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The Word from Itzik Gilberg (Australia)

Translated from the Yiddish by Flora Rotblatt

In connection with the 25th Yahrzeit after the destruction of Belchatow, we bring an excerpt from a speech that Itzik Gilberg gave for the remainder of the survivors L”L[*] who were rescued from the crematoria and camps.

Even though it is already twenty years since the speech took place, we still feel the warm breath and words of the author.

… “For six years the dark nights of Hitler's barbarism, with its bloody boots, stepped over Europe and sowed death and destruction. We Jews have paid a very dear price. A third of our people, and especially Polish Jews, were destroyed. With the fall of Hitlerism freedom began to breathe in all of Europe. Also, there came the salvation of the remainder of the Jews not slaughtered and not stabbed to death, whom the Nazis were not able to exterminate…”

“Great was our disappointment, when we came home to our shtetl Belchatow, that we did not meet any of those closest to us!”

… “Surrounded with deep loneliness and accompanied by hateful looks from our former Polish neighbors, we continued on our wandering way to find peace, to be able to rebuild our destroyed homes and the appropriate atmosphere to heal painful wounds which the war left us”…

… “Very important for us was the help that we received from outside the country, especially from Argentina. We felt that we were not all alone – Someplace in the rest of the world beats a sympathetic heart with the same rhythm as our heart!”

“And this, for us, is the greatest joy”…

bel3_062.jpg [30 KB] - Belchatower survivors in the UNRA camp
Belchatower survivors in the UNRA camp,
during a memorial service

[Large sign in photo: “6th Yahrzeit – In remembrance of the Destruction of Belchatow”
Small sign on left: “The Nation of Israel Lives (Am Yisrael Chai)”]

[*] [editor's note: lamed”lamed, probably meaning lech l'shalom (may they walk in peace), but could mean lama li? (Why me?) – the traditional biblical or prophetic question, namely Moses asking G-d why did you choose me for this mission or the prophet Jonah asking why did you select me for the job, etc. The author would then be implying, why did you abandon me (the Jewish people), or, why did we survive? J. L.] return

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The Management of the Mutual Aid Society
of Belchatow and Vicinity

President --------------------   Abraham Laib
Vice-President --------------------   Hershke Goldmintz [Goldminc]
Secretary --------------------   Zainwel Przedborski
Asst. Secretary --------------------   Yankl-Meyer Pukatch [Pukacz]
Treasurer --------------------   Laibl Hecht
Asst. Treasurer --------------------   Abraham Rozental
Managing Committee Members [Directors]
Aryeh Wilhelm     Zalman Lewkowicz
Lazer Huberman     Nechemye Wilhelm
Shlomo Lustshanowski     Yisroelik Machabanski
Shlomo Zhitnitski [Zitnicki]     Yitzhak Przybylski
Yosef Gliksman

Chana Przedborski

Sarah' Moshe Wilhelm
Chana Wilhelm
Feige Machabanski
Pesia Sheinkop
Kreindl Pukacz
Sara Jakobowicz
Chaya Lewkowicz
Sarah' Moshe Factor
Baile Laib
Kreindl Goldminc
Chantshe Hecht

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The Management of the Cooperative “Superacion”

President --------------------   Yosef Gliksman
Vice-President --------------------   Abraham Laib
Secretary --------------------   Shlomo Naparstek
Asst. Secretary --------------------   Shayke [Isaias] Rozental
Treasurer --------------------   Yechezkel Wilhelm
Asst. Treasurer --------------------   Lazer Huberman
Managing Committee Members [Directors]
Julio Jakubowicz     David Elbinger
Nechemye Wilhelm     Heshke Goldminc
Yacob-Yosef Zilberszac     Laibl Hecht
Alternate [Deputy] Directors
Zanwel Birencwajg     Yisroelik Machabanski
Y. M. Pukacz     Zalman Lewkowicz
Fiscal Councilor
Anchel [Angel] Sapirsztajn
Alternate [Deputy]
Zainwel Przedborski
Simon Wilhelm
Yerachmiel Sapolanski
Founding Committee of the Cooperative “Superacion”
Abraham Laib     Faiwel Wilhelm
Heshke Goldminc     Yosef Gliksman
Zainwel Przedborski     Isaac Heller
Laibl Hecht     Abraham Rozental
Aryeh Wilhelm     Zalman Lewkowicz
Yankl-Meyer Pukacz     Chaim Grunwald
First Structure-Commission for Our Own Building
Laibl Hecht     Zainwel Przedborski
Abraham Rozental     Yisroelik Machabanski
Shlomo Naparstek     Heshke Golminc
Aryeh Wilhelm     Zalman Lewkowicz
Julio Jakobowicz

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Membership of our Countrymen [Landsleit] in Australia

Herszel and Hela BRAJTBERG
1. Goe Street Sr. Gaufield [sic, Caufield]
Melbourne – Australia
156. Victoria Street. N. Richmond
Melbourne – Australia
Motek and Bluma BRAJTBERG
14. Highland Av. Balviw [sic, Balwyn]
Melbourne – Australia
  Iechak and Hinda ROSENTHAL (Szmulewicz)
14. Eastbaurne [sic, Eastbourne]. Windsor
Melbourne – Australia
Pinkus and CHAJA KATZ (Szmulevicz)
18. Stanley Pde. Gaufield [sic, Caufield]
Melbourne – Australia
  León and Lola DZIALOWSKI
414. Glenferrie Rd. Koo [sic, Kooyong]
Melbourne – Australia
Szmul Jankiel CYNCUNATUS
575. Inkerman Rd. Gaufield [sic, Caufield]
Melbourne – Australia
G. P. O. Box 822 F
Melbourne – Australia

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