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Jewish National Association (J.N.V.) “Moriah”

by Dr. Siegmund Last, Vienna

Translated by Berti Glaubach

The economic collapse and hopelessness in the face of the unstable conditions created by the peace conferences brought with them a mental shock that most affected youth. The maturing human faced an abyss with no prospect of salvation. But it is the privilege of young people to hope and aspire. A secure instinct guided the youth when they organized themselves in 1919 in a “Youth League”. Three years later, the formerly loose association took firmer shape, the inner strengthening corresponded to the new name: “Jewish National Association Moriah”, whose statutes were approved by the authorities.

The founders were: Wilhelm Kreissberger, Aron Feder, Milo Rudich, Baruch Schärf, Dr. Karl Klinger, Krauthammer, Isidor Weiner, Karl Winkler, Zwi Leissner, Isidor Brender, Alfred and Julius Schmidt, Max Rittberg, Artur Geller, Emanuel Neufeld, Karl Laufer, Max Stein, Salo Schärf, Mordko Frimmer, Heinrich Sternbach, Srul Gottlieb.

Gradually, the number of members increased and the club was able to devote its full efforts to its goals. In addition to cultivating sociability, which the uprooted young people needed urgently to be mentally healthy, the Moriah always had the highest goal in mind, namely the preparation of its members for the aliyah after Eretz Israel. This was the purpose of the collecting activity for the K.K.L. and the K.H. On its own initiative, garden parties and flower days were organized and the net yield went for the benefit of charitable and especially Zionist purposes. Since the national rebirth was unthinkable without the cultivation of the Hebrew language, the members of the “Moriah” eagerly learned Iwrit and also strongly promoted the Hebrew schoolwork of “Safa Iwria”. They delegated individual members to the various corporations to promote their goals everywhere.

The fragmentation of activity was detrimental to the inner connection. Therefore, the association was reorganized in 1925, an activity for which the founding member, Dr. med. Karl Klinger particularly deserves to be mentioned. The catastrophe of World War II killed many members. The survivors were scattered throughout the world, but the majority, happy about the realization of their childhood dream, found themselves back in the old homeland.

Apart from the already mentioned founding members, the following Moriah friends are mentioned: Hermann and Tuciu Ackermann, Barasch, David Bartfeld, Salon Bendit, Otto Bleiberg, Isidor Edelstein, Salomon Feder, Aharon Fernbach, Efraim Feuer, Isidor Finder, Isidor Fuhrmann, Benno Glanz, Grünbaum, Imanuel Haber, Jaques Hammerling, Moritz Heitner, Paul Hering, Benno Kalmus, Benno Kamil, Julius Katz, Michael Kirmayer, Michael Melzer, Max Müller, Jaques Pfeffer, Rennert, Tuliu Rosenblatt, Max Rosenfeld, Muniu Schnapp, Seidmann, M. Singer, Spasser, Ignaz Sperber, I. Sternberg, Hermann Stummer, Tocker, Leopold Wagner.


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