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Memorial Candle

(List of Martyrs from Bivolari, Romania)

Transliterated by Madeleine Isenberg

Edited by Yocheved Klausner


Gender Marital
Name of
Remarks Page
AVRAHAM Bracha F Married Shimon Peretz   153
AVRAHAM Shimon Peretz M Married Bracha   153
AVRAHAM Hersh Ber M     probably from Galati [Galatz] 153
AVRAHAM Fuca M     Father's name Yehiel 153
ABRAMOVICI Brana F Married Avraham   153
ABRAMOVICI Avraham M Married Brana   153
ABRAMOVICI Dina F Married Michael   153
ABRAMOVICI Michael M Married Dina   153
ABRAMOVICI Hana Fruma F Married Shlomo   153
ABRAMOVICI Nahman Leib M Married Hana Fruma   153
ABRAMOVICI Fishel M       153
ABRAMOVICI Sara F     Reader of prayers before the women in the women's section of synagogue 153
AHARON Bakar M     Baker 153
AHARON Ber Meir M       153
SHVIL Aharon M       153
AHARONOVICI Baruh Buium M Married     153
AHARONOVICI   F Married Buium   153
AHARONOVICI Meir M       153
AHARONOVICI Fishel M       153
  Udel F     Grandmother; surname AHARONOVICI 153
URTZA Avraham M Married Tzirl   153
URTZA Tzirl F Married Avraham   153
  Alter M Married   Baker 153
    F Married Alter   153
ISSER Moshe M Married     153
ISSER   F Married Moshe   153
ISSER Haskel M       153
ISSER Srulika F       153
ISSER Tzvi M     Beadle [caretaker] in the synagogue 153
  Itzik Leb M     Shoemaker 153
ITZKOVICI Dvorah F Married Shalom   153
ITZKOVICI Shalom M Married Dvora   153
  Albert M Married Hayka   153
  Hayka F Married Albert   153
  Elias M Married     153
    F Married Elias   153
ANTONIR Israel M Married Fruma   153
ANTONIR Fruma F Married Israel   153
ANTONIR Shifra F Married Moshe   153
ANTONIR Moshe M Married Shifra   153
ANTONIR Mendel M       153
ANTONIR Nahman Leib M       153
ANTONIR Tzipora Fani F       153
YOSEF Esther F     Father's name Shmeyrl 153
ACHSELROD Lupu M Married   Barber 153
ACHSELROD   F Married Lupu   153
OSHER Shemesh Lejba M       153
BOIANGIU Israel Srul M Married     153
BOIANGIU   F Married Israel Srul   153
BOIMOVICI Israel Iancu M Married Eti   153
BOIMOVICI Eti F Married Israel Iancu   153
BUTZ Berl M Married     153
BUTZ   F Married Berl   153
BUCURESTEANU Shimon M Married   Shoemaker 153
BUCURESTEANU   F Married Shimon   153
BITMAN Bilha F Married Haykel   153
BITMAN Haykl M Married Bilha   153
BITMAN Hana F Married Shalom   153
BITMAN Shalom M Married Hana   153
BLUTINSKI Shabtai M Married     153
BLUTINSKI   F Married Shabtai   153
BLUTINSKI Moni M       153
BLUMENFELD Herman M       153
BLINDER Esther F Married Yankel   153
BLINDER Jankel M Married Esther   153
BLINDER Shimon M     probably from Balti [Beltz] 153
  Basa F Widow   Known as "the widow" 153
BEIDER Jankel M       153
  Baruh M Married Lea Shoemaker 153
  Lea F Married Barukh   153
BREIER   M Married   Rabbi and his wife; Rabbi of Bivolari 153
KUFELS Bracha F     perhaps the daughter of Kopel 153
ATLAS Berl Aharon M       153
  Berl M Married Chaia Sara Baker 153
  Chaia Sara F Married Berl   153
BRUCHES Berl M       153
SHLOIMLES Berl M Married Sara   153
SHLOIMLES Sara F Married Berl   153
SHLOIMLES Roza F     Father's name Berl, mother's name Sara 153
BRARU Lota F Married Isak   153
BRARU Isac M Married Lota   153
