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Families from Boremel (Baremel’)
Who Died in the Diaspora and the Holocaust


Transliterated by Yocheved Klausner


Sex Marital
Profession Father's
Name of
family members
   Alef return
EPSTEIN Yona   M Married       Riva children 549
EPSTEIN Riva   F Married       Yona children 549
EPSTEIN Mordechai   M Married       Etel children 549
EPSTEIN Etel   F Married       Mordechai children 549
ERLICH Ester   F Married           549
ERLICH     M Married       Ester   549
ERLICH     M       Ester     549
ERLICH Avraham   M Married       Chana children 549
ERLICH Chana   F Married       Avraham children 549
ERLICH Ben Yitzhak   M       Chana     549
ERLICH Bluma   F Married           549
ERLICH     M Married       Bluma   549
ERLICH     F       Bluma     549
ERLICH Breintze   F             549
ERLICH Tzipa   F       Brintze     549
ERLICH Zelig   M Married         children 549
ERLICH     F Married       Zelig children 549
ERLICH Mendel   M Married       Rachel children 549
ERLICH Rachel   F Married       Mendel children 549
ERLICH Shlomo   M Married       Chana children 549
ERLICH Chana   F Married       Shlomo children 549
ERLICH Shlomo   M             549
ERLICH Shimon   M             549
   Bet return
BAJDA Shmerl   M Married       Dunia children 549
BAJDA Dunia   F Married       Shmerl children 549
BAUMAN Aizik   M           children 549
BAUMAN Yona   M Married           549
BAUMAN     F Married       Yona   549
BAUMAN Yakov   M             549
BAUMAN     F             549
BEITCH Eliezer   M           his family 549
BEITCH Yakov   M           his family 549
BEITCH Mendel   M Married       Mania children 549
BEITCH Mania   F Married       Mendel children 549
BEITCH Malka   F           her family 549
BEITCH Rivka   F             549
BITCHUK Motel   M Married       Sara   549
BITCHUK Sara   F Married       Motel   549
BITCHUK Pesach   M Married       Malka   549
BITCHUK Malka   F Married       Pesach   549
BITCHUK Pesach   M             549
BITCHUK Rachel   F           her family 549
BIKMAN Itzes   M             549
BIKMAN Beila   F             549
BIKMAN Chava   F             549
BERGER Eliezer   M             549
BERGER Eliezer   M Married       Tzipa children 549
BERGER Tzipa   F Married       Eliezer children 549
BERGER Benny   M Married       Michel   549
BERGER Michel   F Married       Benny   549
BERGER Berl   M Married       Bluma children 549
BERGER Bluma   F Married       Berl children 549
BERGER Israel   M Married         children 549
BERGER     F Married       Israel children 549
BERGER Nachum Nunia   M             549
BERGER Perel   M             549
BERGER Shmuel   M           his family 549
BERGER Shlomo   M Married         children 549
BERGER     F Married       Shlomo children 549
BRAWER Eliezer   M             549
BRAWER Eliezer   M Married         children 549
BRAWER     F Married       Eliezer children 549
BRAWER David   M             549
BRAWER Nachum   M             549
BRAWER Szincy   F Married           549
BRAWER     M Married       Schintze   549
BRAWER Sara Malka   F             549
BRONFIN Henia   F             549
BRONFIN Feiga   F             549
BRONFIN Zvi   M Married       Riva   549
BRONFIN Riva   F Married       Zvi   549
BRONFIN Munia   M Boy     Riva     549
BREZNIK Bluma   F             549
BREZNIK Chaia Sara   F             549
BREZNIK Chana   F       Chaia Sara     549
BREZNIK Tuvia   M Married       Freida   549
BREZNIK Freida   F Married       Tuvia   549
BREZNIK Dude   F Girl     Freida     549
BREZNIK Szenda   F Girl     Freida     549
BREZNIK Reizl   F Girl     Freida     549
BREZNIK David   M Boy     Freida     549
BREZNIK Moshe   M             549
BREZNIK Reizl   F             549
BERNSTEIN Henia   F Married           549
BERNSTEIN     M Married       Henia   549
BERNSTEIN Israel   M             549
BERNSTEIN Israel   M Married       Perl   549
BERNSTEIN Perl   F Married       Israel   549
BERNSTEIN Yosef   M Married       Henia   549
BERNSTEIN Henia   F Married       Yosef   549
