History of the Jews in the Bukowina

Geschichte der Juden in der Bukowina


Volume II (1962)

Captions translated by Jerome Silverbush

Photos scanned by Jerome S. Schatten

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Caption Page
Street map of Cernivci from the last years before the outbreak of World War I 32
Music club building 32
Café Habsburg and the "rote Bubi" [red laddie], a well-known factotum in Cernivci 32
The "Veteran General", Langberg 32
The City Theater and the Schiller monument 32
Joseph Schmidt 40
The last performance by Joseph Schmidt in Cernivci 40
The last resting place of Joseph Schmidt in Friesenberg near Zurich 40
David Fallik [portrait] 40
David Fallik 40
Jewish orphans from Transnistria after their liberation 40
Josef Landau, old Cernivci merchant with the Yellow Star of David during the Nazi Period 40
Back from Transnistria 40
Returnees from the death camps of Transnistria 40
Returnees from the death camps of Transnistria 40
The planting of the memorial forest for the Bukovina martyrs by Jerusalem 40
The so-called "Popovici-Authorization" 66
Summons of the Jews in Cernivci to the District Council from August 5, 1942 66
The so-called L-Card 66
Confirmation of the district council for the Jews in Cernivci about various stocks and bonds 66
Travel permit issued by the magistrate of Berschad for Prof. Dr. Hermann Sternberg 66
Israel Biber and Leon Hauslich 96
The Temple in Vatra Dornei 96
Markus Retter 96
The organization "Sinai" in Vatra Dornei 96
The Zion Association in Vatra Dornei (1941) 96
The Zion Association in Vatra Dornei 96
Zionists from Vatra Dornei travel to Israel 96
Vacation colony of Joint and the Children’s Protection Society in Gura Humorului 96
Farewell party for Dr. Abraham Schärf (Gilboa) 96
Schraga Feibisch and Anschel Schreiber 96
The first Hebrew kindergarten in Gura Humorului, 1939 96
Feiwel Laufer and Schillu Ellenbogen 96
Saul Schieber and Elias Ellenbogen 96
Hebrew School 96
Dr. Siegel Fischel (Cimpulung) 96
The first committee of the Zionist Youth Organization in Cimpulung in 1919 96
Adolf Gelber, Josef Harth, Dora Harth, Kubi Wohl and Rabbi Abr. Ascher Rubin 96
The Jewish National Academic Association, “Barissia” in Radauti, 1925 96
Rabbi Jizchak Kunstadt and Rabbi Dr. Jakob Nacht 96
The Temple in Radauti 96
Rabbi Israel Hornik and Schimon Halbrecht 96
Rabbi Dr. Jacob Hoffmann 96
Chaim Mechel and Dr. Jakob Lapajowker 96
Dawid Wassermann, Dr. Riven Lang, Anna Lang-Schapira, Alter Wassermann and Berl Lehrer 96
Hashomer Hatzair, Radauti - "Dov" Group 96
The Zionist high school students organization "Bne Zion" in Radauti (1910) 96
Hashomer Hatzair, Radauti - "Avoda" Group 96
Hashomer Hatzair, Radauti - "Bilu" Group 96
Memorial plaque for the Radauti martyrs 96
The grave of Abraham Pariser 96
Rabbi Benjamin Dov Sofer, Rabbi Akiba Sofer, Abraham Pariser and Simon Schreiber  96
Meier Hersch Schächter, Mosche Moritz Goldschläger, Michel Drach and Klara Drach 96
A sketch of the Great Synagogue: Stanesti 96
Permit for the Siret Jew, Abraham Kapralick from August 13, 1789 96
Lower Stanesti: The Hebrew school, "Safa Iwria" 1933 96
Abraham Osterer, Josef Schapira and Eisig Littmann Eifermann 96