COFETARU Golda F Married George   153
COFETARU George M Married Golda   153
COHEN Golda F       153
GOLDENBERG Esther F       153
GOLENBERG Benyamin M Married     153
GOLENBERG   F Married Binyamin   153
GOLENBERG Velvel Zeev M       153
GOLDENBERG Shmuel M Married     153
GOLDENBERG   F Married Shmuel   153
GOLDENBERG   M Married   Rabbi and his wife; Rabbi of Bivolari 153
GOLDNER Adela F Married Barukh   153
GOLDNER Barukh M Married Adela   153
GOLDNER Mordekhai M       153
GOLDNER Israel M       153
GOLDNER Hershl M Married Gitl   153
GOLDNER Gitl F Married Hershl   153
GOLDNER Hava F Married Gedalya   153
GOLDNER Gedalya M Married Hava   153
GOLDNER Haim M       153
GOLDNER Leizer M Married Leika   153
GOLDNER Leika F Married Leizer   153
GOLDNER Izu M       153
GOLDNER H. Moshe M Married Tevel   153
GOLDNER Tevel F Married H. Moshe   153
GOLDNER Moshe M       153
GOLDNER Marcel M       153
GOLDNER Meir M       153
  Gustav M Married     153
    F Married Gustav   153
GRINBERG SChaia M Married Bracha   153
GRINBERG Bracha F Married Shiye   153
GERMAN Shotal F Married Hershl   153
GERMAN Hershl M Married Shutl   153
DEVIGEA Rivka F Married Zelig   153
DEVIGEA Zelig M Married Rivka   153
DEVIGEA Malka F       153
DEVIGEA Gedalya M       153
  David M Married Rivka Mother's name Hava 153
  Rivka F Married David   153
DAVID Marko Mordekhai M Married Raizel   153
DAVID Reizl F Married Marcu Mordekhai   153
DAVID Israel M       153
DAVID Alter M       153
DAVID Sara Nehama F       153
DOLBERGER   M     Principal of our school 153
DORFMAN         Teacher in our school 153
  Damidianu M Married     153
    F Married Damidianu   153
DANILA Dora F Married Menashe   153
DANILA Menashe M Married Dora   153
DANILA Yakov M       153
DANILA Moshe M       153
DANILA Pinku M Married     153
DANILA   F Married Pinku   153
DANILA Daniel M       153
DASCAL Yosef M Married Sprintza   153
DASCAL Shprintza F Married Yosef   153
    M     known as "the Vasluyer" [originally from Vaslui] 153
HOFMAN Frieda F       153
HOROVITZ Reizl F Married Avraham   153
HOROVITZ Avraham M Married Reizel   153
HOROVITZ Chaia Sara F       153
HOROVITZ Matityahu M       154
  Herman M Married   makes bottled soda water 154
    F Married Herman   154
HERTZL-KEFRER Dov Berl M Married     154
HERTZL   F Married Dov Berl   154
HERTZL Shlomo Riban M       154
HERTZL Hershko Solomon M       154
HERTZL   M Married   And wife; lives on the Stroici estate 154
  Hersh Mendl M Married     154
    F Married Hersh Mendel Shoemaker 154
WEISDAGRIN   M Married   And wife 154
PITZES Velvel M Married Rivka   154
PITZES Rivka F Married Velvel   154
ZOMER Berl Bercu M       154
ZOMER Marcu M     Teacher & Principal of our school 154
ZILBERMAN   M     known as "the old one." 154
ZILBERMAN   M Married   And wife 154
ZILBERMAN Herman M Married     154
ZILBERMAN   F Married Herman   154
ZILBERMAN Yakov M Married Surka   154
ZILBERMAN Shurka F Married     154
ZILBERMAN Shimon M       154
ZILBERMAN Ana F       154
ZILBERBERG Hayka F Married Haim from Polesti [or Ploiesti] 154
ZILBERBERG Haim M Married Hayka from Polesti [or Ploiesti] 154
ZINGER Avraham M Married   originally from Galati 154
ZINGER   F Married Avraham   154
