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[199+ dead listed]

[The order of surnames below follows the order in the Hebrew original, not alphabetical order in English. But in most
cases the surnames are spelled here in English the way they appear most commonly on Yad Vashem's database.]


Last name First name
ABELEVITZ, Leiba and Tzipora
Moshe-Ber, Yehudit, Chaim, Malka
ABELEVITZ, Zvi-Hirsh and Esther
Leib, Hertzel, Katriel, Batia, Henoch
ULMAN, Moshe and Rachel
Avraham, Shalom-Meir, Feiga, Gnesia, Rashka
ULMAN, Feivush and Fridel
Eliahu-Gershon, Rachel, Yehudit
BIKOV, Aizik and Bela  
BIKOV, Chaim-Ber and wife
Moshe, Chava, Bela-Rasha, Roza, Gershon
BIKOV, Leib and Chaya [11]
BIRMAN, Ber and wife
Moshe, Zisman, Avraham
BAND, Nechemia and wife
Henoch, Moshe-Yitzchak, Chasia
Chaim-Yisrael and Rachel-Leah
Children [itís assumed this meant at least two]
BASHKIN, Avraham and Rachel [2]
DONDE, Moshe-Aharon and Chana
DRISVIATZKI, Meir and Mina
Eliahu, Gershon, Avraham
ZILBER, Aharon and Sara
ZILBER, Yaacov-Leib and Rivka
Chana, Rachel-Leah
TODRES, Leib and Chasia [2]
LEVIN, Velvel-Zeev and Mariasa
Henia, Rivka, Rachel-Leah
LEVIN, Chaim-Aba
Rayzel, Chaya, Isika
LEVIN, Leib and Shayna
Chaya, Chana, Bluma
LEVIN, Nachum and wife
David, Aharon, Liba-Sara, Gita, Dvora
LIBERZON (Munitz), Esther-Golda [this might mean that Esther-Goldaís maiden name was Munitz]
Feiga, Lotka, Henoch
LIBERZON, Moshe-Ber and wife
Mordechai, Avraham, Rachel, Kayla, Hendel
LIPINSKI, Grisha and Rayzel
David, Mina
MEDZIUKIS, Baruch-Yitzchak and Rachel
Tzipa, Chava
MUNITZ, Velvel and Rachel-Leah
Gnesia, Sara-Rivka
MUNITZ, Velvel and Shayna
Artzik, Zalman, Sara-Rivka, Ginshka, Rachel-Leah
MUNITZ, Zacharia and Feiga
Etka, Shmuel-Isser, Leib, Peska
MUNITZ, Chone and Etel
MUNITZ, Leib and Chana
Itel, Sima
MUNITZ, Melech  
MUNITZ, Moshe and Chaya-Riva
Kayla, Sara-Leah, Batia, Shneiur, Lipka
MUNITZ, Shlomo and Chaya
Yitzchak, Rachel, Reuven, Chava
MUNITZ, Shmuel-Hirsh and Chaya [40]

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Last name First name
FIDLER, Sima (Shimon) and wife
FISHMAN, Leib and wife
PERETZ, Ber and Lipka [2]
KAIATZKI, Zalman and wife
Hirsh, Mendel, Rayzel
ROZENBERG, Leib and Chaya-Pesia
REZNIK, Layzer and wife
Tania, Chasia
REICHEL, Aba and Yentl
Shmuel, Leib, Yaacov
REICHEL, Shmuel and Henia
Moshe, Simcha, Feiga, Sara
RITZ, Katriel and wife
Avraham-Yitzhak, Matityahu, Tanchum
RAPAPORT, Shmuel-Hirsh and Yehudit
RAPAPORT, Chaim-Aba and Rachel [5]
Benyamin, Slava
SHNEIDER, Hertzel and Tzirna


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DUBINA [a.k.a. Dubene/Dubinovo]

[327+ dead listed]

[The order of surnames below follows the order in the Hebrew original, not alphabetical order in English. But in most
cases the surnames are spelled here in English the way they appear most commonly on Yad Vashem's database.]


