chayoutah Mer. Chayoutke, we will miss you until our last day. We are left with a sore memory only. Parents: Arieh-Leib and Tovah Mer 458 506  
A perpetual candle in the memory of our dears: Moshe, Eliahu Elkis's son, passed away in Israel, February 20th, 1967; Malka, Tanhum Elkis's daughter (Yanovitz family), passed away September 16th, 1964. Commemorate: Baruch (Beria) Yanovitz - Haifa; Sarah and Yitzhak Lichtman, USA; Rachel Pekelman - Tel Aviv; Morris (Moshe) and Cheniah Yanovitz, USA 461a 509  
With a lot of sorrow and deep pain we remember: my husband and our father Tzvi (Hersh) Pekelman who passed away in Haifa, January 23rd, 1977; Commemorate: Shlomo Pekelman - Haifa, Rachel Pekelman - Tel Aviv, Pninah and Nathan Piterman (Pekelman) - Tel Aviv 461b 509  
We will remember, will never forget. Our father Aaron and our mother Elta Froimtshuk: they were forced to run into Dniester river, on the Yom Kippur evening, 1941, together with many other couples. All of them drowned nearby Rejina shore. Our brother Leibel Froimtshuk, his spouse Sarah and their child (only 6.5 year-old), inflicted tortures and exterminated by Romanian soldiers. Their burial places are unknown. Our sister Reizel, died in Capresti, 1945 and her husband Iacov Lecher who died in Rejina the same year, after their return from wandering across Soviet Union, full of suffering and torment. Our sister Buckeleh, passed away in Czernowitz after a long illness. Mourners: Dora (Froimchuk) and Aaron Tor-Kaspa - Natania; Esther (Froimchuk) and Yitzhak Kushnir - Rechovot 463 511  
In the memory of our family members: father Aaron, Iacov Faierman's son, died in Capresti , November 12th, 1933; mother Hannah, Beinish's daughter (Itzkovitz family); Beinish, brother, with her spouse Rachel (Cohen family); David, brother with her spouse Chiarnah and children; Betty Tabachnik (Faierman family) with her 3 children; Joshua Cohen (Rachel's father). All of them killed by the Nazi enemy during their wanderings and escape in Ukraine's steppe. Their burial places are unknown. Commemorate: Mordechai and Hannah Rishpi (Faierman) - Kibbutz Beit-Oren; Israel and Tziporah Reshef, Ramat Hasharon; Josef and Rita Faierman, Soviet Union 464 512  
We will remember forever. Our father Josef Poterman, died in Capresti, 1935. Our mother Beilah Poterman, died 1967 in Hedera. Commemorate: Aaron Poterman - Hadera; Chanan Poterman - Hadera; Israel Poterman - Natania; Biuma Doitsh (Poterman) - Hadera; Hannah Reznik (Poterman) - Massada; Rachel Levinthal (Poterman) 465 513  
We recall with soreness our family members. Father, Moshe Pripas who perished in the Holocaust, his burial place is unknown, died October 2nd, 1942; mother Chavah Pripas, died September 11, 1977; our sister Shulamit Leiba (Pri-Paz), died in Natania October 10th, 1974. Commemorate: Zinah Lernerman (Pri-Paz), Nir-Am; Immanuel Pri-Paz, Natania; Naaman Pri-Paz, Jerusalem 466 514  
Mordechai Koparov. Commemorate: your spouse Perl; your daughters Liuba, Hannah, Sarah; your sons Arieh, Iacov, Simcha 467a 515  
In the memory of our dears. My father Aaron, Israel Kushnir's son, born in Lipcani October 4th, 1892 and died in Tashkent, May 14, 1956; my mother Chavah, Israel 's daughter, born in Lipcani, February 15th , 1899 and died in Tashkent, May 22nd, 1971. Commemorates: David Kushnir - Haifa 467b 515  