ZINGER Hershl M Married Hanita   154
ZINGER Hanita F Married Hershl   154
ZINGER Kive M       154
ZINGER Esther F       154
ZINGER Leibel M Married Perla   154
ZINGER Perla F Married Leibel   154
ZINGER Reuven M       154
ZINGER Karla F       154
ZINGER Tzili F       154
ZINGER Leizer Itze M Married     154
ZINGER   F Married Leizer Itze   154
ZINGER Haim M       154
ZINGER Amalia F Married Tauzik   154
ZINGER Tauzik M Married Amalia   154
ZINGER Kive M Married     154
ZINGER   F Married Kive   154
ZINGER Esther F       154
ZAKUMASKI Avraham M Married Bracha   154
ZAKUMASKI Bracha F Married Avraham   154
HAIMOVICI Ita F Married Moshe   154
HAIMOVICI Moshe M Married Ita   154
HAIMOVICI Netanel Sona M Married Lea   154
HAIMOVICI Lea F Married Netanel Suna   154
HAIMOVICI Reizl F Married Yankel Bucarest 154
HAIMOVICI Yankel M Married Reizel Bucarest 154
  Chaia F     known as the "red one" 154
  Moshe Haim M     Mother's name Chaia 154
HACHAMU-SHECHTER Gitl F Married Yakov from Calarasi 154
HACHAMU-SHECHTER Yakov M Married Gitl from Calarasi 154
HACHAMU-SHECHTER Tzelik M Married Zisl   154
HACHAMU-SHECHTER Zisl F Married Tzalik   154
HACHAMU-SHECHTER Reizl F       154
HANA Kopels M Married     154
HANA   F Married Kopels   154
SCHNEIDER Haskel M Married   Tailor 154
SCHNEIDER   F Married Haskel   154
TAUBERG Michael M Married     154
TAUBERG   F Married Michael   154
TAUBES Davidl M       154
YADLIN   M Married   And wife; Teacher in our school 154
DAYNES Yosele M Married Nehama   154
DAYNES Nehama F Married Yosele   154
TZINES Yosl M Married     154
TZINES   F Married Yosel   154
POY Yosl M Married   from Podul Iloaiei 154
POY   F Married Yosel   154
IANOVICI Haim M Married     154
IANOVICI   F Married Haim   154
IANOVICI Sima F Married Gedalya   154
IANOVICI Gedalya M Married Sima   154
IANOVICI Leizer F Married     154
IANOVICI   F Married Leizer   154
IANKU Iancu M Married   Water carrier 154
IANKU   F Married Janku   154
IANKU Yakov Leizer M       154
BODNER Yankel M       154
BODNER Yankel M       154
COHEN Gedalya F       154
COHEN Moshe M       154
COHEN Yankel M Married Hana Beila   154
COHEN Hana Beila F Married Yankel   154
TAUBES Lea F       154
LAZER Itzik M Married Rivka   154
LAZER Rivka F Married Itzik   154
LUPU Yekutiel Kisel M Married     154
LUPU   F Married Yekutiel Kisel   154
LUPU Noah M       154
LUPU Lupu M       154
HUNES Leibel M       154
LEIBOVICI Asher M Married Pesya   154
LEIBOVICI Pesya F Married Asher   154
LEIBOVICI Gogo M Married     154
LEIBOVICI   F Married Gogo   154
LEIBOVICI Chaia F Married Leibel   154
LEIBOVICI Leibel M Married Chaia   154
LEIBOVICI Eli M       154
LEIBOVICI Berl M       154
LEIBOVICI Zisl M Married Roza   154
LEIBOVICI Roza F Married Zisl   154
LEIBOVICI Zelig M Married   from Tzigansi 154
LEIBOVICI   F Married Zelig from Tzigansi 154
LEIBOVICI Haim M Married Jeanetta   154
LEIBOVICI Jeanetta F Married Haim   154
LEIBOVICI Toibe F     Pub-owner 154
LEIBOVICI Leon M Married Pesya   154
LEIBOVICI Pesya F Married Leon   154
LEIBOVICI Adela F       154
LEIBOVICI Moshe M Married Surka   154
LEIBOVICI Surka F Married Moshe   154
LEIBOVICI Israel M       154
LEIBOVICI Hersh Leiba M       154
LEIBOVICI Naftali Hertz M Married     154