BERNSTEIN Moti   M             549
BERNSTEIN Moshe   M Married       Slova children 549
BERNSTEIN Slova   F Married       Moshe children 549
BERNSTEIN Sender   M Married       Chaya Sara   549
BERNSTEIN Chaia Sara   F Married       Sender   549
BERNSTEIN Sonia   F             549
BRESLER Mordechai   M Married       Chana   549
BRESLER Chana   F Married       Mordechai   549
BARSCHEP Berl   M Married       Etel   549
BARSCHEP Etel   F Married       Berl   549
   Gimmel return
GUZ Avraham   M             549
GUZ Yakov   M Married           549
GUZ     F Married       Yakov   549
GUZ Yakov   M             549
GUZ Hinda   F             549
GUZ Chizia   F             549
GUZ Meir   M Married       Chana   549
GUZ Chana   F Married       Meir   549
GUZ Moshe   M           his family 549
GUZ Rivka   F             549
GOLDMAN Avraham   M Married         children 549
GOLDMAN     F Married       Avraham children 549
GOLDMAN Berish   M Married       Rachel children 549
GOLDMAN Rachel   F Married       Berish children 549
GOLDMAN Yechezkel   M Married       Batia   549
GOLDMAN Batia   F Married       Yechezkel   549
GOLDMAN Pini   M Boy     Batia     549
GOLDRING Yantzi   M             549
GORNGUT Welwel   M             549
GORNGUT Chana   F Married       Malya   549
GORNGUT Malya   M Married       Chana   549
GORNGUT Chaia   F             549
GORNGUT Leibish   M             549
GORNGUT Leibish   M Married       Lea   549
GORNGUT Lea   F Married       Leibish   549
GORNGUT Munia   M             549
GORNGUT Azriel   M Married       Machla   549
GORNGUT Machla   F Married       Azriel   549
GORNGUT Chaia   F Girl     Machla     549
GORNGUT Leibish   M Boy     Machla     549
GORNGUT Rachel   F             549
GORNSTEIN Eliahu   M Married       Batia   549
GORNSTEIN Batia   F Married       Eliahu   549
GORNSTEIN Yosef   M Boy     Batia     549
GORNSTEIN Tila     Boy     Batia     549
GORNSTEIN Pipa     Boy     Batia     549
GORNSTEIN Yakov   M Married       Chaia children 549
GORNSTEIN Chaia   F Married       Yakov children 549
GITELMAN Batia Rachel   F Married       Leibish children 549
GITELMAN Liebel   M Married       Batia Rachel children 549
GITELMAN Gitel   F           her family 549
GITELMAN Gnesi                 549
GITELMAN Yakov   M Married           549
GITELMAN     F Married       Yakov   549
GITELMAN Meir   M             549
GITELMAN Menashe   M             549
GITELMAN Shmuel   M Married       Zlata   549
GITELMAN Zlata   F Married       Shmuel   549
GITELMAN Shimon   M             549
GLINER Shepsel   M Married       Margolin   550
GLINER Margolin   F Married       Szepsel   550
GLINER Berish   M Married           550
GLINER     F Married       Berish   550
GLINER Betzalel   M             550
GLINER Chaika   F Married           550
GLINER     M Married       Chajka   550
GLINER Mirl   M             550
GLINER Malka   F             550
GLINER Pesia   F             550
GELLER Kalman   M Married       Chana children 550
GELLER Chana   F Married       Kalman children 550
GROCH Ita   F           children 550
GROCH Ben-Zion   M Married       Nucha children 550
GROCH Necha   F Married       Ben-Zion children 550
GRINBAUM Yakov   M Married       Toiba   550
GRINBAUM Toiba   F Married       Yakov   550
GRINBAUM Berl   M             550
GRINBAUM Yitzhak   M             550
GRINBAUM Kreina   F             550
GRINBERG Avraham   M             550
GRINBERG Oda   M             550
GRINBERG Hershel   M Married         children 550
GRINBERG     F Married       Hershel children 550
GRINBERG Chaia   F             550
GRINBERG Chaia Sara   F             550
GRINBERG Chaia   F Married         children 550
GRINBERG     M Married       Chaia children 550
GRINBERG Chaim   M           his family 550
GRINBERG Chaim   M Married       Ester   550
GRINBERG Ester   F Married       Chaim   550
GRINBERG Toiba   F             550
GRINBERG Yechezkel   M Married       Lea   550
GRINBERG     F Married       Yechezkel   550
GRINBERG Chaitze     Boy     Lea     550
GRINBERG Lea   F Girl     Lea     550
GRINBERG Yehoshua   M Married       Machla   550
