Testimony and Remembrance


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Translation of
Rachov-Annopol; Pirkei Edut Ve-Zikaron

Edited by: Shmuel Nitzan, Rachov/Annopol and surrounding region society

Published in Tel Aviv, 1978



Project Coordinator

James Feldman

This is a translation from: Pirkei Edut Ve-Zikaron (Rachov-Annopol; testimony and remembrance),
ed. Shmuel Nitzan, Rachov/Annopol and surrounding region society, Tel Aviv, 1978. (H, Y, E 627 pages)

Note: The original book can be seen online at the NY Public Library site: Annopol

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Rachov - Annopol

Testimony and Remembrance

Editor: Shmuel Nitzan

Published by the Townspeople Association of Rachov-Annopol (Lublin District) and
Vicinity and the "OZ" Commemoration Fund

Editorial Board:

Editor Shmuel Nitzan  
Associate Editor Yitzhak Bin-Nun
Editorial Assistants David Stockfish Translator and Editor, Yiddish section
Israel l. Taslitt Translator, English section
Arye Brauner Translator into Hebrew
Administration and Finance Y. Bin-Nun
Sh. Nitzan
Y. Fishman (Israel)
Z. Wagman (U.S.A.)
J. Crystal (Canada)

© Printed in Israel, 1978

5738 – 30th year of the State of Israel

35th year of the destruction of the Community and the deportation of its Jews

Technosdar Ltd., Tel-Aviv


Translated by Yocheved Klausner

Hebrew Yiddish English
Preface 4 1
Introduction Editor 13 327 5
Part One - Prosperity and Fall
Pioneer training on the Rachov Estate 16
From the Past 19
Jews in Rachov-Annopol Shmuel Nitzan 19 333 9
The “Rachov” Farm – A Jewish Estate Based on W.S. Flishinski 22 380 12
The murder of David Frischteier Leibel Barfman 23
The Important Role of Rachov's Jews Elazar Goldner 27 335 13
Community life and its Institutions Shmuel Nitzan 36 381 19
Youth in Rachov three generations ago Yudel Borenstein 41 359
The town of my childhood Shlomo Corona 45
Transporting a Torah Scroll to the Synagogue Shmuel Freiberg 47
The Czech prohibitions Yehuda Leib Sheps 47
Toward Community Reorganization Bunim Mandelker 47 22
The Rabbis of the Rubinstein Family 48
   a. Grandfather R'Elimelech Hacohen Nathan Rubinstein
   b. Memories The Rabbanit [rabbi's wife] Sara 493
   c. In his merit Salva Dannenberg (Rubinstein)
The community
The community's last rabbi Excerpts from letters 50 494
Rescue Operation Mordechai Weisenblit 52 414
Free Loan Fund: Plan and Principles Rabbi Shmarya Finzterbush 53 23
“We are all beggars” Excerpts from letters 54 415
Yakov-Leib Rosenberg, the last estate owner Munik Rosenberg 55
“Little Palestina” on the grounds of the Estate L. Scheps 58
Youth Activities: Political and Social Elazar Goldner 58 25
Growth of Zionist-Pioneer Activity Shmuel Nitzan 68 389 29
Early Youth Activities Endeavors Daniel Freiberg 72 410 31
The Young Pioneer Groups S. Nitzan (Blumenkranz) 74 34
My Pathways to the Pioneering Movement Yitzhak Ben-Nun 77 37
…In spite of all this… Excerpts from letters 83
The meaning of Hechalutz: training and Aliya Zev Nitzan 85 406
The Education and School System Shmuel Nitzan 88 385 41
The beginnings ot the Tarbut School L. Scheps 92
Tarbut - a center of Community-Zionist activity Y. Ben-Nun 93
The “Tarbut” School in a Struggle for Survival Mordechai Weisenblit 94 402 42
Difficult times for the Tarbut School Avraham'ke Freiberg 95 403
The Great Bet Hamidrash S. N., A. R., S. K. 95 397
The General Talmud Torah and the Yeshiva Rabbi Shmarya Finzterbush 96 398 46
Our Town: Landscapes and Faces Down the Generations S. Nitzan 98 367 46
“Surrounded by woods and gardens” Esther Shifrowitz 99 373
How the Plague Was Halted Leibel Brafman 99 47
All fires - on Thursday nights Fishel (Rachel Tzipi's) 100 372
A wedding in town Yehiel Meckler 101 369 47
The apron Y. L. Peretz 101 374
First World War S. 106
“On both sides of the Wisla” Yitzhak Rosenberg 106 48