LEIBOVICI   F Married Naftali Hertz   154
LEIBOVICI Roza F     Maiden name TZUCKERMAN 154
LEIBOVICI Shulam Bada M       154
LEIZER Leizer M     Shoemaker 154
MEIRI Yosef M       154
MEIROVICI Mendel M       154
MEIROVICI Moshe M Married   Head of the Community Council 155
MEIROVICI   F Married Moshe   155
MEIROVICI Moshe M Married Sara   155
MEIROVICI Sara F Married Moshe   155
MOISHE-MOSCOVICI Eliezer M Married Tova   155
MOISHE-MOSCOVICI Tova F Married Eliezer   155
  Malka F     Grandmother 155
  Mulcea F     Near Kitrarske synagogue 155
MOSCOVICI Itzik M Married     155
MOSCOVICI   F Married Itzik   155
MOSCOVICI Itzik M Married   owner of dry goods store 155
MOSCOVICI   F Married Itzik   155
MOSCOVICI Zelig M       155
MOSCOVICI Itzik M Married   son of Rune 155
MOSCOVICI   F Married Itzik   155
MOSCOVICI Zelig M Married   son of Hersh Godel 155
MOSCOVICI   F Married Zelig   155
MOSCOVICI Yohanan Johan M Married Rahel Lea   155
MOSCOVICI Rahel Lea F Married Yohanan Yohan   155
MOSCOVICI Levi M Married     155
MOSCOVICI   F Married Levi   155
MOSCOVICI Yosel M Married     155
MOSCOVICI   F Married Yosel   155
MOSCOVICI-COJOCARU Aitzhok M Married     155
MOSCOVICI-COJOCARU   F Married Yitzhak   155
MOSCOVICI Israel M Married   from Buhoieni 155
MOSCOVICI   F Married Israel from Buhoieni 155
MOSCOVICI Leibel M Married Hana son of Ratze 155
MOSCOVICI Hana F Married Leibel daughter of Ratze 155
MOSCOVICI Moshe M Married   son of Ratze 155
MOSCOVICI   F Married Moshe daughter of Ratze 155
MORGENSTERN Meshulam M Married     155
MORGENSTERN   F Married Meshulam   155
MEIZNER-DASCALU Pesya F Married Yosef   155
MEIZNER-DASCALU Yosef M Married Pesya   155
MEIZNER-DASCALU Shimon M       155
MILITIANU Moshe M Married Miriam   155
MILITIANU Miriam F Married Moshe   155
MILITIANU Leibela M       155
MILITIANU Meir M Married Luka   155
MILITIANU Luka F Married Meir   155
MENDEL Bina F Married Itzik   155
MENDEL Itzik M Married Bina   155
MENDEL Arthur M       155
  Mordekhai Riban M Married     155
    F Married Mordekhai Riban   155
MARCOVICI Haim M Married     155
MARCOVICI   F Married Haim   155
MARCOVICI Milutza F       155
MARCOVICI Pinku M Married Dobrish   155
MARCOVICI Dobrish F Married Pinku   155
HUSID Moshe M Married     155
HUSID   F Married Moshele   155
MATHAS Gedalya M Married     155
MATHAS   F Married Gedalya   155
MATHAS Teibl F Married Leibush   155
MATHAS Leibush M Married Taibel   155
MATHAS David M       155
MATHAS Yosel M Married Susi   155
MATHAS Susi F Married Yosel   155
MATHAS   M     And sons; teacher in our school 155
NAGINAS   M Married   And his wife 155
NUDELMAN   M     Teacher in our school 155
NADLER Hano Kopel M       155
NUSBRUCH Itzik M     And his family 155
  Nahman Leib M Married     155
    F Married Nahman Leib   155
SANI Lupu M       155
SOLOMON Aba Oba M Married   Baker 155
SOLOMON   F Married Aba Oba   155
SOLOMON Haim Riban M       155
SOLOMON Barukh Beyrekh M Married Slova   155
SOLOMON Slova F Married Barukh Beyrekh   155
SOLOMON Hershku M Married     155
SOLOMON   F Married Herscu   155
SOLOMON Zalman M Married Lyuba   155
SOLOMON Lyuba F Married Zalman   155
SOLOMON Haykel M Married Sara Lea   155
SOLOMON Sara Lea F Married Haykel   155