GRINBERG Machla   F Married       Yehoshua   550
GRINBERG Yochanan   M             550
GRINBERG Toiba   F             550
GRINBERG Israel   M             550
GRINBERG Moshe Aharon   M Married       Rivka   550
GRINBERG Rivka   F Married       Moshe Aharon   550
GRINBERG Leib   M     Moshe Aharon Rivka     550
GRINBERG Noach   M Married       Ester   550
GRINBERG Ester   F Married       Noach   550
GRINBERG Reizl   F       Ester     550
GRINBERG Tzipa   F Married       Aizik   550
GRINBERG Itzik   M Married       Tzipa   550
GRINBERG Rachel   F             550
GRINBERG Shlomo   M Married       Sara children 550
GRINBERG Sara   F Married       Shlomo children 550
GORNGUT Mordechai Iser   M Married       Rivka   550
GORNGUT Rivka   F Married       Mordechai Iser   550
GORNGUT Itzik   M             550
GORNGUT Chana   F             550
GORNGUT Chaia   F             550
GORNGUT Munia   M             550
GORNGUT Leiba   F             550
GORNGUT Sheike   M             550
   Dalet return
DORFMAN Avraham   M Married       Miriam   550
DORFMAN Miriam   F Married       Avraham   550
DORFMAN Yakov   M             550
DORFMAN Mincia   F             550
DORFMAN Shlomo   M             550
DONIUK Ester   F             550
DONIUK Zalman   M             550
DONIUK Yehoshua   M Married           550
DONIUK     F Married       Yehoshua   550
DONIUK Yakov   M Married       Ita   550
DONIUK Ita   F Married       Yakov   550
DONIUK Muntzi   F             550
DONIUK Mendel   M             550
DONIUK Sara   F             550
DONIUK Kalman   M             550
   Hey return
HORENZEL Aizik   M Married       Beila children 550
HORENZEL Beila   F Married       Aizik children 550
HORENZEL Hershel   M           his family 550
HORENZEL Chana   F             550
HORENZEL Dosia   F             550
HODBEK Shmuel   M             550
HODBEK Herzl   M Married       Ester children 550
HODBEK Ester   F Married       Hertzel children 550
HODBEK Sara   F             550
HODBEK Munia   M             550
HODBEK Chana   F Married           550
HODBEK     M Married       Chana   550
HOCHMAN Yitzhak   M Married       Chaia children 550
HOCHMAN Chaia   F Married       Yitzhak children 550
HORWICZ Yoel   M Married       Chana   550
HORWICZ Chana   F Married       Yoel   550
HORWICZ Ester   F Married       Ida children 550
HORWICZ Ida   M Married       Ester children 550
HEIDEM Efraim   M Married       Beila   550
HEIDEM Beila   F Married       Efraim   550
HEIDEM Doba   F Married         children 550
HEIDEM     M Married       Doba children 550
HEIDEM Yosef   M Married       Soroda   550
HEIDEM Sorodia   F Married       Yosef   550
HEIDEM Batia   F             550
HEIDEM     M       Batia     550
HEIDEM Malka   F             550
HEIDEM Azriel   M             550
HIMELFARB David   M             550
HIMELFARB Rivka   F             550
HIMELFARB Shmuel   M Married           550
HIMELFARB     F Married       Shmuel   550
HAMER Batia   F             550
HAMER Gitel   F       Batia     550
HAMER Chaia Beila   F             550
HAMER Chaim   M Married       Motel children 550
HAMER Motel   F Married       Chaim children 550
HAMER Yosef   M             550
HAMER Yosef   M Married           550
HAMER     F Married       Yosef   550
HAMER     M Boy           550
HAMER Israel   M Married           550
HAMER     F Married       Israel   550
HAMER     F             550
HAMER Moshe   M             550
HAMER Feivish   M             550
HARDMAN Berish   M             550
HARDMAN Moshe   M Married       Toszia children 550
HARDMAN Toszia   F Married       Moshe children 550
HARDMAN Feiga   F             550
HARDMAN Shmuel   M Married       Chaia children 550
HARDMAN Chaia   F Married       Shmuel children 550
HERMAN Motel   M Married       Rachel   550
HERMAN Rachel   F Married       Motel   550
HERMAN Mordechai   M Married       Rachel   550
HERMAN Rachel   F Married       Mordechai   550
   Vav return
WAGON Avraham   M Married       Golda children 550
WAGON Golda   F Married       Avraham children 550
WAGON Yehoshua   M Married       Freida children 550