The rescue arrived too late Elazar Goldner 107 527 49
Memories of Home Nathan Belmont (Nachman Blumenkrantz) 108 352 50
After the War Shmuel Nitzan 109 353
Grandma Sheindl-Dvoire and Mother Chayeh Dinneh Hadassah Einav (Fishman) 111 51
The Splendid Passover Chaim Nissenboim 114 53
“Mutual responsibility” Teshaya Fischman 115
   a. Yose'le Perele's and the wild goy [gentile] 501
   b. The Gaba'iyot [women attendats in the synagogue]
The humble ones Daniel Freiberg 118
   a. The water-carriers and the “Blue Box” 496 55
   b. Asher “Davidoy” the porter
A Bundle of Episodes 121
Purim in town Shlomo Corona
The great flood Yitzhak Ben-Nun 370
“The Goats of Rachov” S. Nitzan 122 56
Sketches and Figures Elazar Goldner 123
   Yoske relates his memories 515
   Reizel “devil” was punished…
   Hirsch Sposovnik 524
A Hot Summer Day Before The Storm Elazar Goldner 57
Part Two - Struggle and Holocaust
Horror and great calamity Based on material from Yad Vashem 139 421
Kidnapped to forced labor; the first victims Shlomo Corona 140
Decrees, Maltreatment and Illusions Eli Fishman 143 460 67
Before deportation Shmuel Freiberg 146
On the road to total destruction Mendel Singer 147 445
The years of tribulation Hirsch Yitzhak Musikant 148
The wanderings of a young pioneer Yitzhak Ben-Nun (Fischman) 149
In the Camps of Torture and Extermination 161
The final road for Rachov's Jews Elazar Goldner 171 447 63
In the Gostchiradov Camp after deportation Henry-Henech Schifman 167
From camp to camp Shlomo Corona 168
Polish prison camp became torture camp for Jews Daniel Freiberg 170 65
The cruel management B. Kleinman 173
“They are coming!” Avraham'tche & Manis Brafman 174
“Jews, Save Yourselves” Yaacov Farber 175 66
Operation in Yanishov Gzsegozs Kortchinski 176 69
Who murdered the survivors of Yanishov and their partisan rescuers? 179 73
The southern area of the Lublin District Shmuel Krakowski 179
A military-industry plant turned into a Camp of Hell Daniel Freiberg 182
The Belzec extermination camp W.S. Plishinski 199 443
Auschwitz (Birkenau) Daniel Freiberg 200
In the Woods and Caves; Among Partisans and Murderers 204
The tribulations of one family Moshe'ke Kestenbaum 204
The adventures of a young boy Shlomo Schilewitz 210 426
Asher Brukierer - “Bulek” the partisan Elazar Goldner 219 456
Rescue Stories 222
Saved by the French A. Brafman 222 78
The front is getting near Hirsch Yitzhak Musikant 222
On the Brink of Auschwitz Joseph Crystal 223 469 76
The fate of my family Munik Rosenberg 225
One alone, out of hundreds of thousands… Sara Felsenschwalb 226
There are no more Jews in Rachow Elazar Goldner 230
Remember - and Never Forget! 233
Recording the Holocaust victims Prof. B. Dinur 234
Dates of destruction and murder 235
These are the names… 238
We Shall Remember! 247 80
Memorial Pages 284
Part Three - Resurrection of the Survivors
After Liberation 287
On the day of liberation Menachem Singer 287 479
The return to nothingness Daniel Freiberg 287
A visit to the ruined nest Excerpts from survivors' letters 295 488
Letters from the Land of Death D. F. 296
Rachow - the damned-beloved Chaim Nissenboim 298
Rachower Jews Overseas 299
I escaped from the Czar Yudel Bornstein 299 536
“Yellow", “Green” and the Jewish heart Sara Bornstein 300 535
Former Rachow-Annopol Jews in the Diaspora 302
Rachower Jews in Eretz Israel 306
Before the deluge - men of piety and good deeds Shmuel N. 306
From Rachow to Kibbutz Daphna Yitzhak Ben-Nun 309
Forty years later Bar Taublieb and Dina Schneiderman 314
A descendant of the Argentina Settlers Sophia Rendler 316
Unveiling the plaque in memory of the Rachow martyrs Yeshaya Fischman 318
The activity of the Organization Committee Yeshaya Fischman 318
Former Annopol-Rachow Residents in Israel 320
We have built a home in our fatherland Hadassa Einav 323


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