Leadership of the local branches of the Revisionist party and the Betar group in Storozynec 96
Leader of the Zionist movement in Storozynec 96
Blue-White in Storozynec 96
Dr. Isidor Katz and Moses Abisch 96
Rabbi Schimon Sofer, Director Josef Blaikopf, Dr. Selig Kreis and Prof. Moses Weisinger 96
Seletin: The cultural club, "Achad Haam" 96
Wolf Schärf and Dr. Emil Bardach 96
Dr. Chaim Kupferberg, Sch. Schapira and Dr. Heinrich Lupul 96
The "Wiznitzer Schul" in Suceava 96
The commission of Keren Kayemeth Le Israel (Jewish National Fund) in Suceava 96
The Steering Committee of the organization "Ichud" in Suceava 96
Efraim Neumann (Stanesti) 96
The Temple 96
The Zion association in Vyznycja, 1934 96
The association "Jeruschalajim" in 1933 96
"Mizrachi" (religious Zionist movement) Vyznycja 96
The Zion association in Vyznycja 96
The leadership of the Zionist organization in Vyznycja 96
Sigmund Weissglas and Jakob Stenzler 96
The Temple in Zastavna 96
Emil Schecht, Berl Schapira, Jakob Gottesmann, Alter Spierer and Dr. A. Tamler 96
Wolf Jägendorf and David Schuster 96
State President Ben Zwi’s invited guests 96
Dr. Emil Diwer, Siegfried Weinraub, Siegmund Stenzler, David Segall and A. Grossmann 96
Title page from a biography of Napoleon I. 124
In Memoriam, Dr. Mayer Ebner 136
Dr. Mayer Ebner reads a declaration in the Romanian Parliament 136
Löbl Taubes, Dr. Manfred Reifer, Dr. Josef Bierer and Prof. Dr. Markus Reiner 136
Zionist city organization in Cernivci 136
Dr. Nahum Goldman in Cernivci (1937) 136
Zionist city organization in Cernivci in 1932 144
Dr. Theodor Weisselberger 144
Klara Klinger 144
Young Wizo, Cernivci (1932) 144
WIZO (Women's International Zionist Organization) Cernivci, 1932 144
Jutta Mann and Dr. Sari Lachs  144
Mizrachi state conference in Cernivci (1932) 144
Nathan Boral and Abraham Bojar 144
State conference of Mizrachi in Cernivci (1932/33) 144
State conference of the Mizrachi Youth Movement in Cernivci 144
Chaim Jaari (Mondschein) 144
Samuel J. Schmidt, vice president of Mizrachi 144
Leib Steinmetz and Jehuda Teitler 152
Poale Zion Cernivci (1912) 152
"Hashomer Hazair": Benno Kamil, Isak Landau, Isiu Fuhrman and Ackermann  152
Noar Hatzioni [Zionist Youth] in Hachshara [pioneer training] 152
The "Hashomer Hatzair" group (Cernivci, 1924) 152
"Hanoar Hazioni" in Bukovina 152
The first Jewish language conference in Cernivci (August 29 to September 4, 1908) 152
Leading Yiddish poets and writers at the Jewish language conference in Cernivci 152
The Yiddish School Association in Cernivci 152
Jewish National Academic Society, 50th semester 156
The steering committee of "Zephirah" in 1921/22 156
S. Woreczek, president of "Zephirah" at a receptionn for M. M. Ussischkin in 1924 156
"Herzlia", the predecessor of the Jewish National Academic Association "Zephirah" (1922) 156
The Jewish National Academic Society "Jordania" in Vienna 156
Jewish National Academic Society "Zephirah", 130th semester 156
The Jewish National Academic Society "Emunah" in Cernivci in 1909 156
"Jordania" Vienna, 1921 156
"Jordania" Cernivci, 1923 156
King Carol of Romania 156
Old prints of Cernivci 166