WAGON Freida   F Married       Yehoshua children 550
WISZNIEWSKI Chana   F             550
WISZNIEWSKI Freida   F             550
WISZNIEWSKI Chaia   F             550
WISZNIEWSKI Avraham Ber   M             550
WEIZMAN Motel   M Married       Batia children 550
WEIZMAN Batia   F Married       Motel children 550
WESLER Chaia Beila   F           children 550
WACHSEL Chaia Beila   F Married         children 550
WACHSEL     M Married       Chaia Beila children 550
WACHSEL Yoel   M Married           550
WACHSEL     F Married       Yoel   550
WACHSEL Moshe   M Married       Gitel children 550
WACHSEL Gitel   F Married       Moshe children 550
WACHSEL Rachel   F             550
WACHSEL Shabtai   M Married           550
WACHSEL     F Married       Szebtai   550
WACHSEL Sheindl   F             550
WACHSEL Chasia   F       Sheindl     550
WAR Bluma   F             550
WAR Welwel   M Married       Sloda   551
WAR Sloda   F Married       Welvel   551
WAR Hershel   M Boy     Sloda     551
WAR Chaia   F             551
WAR Moshe   M Married         children 551
WAR     F Married       Moshe children 551
WORONIETZA Herzl   M             551
WORONIETZA Rachel   F Married           551
WORONIETZA     M Married       Rachel   551
   Zayin return
ZIDOR Shlomo   M Married       Tutia children 551
ZIDOR Tutya   F Married       Shlomo children 551
SEID Sheike   M Married       Zhena   551
SEID Zhena   F Married       Sheike   551
SEID Gutka   F       Zhena     551
SILBERMAN Asher   M Married         children 551
SILBERMAN     F Married       Asher children 551
SILBERMAN David   M             551
SILBERMAN Yosef   M Married           551
SILBERMAN     F Married       Josef   551
SILBERMAN     M             551
SILBERMAN Yeshayahu   M             551
SEMMEL Chana   F Married       Yechezkel   551
SEMMEL Yechezkel   M Married       Chana   551
SEMMEL Leibish   M Married       Batia   551
SEMMEL Batia   F Married       Leibish   551
SEMMEL     F Girl     Batia     551
SEMMEL Michal   M Married       Lifsha   551
SEMMEL Lifsha   F Married       Michal   551
SEMMEL Reizl   F             551
   Chet return
CHENKES Shaul   M Married       Tema   551
CHENKES Tema   F Married       Shaul   551
CHENKES Yakov   M Married       Sara children 551
CHENKES Sara   F Married       Yakov children 551
CHAMEL Chaim   M Married       Ester children 551
CHAMEL Ester   F Married       Chaim children 551
CHUSID Hershel   M             551
CHUSID Zelda   F           children 551
CHUSID Munia   M             551
CHUSID Rivka   F             551
CHUSID Reizl   F             551
   Tet return
TABACZNIK Pesach   M           his family 551
TABACZNIK Leib   M Married       Bracha   551
TABACZNIK Bracha   F Married       Leib   551
TITION Chaia   F Married       Yakov children 551
TITION Yakov   M Married       Chaia children 551
TITION Mordechai   M Married       Roza children 551
TITION Roza   F Married       Mordechai children 551
TITION Miriam   F             551
TITION Etel   F Married           551
TITION     M Married       Etel   551
TEITELBOIM Yitzhak   M Married       Malka   551
TEITELBOIM Malka   F Married       Yitzhak   551
TEITELBOIM Dvora   F       Malka     551
TEITELBOIM Shifra   F             551
TEPER Tema   F             551
TEPER Pesie   F             551
TEPER Pesia   F Married           551
TEPER     M Married       Pesia   551
TEPER Rivka   F             551
TEPER Reizl   F             551
TREGER Yakov   M Married       Rachel children 551
TREGER Rachel   F Married       Yakov children 551
TREGER Moshe   M Married       Chana children 551
TREGER Chana   F Married       Moshe children 551
TREGER Reizl   F             551
   Yod return
YENSCHER Beila   F             551
YENSCHER Chena   F             551
   Lamed return
LEWANTIN Eliezer   M Married         children 551
LEWANTIN     F Married       Eliezer children 551
LAUFER Itka   F             551
LAUFER Malka   F             551
LAUFER Moshe   M Married           551
LAUFER     F Married       Moshe   551
LAUFER Rivka   F             551