SOLOMON Shlomo M       155
SOLOMON Yosl M Married     155
SOLOMON   F Married Yosel died 1930 155
SOLOMON Paul M       155
SOLOMON Perl F Married Mordekhai   155
SOLOMON Mordekhai M Married Perl   155
SOLOMON Fevel M Married Lyuba   155
SOLOMON Lyuba F Married Fevel   155
SOLOMON Dina F       155
SOLOMON Haim M       155
SOLOMON Kive M Married   carriage driver 155
SOLOMON   F Married Kive   155
GOLD-HERSCU Strul M Married     155
GOLD-HERSCU   F Married Strul   155
GOLD-HERSCU Strul Israel M       155
SIMON Moshe M Married Marcel   155
SIMON Marcel F Married Moshe   155
SIMON Leizer M       155
STRULOVICI Haim M Married     155
STRULOVICI   F Married Meir   155
STRULOVICI Sara F       155
STRULOVICI Fevel M Married Hava   155
STRULOVICI Yocheved Hava F Married   Maiden name ROSENBERG 155
HERSCOVICI Paul M     owner of dry goods store 155
ZEIDES Fevel Feivush M Married Esther Mancha   155
ZEIDES   F Married Fevel Feivush   155
FOGELMAN Shimon M Married Chaia   155
FOGELMAN Chaia F Married Shimon   155
POSTALNIK Adolf M Married     155
POSTALNIK   F Married Adolf   155
POSTALNIK Shlomo M       155
PETEL Itzik M Married Pesya   155
PETEL Pesya F Married Itzik   155
PETEL Asher M Married Etel   155
PETEL Etel F Married Asher   155
PETEL Sujetta F       155
PIRGOVSKI Aba M Married Miriam   155
PIRGOVSKI Miriam F Married Aba   155
PIRGOVSKI Buma Avraham M       155
FELDMAN Berl M Married Esther   155
FELDMAN Esther F Married Berl Maiden name ZINGER 155
  Pesi F     The blind one 155
FARBER Yankel Meir M Married     155
FARBER   F Married Yankel Meir   155
FARBER Bina F       155
FARBER Feiga F       155
FARBER Shaindel F       155
FARBER Haim Pinhas M       155
FROIMOVICI Nisan M Married Bela   155
FROIMOVICI Bela F Married Nisan   155
FROIMOVICI Miriam Eti F       155
FROIMOVICI Yosef M       155
FRIEDMAN Bercu M Married Klara   155
FRIEDMAN Klara F Married Bercu   155
FRIEDMAN Herman M Married Rivka   155
FRIEDMAN Rivka F Married Herman   155
FRIEDMAN Avraham M       155
FRIEDMAN Bercu Dov M       155
FRIEDMAN Leon M Married     155
FRIEDMAN   F Married Leon   155
FRIEDMAN Jacques M       155
  Peretz M     from Calarasi 155
ZUCKERMAN Avraham M Married   From Iasi 155
ZUCKERMAN   F Married Avraham From Iasi 155
ZUCKERMAN Esther Chaia       Father's name Avraham 155
ZUCKERMAN Leibel M Married     155
ZUCKERMAN   F Married Leibel   155
ZUCKERMAN Manya F Married Yosef from Plesesti 155
ZUCKERMAN Yosef M Married Manya from Plesesti 155
ZUCKERMAN Fruma F Married Yitzhak   155
ZUCKERMAN Yitzhak M Married Fruma   155
CEAPA Yafa M Married     156
CEAPA   F Married Yafa   156
CIOBOTARU Berl Brukhes M Married     156
CIOBOTARU   F Married Berl Brukhes   156
CIOBOTARU Hana Gitl F Married Yehoshua Zalman   156
CIOBOTARU Yehoshua Zalman M Married Hana Gitl   156
TZIMBERING   M Married   Rabbi and wife 156
CIUNTU Oybish M       156
CIUNTU Moshe M     Invalid 156
CIUNTU Frima F Married Itzik   156
CIUNTU Itzik M Married Frima   156
  Tzipa F Married Hershliya   156
  Hershele M Married Tzipa   156
CIOBOTARU Aharon Gonga M Married Rivka   156
CIOBOTARU Rivka F Married Aharon Gonga   156
CIOBOTARU David M Married     156
CIOBOTARU   F Married David   156
COJOCARU-MOSCOVICI Yitzhak M Married     156