The Jewish Hospital: Dr. Jakob Landau, Dr. Josef Ohrenstein and Dr. Lipa Wiznitzer 168
Dr. Rath and Chief Nurse Czarne; Dr. Flor returning home from Russia 168
Dr. Julius Bacher, Dr. Paul Katz, Dr. Martin Kraft and Dr. Josef Sandberg 168
Farewell party for Dr. Drimmer, the director of the Jewish Hospital 168
The Jewish hospital with Dr. Carl Gutherz, Gerson Brenner and Dr. Marcus 168
Doctors of the Eye Department with Dr. Landau and Dr. Zloczower 168
Title page of the guild order 168
A page from the guild order 168
A rare ducument: list of Jewish families active in farming, 1802 185
Pinkas Lodner, Nathan Eidinger, Dr. Marem Somer, Schama Geller and Wilhelm Tannenbaum 200
Efraim Dupler, Aron Adolf Heitner, Moses Lessner, Littmann Rosner, Israel Melech and Izie Schochet 200
Markus Brandmarker, Marcus Teutler, Moritz Braun and Leiser Tauber 200
The lodge, Bne Brith "Orient" Cernivci 200
Simche Eisenberg, Isak Zehnwirth, Wolf Summer, Dr. L. Goldhammer and Dr. N. Denker 200
Dr. H. Grauer, Dr. S. Lessner, Dr. Efraim Porath, Constructor Wender and Jizchak Finger 200
Isak Brecher, Josef Stein, Dr. S. Ungar-Wohl, Dr. G. Grabscheid and Isak Spechler 200
Isak Silberbusch, Mathias Roll, Oskar Stein and P. Kriegsmann 200
The Israelite Orphanage in Cernivci 200
L. Stein, A. Andermann, J. Willig, Anny Andermann, Dr. F. Andermann and Dr. N. Getzler 200
The Israelite culture society, "Bukowina" in Chile 200
Arthur Altdorf, Karl Ludwig Herdan and Hermann Schachner 200
Karl Ludwig Herdan and others 200
The Bukovina Society in Paris  200
Dr. N. Brumberg and Prof. Emil Herbst 200
Prof. Dr. H. Mayer, Dr. Jean Grünberg, Ph. Herzan, Dr. Paul Feigher and Artur Kolnik 200
Max Lodner, Aron Goldmann, Abraham Eifermann and A. Rosenwald 200
Berthold Sobel, Elias Schapira, Hermann Salzmann, Dr. Emil Maurer and Dr. Wolf Herzberg 200
Dr. Wilhelm Lupul, Carl Busch, Dr. Siegmund Last and Dr. Heinrich Amster 200
Dr. Maximilian Linker, Karol Finger, Oskar Wald, Dr. Nathan Eifermann and Markus Linker 200
Dr. Jehoschua Bierer, Juniu Surkis, Samuel Berler and Dr. Erich Neuberger 200
Moritz Neumann, Samuel Kula, Isak Kohn, Moritz Wiesner and Mauricio Katz 200
David Katz, Rachel de Kern and Prof. Dr. S. M. Gabe 200
Finy Jägermann, Regina Neumann and Dr. phil. Marianne Becker 200
Dr. M. Knoll-Schärf Z"l, Simon Eisenthal, Max Rendel and Teacher E. Preschel 200
Bernard Reder, Dr. Dagovert D. Runes, Dr. Victor Landau and Schlomo Bickel 200
M. Kozenn-Chajes, Dr. L. Kommer, N. Slochower, Dr. A. Wiznitzer and Dr. A. Sperber 200
Albert Pulmann, Schmil Hecht, Prof. B. Klinghofer, Solomon Lehr and Sigmund Pulmann 200
Dr. Ludwig Kommer, Fini Bibring, Dr. Siegmund Bibring, Joseph Mandler and Dr. Nobert Kurz 200
Association of Bukovinian immigrants in Tel Aviv 216
Bukovina Women's Society in Tel Aviv 216
Jizchak ben Aharon, Dr. Markus Krämer, Dr. Elias Weinstein and Prof. Dr. Hermann Sternberg 216
Dr. Chaim Gelber, Dr. Chaim Ehrlich, Dr. Erich Neuborn and Dr. Leon Schmelzer 216
Abraham Dresner, Dr. Heinrich Rubel, Schlomo Wininger and R' Dr. Michael Kern 216
Moritz Liquornik, Markus Gold, Elias Grill and Jakob Eisenscher 216
The Bukovinian Immigrants Association in Haifa 216