A memorial candle to our dear family. Our father, David Kaiserman: his many years activity was dedicated to the release of our people, refugees in Ukraine, due to his good relations with the Romanian authorities. Died in Capresti in 1936. Our mother, Tovah Kaiserman, killed in the Nazi concentration camp of Balta (Ukraine) , 1942. Our brother Yizi (Yitzhak) died young in Capresti, 1933. Our brother-in-law and husband Avraham Zilberman, died in USA, 1954. Our brother-in-law and husband, attorney Baruch Dochovani, perished in a concentration camp in Ukraine. Their memory will stay in our hearts forever. Commemorate: Aaron Kaiserman, Soviet Union; Avraham Kaiserman, Bat-Yam; Mania Averbuch-Kaiserman - Canada; Niunia Eidelman (Kaiserman), Canada 468 516  
Our father Israel Rozenfeld, died in 1970, Soviet Union. Our mother, Slova Rozenfeld, died in Haifa, July 15th, 1977. Our sister Leah (Rozenfeld) died in the Soviet Union, July, 12th, 1977. Our son Grisha Gurievski died in the Red Army, Soviet Union, May 20th, 1972. We will remember and we will not forget them. Commemorate: Shulamit (Mussiah) Gurievski (Rozenfeld) - Haifa; Her spouse, Mordechai and her son Berea Gurievski - Haifa 470 518  
An eternal reminder for the souls of our dear family members. Our parents Iacov and Freida Schneider who perished in their wanderings across Uzbekistan steppes. Our sister Sarah Rivkah Groissman (Schneider), her husband Noah Groissman and their daughters Hannah and Sima, killed in the Soviet Union during the escape from the Nazis. Their burial places are unknown. Our brother-in-law and the husband of our sister Roza, Yehuda Schor, died in Hadera, 1972. Commemorate: Ethel Schneider and David Eisenshtein; Roza (Schneider) Shor; Bliuma (Schneider) and Shaul Kreitzman; Shabtai and Sarah Schneider - Hadera 471 519  
Yehuda (Yidel) Shor 472 520  
With my dears memory. Moshe Kijner, father, died in Kishinev, October 11th, 1963. Odel Kijner, mother, died in Kishinev, February 8th, 1964. Yoel Kijner, my brother. My sister Leah Zimmerman ( Kijner) died in Israel, August 31st, 1978. Commemorates: Shraga Ben Moshe (Kijner), Tel Aviv 473 521  
In the memory. Our parents and our grandparents Berl and Hindah Leibsohn. Our brother-in-law and our father Baruch Wexler, perished in exile in Siberia. Our mother and sister Perl Wexler, died in Hertzlyia in 1979. Mourners: Roza Neuiman (Wexler) - Herzlyia; Chenyia Leibsohn - Givataim 474 522  
Some of the committee members at an secretariat meeting. From left to right: Dr. Jonah Kaplivetzki, Mordechai Rishpi, Baruch Yanovitz, Shraga Ben Moshe, Arieh Koperov, Baruch Biran, Yafa Virtzberg, Israel Reshef 482 530  
Grove dedicated to the memory of Capresti martyrs. Jewish National Fund 487 535  
Water drawers from the little town 488a 536  
The committee of the Organization of Capresti residents living in Israel. First row from left to right: Secretariat - Attorney Baruch Yanovitz, Mordechai Rishpi, Dr. Yona Kaplivetzki. Second row, left to right: Treasury deputies - Shraga Ben Moshe, Shifra Schneider, Israel Reshef. Third row, left to right: Audit committee - Roza Har-Tzion, Arieh Koparov, Yidah Weinshelboim. Fourth row, left to right: Redaction committee - Zerubavel Skar, Bella Lavi, Ozer Brownshtein 488b 537  
Committee members: Left to right, row by row: Neeman Pri-Paz, Tovah Filon, Shmuel Putik, David Rachmani, Yafa Virtzberg, Meir Hersh Leiderman, Arieh Landa, Sarah Junis, Avraham Kaiserman, Zeev Skaldman, Roza Shor, Iacov Shimroni 488c 538  
Iacov Barnea (Brenkin). Left hand side: Five figures. Right hand side: wood chiseler “ and He will make him as a man's mold” 488d 539  
Former Capresti residents in Israel 496a 549  
Capresti school plan - Ground floor 496b 550  
Project plan - Community center in Capresti 496c 551  


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