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August 2004 Wall of Honor

to honor, to thank, to cherish the memory

Special Thanks To
Bernard Kouchel
For his untiring work of moderating the Sephardic SIG. From
Barbara Algaze
Special Thanks To
ViewMate Volunteers
Many thanks to those ViewMate Volunteers who make this service available, and those who take time to translate documents for those of us who are unable to do it ourselves. Where else do people respond even before your posting has been announced to the general membership! From
Olga G. Parker
Special Thanks To
Fantastic service. I have always had excellent and helpful support for my postings. From
Barry Chernick
Special Thanks To
Eve Line Blum-Cherchevsky
Extremely generous and support for a Discussion Group request that I made. Eve Line went well beyond anything I expected. From
Barry Chernick
Special Thanks To
All Genners
Who respond to digest inquiries. From
Hope Myers Gordon