LEVITAN Eliezer   M Married       Fruma   551
LEVITAN Fruma   F Married       Eliezer   551
LEVITAN Mendel   M             551
LEVITAN Moshe   M             551
LEIBEL Berish   M             551
LEIBEL Yitzhak   M             551
LEIBEL Moshe   M Married           551
LEIBEL     F Married       Moshe   551
LEIBEL Tamara   F             551
LINDEN Eliezer   M Married       Frejdel   551
LINDEN Fradl   F Married       Eliezer   551
LIPSKER David   M             551
LIPSKER Yosef   M             551
LIPSKER Malka   F           her family 551
LIPSKER Nunka   F             551
LERMAN Moshe   M Married       Chaika children 551
LERMAN Chajka   F Married       Moshe children 551
LERNER Yosef   M             551
LIPSKER Sara   F             551
LERNER Anschel   M Married       Etel   551
LERNER Etel   F Married       Anschel   551
LERNER Batia Yenta   F             551
LERNER David   M           his family 551
LERNER Leibka   M             551
LERNER Muntze   F             551
LERNER Tzirl   F             551
LERNER Kreina   F             551
LERNER Rachel   F Married           551
LERNER     M Married       Rachel   551
LERNER Shmuel Idel   M Married       Chaia   551
LERNER Chaia   F Married       Shmuel Idel   551
   Mem return
MOTELER Motel   M Married       Riva children 551
MOTELER Riva   F Married       Motel children 551
MONSCHOWER Berish   M Married       Rivka   551
MONSCHOWER Rivka   F Married       Berish   551
MONSCHOWER Bezlel   M             551
MONSCHOWER Bezlel   M Married       Chantze   551
MONSCHOWER Chantze   F Married       Betzalel   551
MONSCHOWER Baruch   M Married       Beila children 551
MONSCHOWER Beila   F Married       Baruch children 551
MONSCHOWER Golda   F             551
MONSCHOWER Welwel   M             551
MONSCHOWER Ninok   M Boy           551
MONSCHOWER Chaia   F             551
MONSCHOWER Lea   F             551
MONSCHOWER Michael   M             551
MONSCHOWER Machla   F             551
MONSCHOWER Reizl   F             551
MONSCHOWER Alter   M Married       Feiga   551
MONSCHOWER Feiga   F Married       Alter   551
MONSCHOWER Reizl   F             551
MONSCHOWER Shmaya   M             551
MONSCHOWER Sheindla   M             551
MAZUREK Toibe   F             551
MAZUREK Mania   F             551
MAZUREK Rivka   F             551
MEILER Yechezkel   M             551
MEILER Yakov   M             551
MEILER Nachum   M Married       Feina   551
MEILER Fiba   F Married       Nachum   551
MEILER Shlomo   M             551
MILSTEIN Avraham   M Married       Ida   551
MILSTEIN Ida   F Married       Avraham   551
MILSTEIN Golda   F             551
MILSTEIN Yom Tov   M Married       Machla   551
MILSTEIN Machla   F Married       Yom Tov   551
MILSTEIN Hershel   M Boy     Machla     551
MILSTEIN David   M Boy     Machla     551
MILSTEIN Welwel   M             552
MILSTEIN Yakov   M Married       Chaia children 552
MILSTEIN Chaia   F Married       Yakov children 552
MILSTEIN Masia   F             552
MILSTEIN Silka   F             552
MILSTEIN Tzvia   F             552
MIROCZNIK David   M Married           552
MIROCZNIK     F Married       David   552
MIROCZNIK Hershel   M             552
MIROCZNIK Ratzia   F             552
MIROCZNIK Mordechai   M           his family 552
MIROCZNIK Sara   F             552
MIROCZNIK Shmuel   M             552
MELAMED Chaim   M             552
MANDELKORN Ben Zion   M Married       Rivka   552
MANDELKORN Rivka   F Married       Ben Cjan   552
MANDELKORN Avraham   M             552
MANDELKORN Volia                 552
MANDELKORN Frumka                 552
MESSER Avraham Ber   M Married           552
MESSER     F Married       Avraham Ber   552
MESSER Jehudit   F Married           552
MESSER     M Married       Yehudit   552
MARGULIS Eliahu   M Married       Etel   552
MARGULIS Etel   F Married       Eliahu   552
MARGULIS Moshe   M Married           552
MARGULIS     F Married       Moshe   552
MARGULIS Sheindl   F Married           552
MARGULIS     M Married       Sheindl   552
   Nun return
NAFTMAN Alter   M Married           552
NAFTMAN     F Married       Alter   552