Last name First name
AZBAND, Yosef and Rachel-Dina [2]
EIDELMAN, Malka [1]
BLACHER, Velvel and Golda
BLACHER, Yudel and Chana-Leah  
Sara-Raychka, Gitka, Rachela, Bracha
GOLDIN [should be GODLIN], Henoch and Rachel [other sources show that this family's surname was GODLIN, not Goldin]
Shayna-Etka, Menucha, Yankel, and another child
GUREVITZ, Zacharia and Moshel
Rayzla, Mordechai, and another daughter
GUREVITZ, Tzipa-Chana
Serka [Sara?], Kopka [Kopel], Yankel, Rachela
GORON, Pesel
DEITCH, Avraham and Basel [Basya?]
Mantzik, Hirshka, Meir
DEITCH, Avraham and Zelda
Layzer-Moshe, Leah, Rayzka, Etzka
DEITCH, Avraham and Rasel
Shlomo-Itzia, Shimon-Ruvka, Michal
DEITCH, Berl and Zelda
Serka [Sara?], Yuska
DEITCH, Hillel and Sara
DEITCH, Velvel and Tayba
Leah, Libka, Chuka, Peretz
DEITCH, Chaya-Rachel
Liba-Hinda, Hirsh, Layzer, Elka
DEITCH, Chaim-Aizik and Dina
Kayla-Rivka, Itka, Sirka [Sara?], David-Shlomo, Pesia-Feiga, Shayke, Moshka
DEITCH, Yuska and Esther
Hirsh, Rayzka, Baruch
DEITCH, Yitzchak and Liba-Rachel
Simka, Kalman-Yossel, Leibel
DEITCH, Yisrael-Elka and Rachel
Two children
DEITCH, Peretz and Chana
Michal, Mendel, Velvel, Dusha-Rachka
DEITCH, Rayna  
DEITCH, Shmuel-Aba [67]
VAINER, Yuska and Liba
Three children
VAIRON, Avraham and Rivka [2]
Mendel, Gedalia, Batia, Shaynka, Gaska
VISHKIN, Gershon and Musha-Mera  
VISHKIN, David and Dina
Efraim, Chaim-Leib, Raynka, Beila-Mashka
VISHKIN, Velvel and Leah
Serka [Sara?], Chana, Leib
VISHKIN, Chaim and Chaya-Batia
Four children
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Last name First name
Three children
VISHKIN, Leib and Feiga
VISHKIN, Reuven and Rachel
Batia, Molka, and another child
Mira-Zelda, Nechama, Moshe, Pesia-Rachel, Avraham-Itzka
ZAK, Avraham-Itzia and Mina-Elka
Three children
ZILBER, Aba and Mirel [2]
KHATZYANOV, Yisrael and Chana
Shaynka, Leibke, Rayzka, Nachka, Davidka
LEVIN, Mottel and Stirel
Berl, Chaya-Serka, Davidka, Chaim-Elka, Avramka, Shayel [Shaul?]
LEVIN, Shlomo and Sara-Ditl
Shayna-Rivka, Chayala
LOTZ, Hertz and Zlata [see also under Braslav]
Simka, Shmuel, Avramka
MARON [or MERON], Avraham
Matka, Chasia, Shmuel-Chatra
MARON, Beinish and Alta
Taybka, Vaytzka, Eli-Ber, Azriel, Braynka, Tzalka
MARON, Betzalel
Shlomo, Tzirna, Matka, Hirshka, Rachela
MARON, Gershon and Sara
Three children
Gitel (who was the mother of Sara)
MARON, Zacharia and Tzvia  
MARON, Chaim and Sima-Feiga
Two children
MARON, Yeshika [Yehoshua?] and Tzipka
Yisraelka, Feiga-Mera
MARON, Meir and Chaya
MARON, Necha and Sara
Two children
MARON, Natan and Chana
Avraham-Hirsh, David, Shmuel-Feivush, Yaacov
Mendel, Chaim-Itzka, Chaya-Rivka, Bentzke
MUSHKAT, Tanchum and Sara-China [2]
SKOPITZ [or SKOPETZ], Hirsh and Esther  
SKOPITZ, Hirsh and Fruma-Bracha
Mina-Gitka, Gedalia, Liba-Riba, Mantzik
SKOPITZ, Velvel and Aydel
A child
SKOPITZ, Yisrael and Zlata
Lipa, Shayna, Chava
SKOPITZ, Leib and Doba
Isser-Ber and two other children
SKOPITZ, Moshe-Nisan and Guta
A child
FEIGIN, Yisrael-Yitzchak
Asher-Ber, Reuvka, Feivka, Shayna-Chaya
FEIGIN, Leib and Shayna-Pesia
A child
FEIGIN, Shlomo-Itzia and Rivka
Fraydka, Simka, Gaska, Molka, Shlomo-Itzia, Gitka, Mendel
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Last name First name
FEIGIN, RABBI Shmuel and Tzirna [19]
ZUKURYA, Aizik and Esther-Henia
Children [itís assumed this meant at least two]
RABINOVITZ, Yenta-Leah [1]
RUKSHIN, Chaya-Hinda
RAPAPORT, Avraham-Yankel and Sonia
RAPAPORT, Chone-Noach and Chana
Chaim-David, Gershon-Itzia, Sara-Rivka, Chaynka, Kayla-Dvorka
SHTEIN, Hirshel and Chana-Chaya
Mantzik, Itzka, Minka
SHTEIN, Noach and Chana
Two children
SHNEIDER, Avraham-Yankel and Stirel
SHNEIDER, David and Rachel-Leah
SHNEIDER, Yosef [8]
TODER, Chana-Musia
TODER, Nachum and Sara
Frida, Liba, Tzvia, Moshe
[NO SURNAME LISTED], Beila die shmiderke (the wife of the blacksmith)
[NO SURNAME LISTED], Natka der shtumer (the mute) and his sister Sara [2]
[This might have been Nota Vishkin and his sister Sora Vishkin Zalcman, both from Dubina, who were listed together in the Vidz/Widze Ghetto in 1942, with Sora as the head of the household.]


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