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The first Jewish homeowners
in Czernowitz

by Schlomo Winiger (Natania)

Translated by Jerome Silverbush

The first Jewish house 1 owners are according to the Actum Tachernowitz of March 17, 1787
on the road leading from Lemberg to Czernowitz are listed as follows:

No. 3 David Israel Zuercher No. 34 Zina, widow of Monich Jankel No. 236 Zina widow of Monet Jakob Imhofen
No. 4 Jossel Abatis Zoffinger No. 35 Abraham Moises from Herza No. 244 Schmul Jankel Weibel (hospital)
No. 5 Isak Schmul Adanis No. 37 Hersch Jeremias Zikofant No. 250 Mayer Naftan Hutaufer
No. 6 Leia widow of Israel Eissig No. 40 Lazar Itzig Guttberg No. 251 Joseph Kurlovsky
No. 8 Israel Leibel No. 41 Moises Loebel Rottinger, plumber No. 252 Mayer Lazaroy Dritnover
No. 12 Sandel Moises No. 42 Chaim Jossel Buchholz No. 253 Abraham Moses Hattner
No. 13 Gerschen Poroch No. 43 Chaim David Roster, goldsmith No. 254 Moses Chaim Klingenau
No. 14 Hillel Jankel Albrecht No. 45 Abraham Wolf Hildebrandt No. 255 Wolf Sorech Greiff
No. 15 Juedel Jakob Schmiedenauer No. 50 Mosche Marcus, goldsmith from Herza No. 256 3 owners: Moysel Loebel Baer, Berl Lasser Duttnover, Meyer Lasser Lautemann
No. 16 Herschel Isak Wollkirch No. 56 Schmuel Itzig Koenig, goldsmith No. 257 Simon Schmuel Wender
No. 17 Schmuel Israel Vorhaus No. 60 Zacharias Isak Purtscher No. 260 Berl Isak Traechter
No. 18 Selta, widow of Abraham Tschaps (the house later went to the Baltinester family) No. 66 Maria, widow of Solomon No. 265 Benjamin Benjamin from Herza
No. 19 and 31, Jankel Lasar Kellhammer No. 68 Selta, widow of Israel Ungar No. 268 Moses Itzig Izlata
No. 20 Jakob Krulovski No. 72 and 91: Loebl Hersch Ferer No. 269 Moses David Belroth
No. 21 Itzig Jossel Fenner 73 Peila, widow of Berl Loebl Rohalten, merchant No. 270 Loebl Moses Bayer
No. 22 Jossel Schmuel Poltaver, community leader, (also 185, 205, 249) No. 74 75, 76, 77, 295: Berl Menchl Rohalten, merchant No. 271 David Moses Berner
No. 23 Israel Jossel Ehrendorf, rabbi No. 89 Hirschl Isak Wallkirchen No. 274 Jossel Simon Brustflek
No. 24 Isak Adania Madera No 94 Mendl Isak Lenzburger, community leader No. 279 Faika, widow of Lazar
No. 25 Jankel Scholem Meringer No 102 Schaje Jakob Mitenach No. 280 and 294, Lazar Moises
No. 26 Itzig Jossel Lederer, ritual slaughter, cantor No. 103 Jankel Schaje Dittinger No. 281 and 282, Berl, widow of Salomon Moises
No. 27 Falk Moses Kinsbrunner No 119 Jossel Abraham Guttinger, baker No. 290 David Loebel Wergel
No. 28 the Jewish school No. 123 Israel Itzig Schmucker No. 291 Benjamin Itzig Salter
No. 29 Schmul Israel Vorhaus     No. 293 Hersch Mises Gerbel
No. 33 Berl Lasar Landeman     No. 345 Israel Schmuel Ruff, bookbinder

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1) 81 of the 414 properties listed are owned by Jews. Return

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