NAFTMAN Yoel   M             552
NAFTMAN Freidel   F Married           552
NAFTMAN     M Married       Freidel   552
   Samech return
SURZER Zalman   M             552
SURZER Chaim   M             552
SURZER Nechama   F             552
SURZER Israel   M             552
SURZER Leibish   M             552
SURZER Moshe   M             552
SURZER Chaitze   F             552
SURZER Shlomo   M             552
SURZER Mania   F Married           552
SURZER     M Married       Mania   552
SURZER Munia   M             552
SURZER Azriel   M             552
SURZER Shaul   M Married       Beila   552
SURZER Beila   F Married       Shaul   552
SLIP                 and family 552
   Ayin return
EPEL Mendel Yoel   M Married         children 552
EPEL     F Married       Mendel Yoel children 552
   Peh return
POMERANTZ Chaim   M           children 552
POMERANTZ Aizik   M           children 552
PICK Baruch   M Married           552
PICK     F Married       Baruch   552
PICK Yitzhak   M Married         children 552
PICK     F Married       Yakov children 552
PICK Shmuel   M Married       Masia children 552
PICK Masia   F Married       Shmuel children 552
FELL Henia   F             552
FELL Chaim   M Married           552
FELL     F Married       Chaim   552
FELL Yehuda   M             552
FELDMAN Avraham   M           children 552
FELDMAN Avraham   M Married       Mania children 552
FELDMAN Mania   F Married       Avraham children 552
FELDMAN Eliezer   M             552
FELDMAN Bunia   M         Chana children 552
FELDMAN Chana   F         Bunia children 552
FELDMAN Chana   F Married           552
FELDMAN     M Married       Chana   552
FELDMAN Yoel   M Married       Chantze   552
FELDMAN Chantze   F Married       Yoel   552
FELDMAN Yosef   M Married       Golda   552
FELDMAN Golda   F Married       Yosef   552
FELDMAN Yosef   M             552
FELDMAN Yenra   F             552
FELDMAN Yosef Shimon   M             552
FELDMAN     F     Yosef Shimon       552
FELDMAN Yitzhak   M Married           552
FELDMAN     F Married       Yitzhak   552
FELDMAN     M Boy           552
FELDMAN Yitzhak   M Married       Czarna children 552
FELDMAN Czarna   F Married       Yitzhak children 552
FELDMAN Leib   M Married       Ester   552
FELDMAN Ester   F Married       Leib   552
FELDMAN Leib   M Married       Miriam Lea   552
FELDMAN Miriam Lea   F Married       Leib   552
FELDMAN Motel   M Married       Chaia   552
FELDMAN Chaia   F Married       Motel   552
FELDMAN Moshe Zvi   M Married       Zosi children 552
FELDMAN Zosi   F Married       Moshe Zvi children 552
FELDMAN Moshe Aharon   M Married       Reizl   552
FELDMAN Reizl   F Married       Moshe Aharon   552
FELDMAN Pesach   M Married       Ita children 552
FELDMAN Ita   F Married       Pesach children 552
FELDMAN Nuta   M Married       Sheindl   552
FELDMAN Sheindl   F Married       Nuta   552
FELDMAN Rachel   F Married           552
FELDMAN     M Married       Rachel   552
FELDMAN Riva   F Married           552
FELDMAN     M Married       Riva   552
FLOM Baruch   M Married           552
FLOM     F Married       Baruch   552
FLOM Yeshayahu   M Married town rabbi         552
FLOM     F Married       Yeshayahu   552
PLOT Shmuel   M Married       Zvia children 552
PLOT Tzvia   F Married       Shmuel children 552
PACIORNIK Rachel   F             552
PRILUK Shmuel   M           his family 552
FRIMAN Darel   M Married         children 552
FRIMAN     F Married       Darel children 552
FRIMAN Israel   M Married         children 552
FRIMAN     F Married       Israel children 552
FRIMAN Moshe   M Married         children 552
FRIMAN     F Married       Moshe children 552
FRIMAN Reizl   F Married         children 552
FRIMAN     M Married       Reizl children 552
PERLMUTER Moshe   M           children 552
PRESS Chaia   F             552
PRESS     F       Chaia     552
PERKAL Mordechai   M Married       Chaika   552
PERKAL Chaika   F Married       Mordechai   552
   Tzadik return
TZOREF Kopel   M Married       Ita   552
TZOREF Ita   F Married       Kopel   552