COJOCARU-MOSCOVICI   F Married Yitzhak   156
COJOCARU Yosef Hirsh M Married     156
COJOCARU   F Married Yosef Hirsh   156
COJOCARU Mordekhai M Married Hasya   156
COJOCARU Hasya F Married Mordekhai   156
COJOCARU Nuham M Married Shayna Ita   156
COJOCARU Shayna Ita F Married Nuham   156
COJOCARU SEGAL Srul Israel M       156
KUSBAR Olga F Married Haim Leib   156
KUSBAR Haim Leib M Married Olga   156
KUSBAR Aharon M       156
KUSBAR Yosef M Married     156
KUSBAR   F Married Yosef   156
KUSBAR Feiga F Married Avraham   156
KUSBAR Avraham M Married Feiga   156
KOPEL Tova F       156
KORAH Mordekhai M       156
P Kive M       156
KALMONOVICI Herman M Married     156
KALMONOVICI   F Married Herman   156
  Kana F Widow     156
CROITORU Ita F Married Pinhus   156
CROITORU Pinhus M Married Ita   156
CROITORU Shlomo M       156
CROITORU Gedalya M       156
CROITORU Hana Lea F       156
KRESNER Leibel M Married   Barber 156
KRESNER   F Married Leibel   156
  Rivka F     the midwife 156
  Rivka F     son of Meilech 156
ROSENBERG Yozef M Married   Driver 156
ROSENBERG   F Married Yozef   156
ROSENBERG Mekhel M Married   Blacksmith 156
ROSENBERG   F Married Mekhel   156
ROSENBERG Yocheved Hava F       156
ROSENTAL Gershon M Married     156
ROSENTAL   F Married Gershon   156
ROSENTAL Miriam Lea F Married Avraham   156
ROSENTAL Avraham M Married Lea   156
ROSENTAL Hayka F       156
ROSENTAL Shaindel F       156
ROZNER David M Married     156
ROZNER   F Married David   156
ROTENBERG David Moshe M Married     156
ROTENBERG   F Married David Menashe   156
ROTENBERG Froim M       156
ROTENBERG Leibel M Married   Baker 156
ROTENBERG   F Married Leibel   156
RUSHOY Berenica F       156
RUSHOY Frieda F Married Berl   156
RUSHOY Berl M Married Frieda   156
RAHMIAN   M Married   and wife 156
ROBINZON   M Married   and wife 156
SHOIL Aharon F       156
SHOIL Yehiel M Married Tzipa Blacksmith 156
SHOIL Tzipa F Married Yehiel   156
SHOR Levi M Married Lea   156
SHOR Lea F Married Levi   156
SHTIER Haim M Married     156
SHTIER   F Married Haim   156
SHTIER Shiye M Married     156
SHTIER   F Married Shiye   156
SCHWARTZ Lea F     Maiden name TZUCKERMAN 156
SCHWARTZ-MOUSH Eleizer Layzer M Married Rahel   156
SCHWARTZ-MOUSH Rahel F Married Eleizer Layzer   156
SCHWARTZ Pesah M     Father's name Eliezer 156
SCHWARTZ Reuven M Married   Father's name Lipsha 156
SCHWARTZ Liipsha F Married   Father's name Reuven 156
SCHWARTZ Esther F       156
SCHWARTZ Mendel M       156
SHECHTER-HAHAMU Barukh Beyrekh M       156
SHECHTER-HAHAMU Yosef M Married Miriam   156
SHECHTER-HAHAMU Miriam F Married Yosef   156
SHECHTER Neha F Married Mordekhai   156
SHECHTER Mordekhai M Married Neha ritual slaughterer 156
SHECHTER Shmuel M       156
SHLOIM Berl M Married Sara   156
SHLOIM Sara F Married Berl   156
SHLOIM Roza F       156
IANKU-IANKU Shlomo Riban M       156
  Shmeyrl M Married   from Tripesti 156
    F Married Shmeyrl from Tripestu 156
  Shmil M Married   from Ploiesti 156
    F Married Shmil from Ploiesti 156
  Shmilika M Married     156
    F Married Shmilika   156
SHAMASH   M     Doctor 156
SHAPOSHNIK   M     And family 156
  Sara F     "the red one." 156


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