National conference of Bukovina natives in the auditorium of Technion University in Haifa 216
Dr. Leo Teitler, Markus Geller and Dr. Josef Mosberg 216
Bubi Bernthal Z''l, Adolf Schwarz and Mosche Sobe 216
Lola Geller and Leon Hendel 216
Rebecka Druckmann, Charlotte Feuer-Weiner, Jetty Katz and Honora Teutler 216
Salomon Adler-Rudel, Simon Berger, Eng. Zwi Krämer, Dr. A. Kismann and Dr. Josef Sperber 216
Dr. Erich Lupul, Dr. Israel Osterer, Dr. Josef Mann, Zwi Neumeier and Jizchak Arzi 216
Dr. Hermann Spasser, Dr. E. Wildmann and David Soifer 216
Dr. Leon Bruckenthal and Jizchak Rennert 216
A. Hechtlinger, Dr. J. Pasternak, Prof. M. Jungmann, Dr. A. Leschem (Lifschitz) and J. Koppelmann 216
Simon Ohrnstein, Otto Bleiberg, Dr. M. Spasser, Isidor Hafner and Leo Klüger 216
Tribute to David Ben-Gurion 216
Association of former residents of Radauti in Tel Aviv 216
Association of former residents of Vyznycja in Israel 216
Association of former residents of Storozynec in Israel 216
Elieser Riegler, Mosche Menczer, Eng. Gary Osterer, Dr. Josef Feiger and Dr. Bruno Fischer 216
Dr. Arie Schatzberg, Efraim Menczer, Eng. Friedrich Osterer and Lazar Herling 216
Inauguration of the prayer house in the name of the blessed Chief Rabbi Abraham J. Mark in Jaffa 216
Rabbi Holländer, Isak Lehr, Isak Tauber and Jakob Fuhrmann 216
Rabbi Mordechai Friedmann is named an honorary citizen of the city of Ramat-Gan 216
Dawid Wiener, Samuel (Miz) Albin, Genia Albin, Ing. Avram Feiger and Prof. Dr. A. Rauchwerger 216
Dr. Benzion Sternberg, Dr. E. Scharon, Lia Rosen, Jehuda Eren and Miriam Sohar 216
Dr. Mosche Dolberg and Rabbi Dr. I. Heitner 216
The first Askara for the martyrs in Siberia and Transnistria 216
Max Reiss, H. Deligdisch, Arnold Krumholz, Benno Kamil and Dr. Jakob Schieber 216
Dr. Traian Popovici and Dr. Theophil Saveanu (Sauciuc) 216
Identification card issued for Jews in Cernivci on August 5, 1942 216
Ten people on the gallows (Warwerowka Camp) 216
The temple in Cernivci burned down by the Germans (1941) 216
Dr. Carl Gutherz, Julius Weber and Dr. Max Diamant 221
Dr. Jaques Schnee, Dr. Markus Menczer and Dr. Benedikt Kaswan 221
Leo Teitler, Alfred Glässner, Dr. Hermann Mosner, Abraham Preschl and Arnold Brandmann 221
Dr. Gustav Held, Dr. Karl Schwarzkopf, Dr. Norbert Dollar, Isak Ausländer and Bruno Spielmann 221
Samuel (Milo) Spetter, Ester Schächter, Jetti Linker 223
Abraham Wasser and Pinkas Schärf 223
Moritz Diener, Hermann Schafler, Hermann Steigmann, Samuel Gottesmann and Bertha Horowitz 223
Ephraim Wilhelm Finger, Hans Erich Prostak, Diana Schärf and Binem Schächter 223
Deputation for reception of the Romanian Council of Ministers in Cernivci 223
Jakob Bendit, Lipa Hofer, Alexander Buchen, Zwi Klier, Josef Genuth and Mosche Josef Kerzner 226
Gideon Hammer, Mordechai Haas, Sigi Hecht and Chaim Menczer 226
Meir Laufer, Jakob Seidmann, Fritz Liebster, Dawid Stark, Benzion Mayer and Schlomo Tarter 227
Dow Nagel, Jeschajahu Neumann, Chaim Karl Reichmann and Dawid Schneeweiss 227
Kaddish 228
Jakob Heitner, Dawid Löbl, Arie Zwiebel and Elijahu Weber 228
Zwi Feldmann, Friedrich (Fredy) Mark, Theodor Gideon Reifer and Jechiel Gold 228

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