TCHHIZYK Yosef   M Married       Batia children 552
TCHHIZYK Batia   F Married       Yosef children 552
TCHHIZYK Perl   F             552
TCHHIZYK Perl   F Married       Aizik children 552
TCHHIZYK Aizik   M Married       Perl children 552
TCHAPUN Bracha   F             552
TCHAPUN Moshe   M Married       Bracha   552
TCHAPUN Bracha   F Married       Moshe   552
CZERNIAK Baruch   M Married       Ides [Yehudit]   552
CZERNIAK Idis [Yehudit]   F Married       Baruch   552
CZERNIAK Chaim   M Married       Shona   552
CZERNIAK Szona   F Married       Chaim   552
CZERNIAK Yosi   M             552
CZERNIAK Reizl   F             552
   Kof return
KOIBER Chava   F             552
KOIBER Bejlka   F             552
KOIBER Perl   F             552
KOIBER Chaia   F             552
KOIBER Kuka   F             552
KOIBER Bracha   F             552
KUTES Mendel   M Married           552
KUTES     F Married       Mendel   552
KUTES Shmuelis   M             552
KUTES Rachel   F             552
KUTES Nisan   M             552
KUTES Anschel   M             552
KUTES Rivka   F             552
KUTES Sheiva   F             552
KOPIT                 children 552
KOPIT Chaim   M Married           552
KOPIT     F Married       Chaim   552
KOPILNIK Avraham   M Married       Bina children 552
KOPILNIK Bina   F Married       Avraham children 552
KOPILNIK Chana Ita   F             552
KOPILNIK Efraim   M           his family 552
KOPILNIK Yakov   M Married       Serl   552
KOPILNIK Serl   F Married       Yakov   552
KOPILNIK Motel   M             552
KUPERMAN Yitzhak   M Married       Chana children 552
KUPERMAN Chana   F Married       Yitzhak children 552
KIRER Fishl   M           his family 552
KUDRIK Baruch   M Married       Ida children 553
KUDRIK Ida   F Married       Baruch children 553
KUDRIK Welwel   M           his family 553
KUDRIK Yosef   M Married       Mali   553
KUDRIK Mali   F Married       Yosef   553
KUDRIK Yehoshua Heshl   M             553
KORNIK Chaia   F             553
KORNIK Mendel   M             553
KORNIK Shlomo   M             553
KORNIK Nachum   M             553
KORNIK Eliezer   M             553
KLOIZ Chaim   M Married       Sara   553
KLOIZ Sara   F Married       Chaim   553
KLOTZ Nachum   M             553
KLOTZ Shmuel   M Married       Reizl   553
KLOTZ Reizl   F Married       Shmuel   553
KLOTZ     F       Reizl     553
KLOTZ Shabtai   M             553
KLEINER Zanwel   M Married       Henia   553
KLEINER Henia   F Married       Zanwel   553
KLEPKI Chaim   M Married       Golda   553
KLEPKI Golda   F Married       Chaim   553
KLEPKI Yechezkel   M             553
KLEPKI Rivka   F             553
KLOCEL Eliezer   M           children 553
KLOCEL                 children 553
KANDEL Beila   F           children 553
KANDEL Chaia   F             553
KRIGMAN Benjamin   M Married           553
KRIGMAN     F Married       Benjamin   553
KRIGMAN     M Boy           553
KRIGMAN Zlata   F             553
KRIGMAN Motel   M           and family 553
KRIGMAN Moshe   M Married       Chana   553
KRIGMAN Chana   F Married       Moshe   553
KRIGMAN     M Boy     Chana     553
KRIGMAN Riva   F Married           553
KRIGMAN     M Married       Riva   553
KREMNITZER                 and family 553
KARPEL Leibish   M Married       Rivka children 553
KARPEL Rivka   F Married       Leibish children 553
KASZKIET Chana   F             553
KASZKIET Rachel   F             553
KASZKIET Sheine   F             553
   Resh return
RABINOWITZ Betzalel   M Married         children 553
RABINOWITZ     F Married       Betzalel children 553
ROITENBERG Yitzhak   M Married       Feiga children 553
ROITENBERG Feiga   F Married       Yitzhak children 553
ROITENFUDEM Ester   F             553
ROITENFUDEM Buzi   M             553
ROITENFUDEM Henoch   M             553
ROITENFUDEM Hershel   M Married       Chantze   553
ROITENFUDEM Chantze   F Married       Hershel   553
ROITENFUDEM Chana   F       Shaye     553
ROITENFUDEM Chana   F             553
ROITENFUDEM Henoch   M             553
ROITENFUDEM Israel   M             553
ROITENFUDEM Leibish   M Married       Chaia Sara   553
ROITENFUDEM Chaia Sara   F Married       Leibish   553
ROITENFUDEM Leibish   M             553
ROITENFUDEM Munia   M             553
ROITENFUDEM Shaul   M Married       Rivka   553
ROITENFUDEM Rivka   F Married       Shaul   553
ROITENFUDEM     M Boy     Rivka     553
ROITENFUDEM Shlomo   M Married       Lea   553
ROITENFUDEM Lea   F Married       Shlomo   553
ROSMARYN Avraham   M Married         children 553
ROSMARYN     F Married       Avraham children 553
REZNIK Yechiel Eliahu   M Married       Bat Sheva   553
REZNIK Bat Sheva   F Married       Yakov Eliahu   553
REZNIK Malka   F Married         children 553
REZNIK     M Married       Malka children 553
REZNIK Nechama   F           children 553
REZNIK Shlomo   M             553
REJWIC Golda   F             553
REIWITZ Yosef   M             553
REIWITZ Michael   M Married       Riva   553
REIWITZ Riva   F Married       Michal   553
REIWITZ Sheva   F             553
REISS Mulia   M Married       Chana   553
REISS Chana   F Married           553
REITZER Mendel   M           children 553
REITZER Shmuel   M Married         children 553
REITZER     F Married       Shmuel children 553
   Shin return
STEINSCHNEID Shmuel   M Married         children 553
STEINSCHNEID     F Married       Shmuel children 553
STEINSCHNEID Nachum   M Married         children 553
STEINSCHNEID     F Married       Nachum children 553
STEINBERG Rivka   F Married           553
STEINBERG     M Married       Rivka   553
STEINBERG Munia   M Married         children 553
STEINBERG     F Married       Munia children 553
STEINBERG Hershel   M Married       Nechama   553
STEINBERG Nechama   F Married       Hershel   553
STEINBERG Yosef   M Boy     Nechama     553
STEINBERG Jochanan   M Boy     Nechama     553
STEINBERG Manny   M Boy     Nechama     553
STEINBERG Shmuel   M             553
SCHICH Hersh   M Married           553
SCHICH     F Married       Hersh   553
SCHICH Shmuel   M Married           553
SCHICH     F Married       Shmuel   553
SCHICH     M Boy           553
SCHIK Hilel   M   Rabbi         553
SCHIK Beila   F           children 553
SCHIK Yitzhak   M Married         children 553
SCHIK     F Married       Yitzhak children 553
SCHAMES Zelig   M             553
SCHAMES     F             553
SCHAMES Moredechai   M             553
SCHAMES Shifa   M Married       Ester   553
SCHAMES Ester   F Married       Szyfa   553
SCHNEPER Ester   F             553
SCHNEPER Genendel   M             553
SCHNEPER Chaia   F             553
SCHNEPER Beila   F           children 553
SPIEGEL Dvora Eta   F           her family 553
SPIEGEL Yitzhak   M             553
SPIEGEL Mordechai Leib   M             553
SPIEGEL Rivka   F             553
SCHAPIRA Welwel   M Married       Chana children 553
SCHAPIRA Chana   F Married       Welwel children 553
SPRINGER Nachman   M Married       Sara children 553
SPRINGER Sara   F Married       Nachman children 553
SPRINGER Simcha   M Married       Motel children 553
SPRINGER Motel   F Married       Simcha children 553
SCHKOLNIK Aharon   M             553
SCHKOLNIK Golda   F             553
SCHKOLNIK Lew   M             553
SCHKOLNIK Benjamin   M             553
SCHKOLNIK Benjamin   M           his family 553
SCHKOLNIK Gitel   F             553
SCHKOLNIK Chaia   F             553
SCHKOLNIK Etel   F             553
SCHKOLNIK Munia   M             553
SCHKOLNIK David   M           his family 553
SCHKOLNIK Daniel   M Married       Chaia   553
SCHKOLNIK Chaia   F Married       Daniel   553
SCHKOLNIK     M Boy     Chaia     553
SCHKOLNIK Moshe   M Married       Ides [Yehudit]   553
SCHKOLNIK Ides [Yehudit]   F Married       Moshe   553
SCHKOLNIK Levi   M           his family 553
SCHKOLNIK Levi   M             553
SCHKOLNIK Shlomo   M Married       Miriam children 553
SCHKOLNIK Miriam   F Married       Shlomo children 553
SCHKOLNIK Shmuel   M Married         children 553
SCHKOLNIK     F Married       Shmuel children 553
SCHKOLNIK Shimon   M           his family 553


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