Glossary of Acronyms and Abbreviations

Many acronyms and abbreviations are found on the manifests and are used on this website. Below is a listing of the most commonly used acronyms and abbreviations, what they stand for and what page of this site further information can be found on.

Acronym/AbbreviationStands for...Found here...
404Form 404 - Arrival InformationOccupation Column
505Form 505 - Arrival InformationOccupation Column
ACLAlien Contract LaborSpecial Inquiry
B/CBureau CorrespondenceName Column
B-i-lBrother-in-lawRecord of Detained Aliens
B.S.I.Board of Special InquiryLeft Margin
CCertificate (usually)Nationality and Citizenship
C/ACertificate of ArrivalOccupation Column
C.L.Certificate of LandingOccupation Column
CLContract LaborSpecial Inquiry
DDetainedLeft Margin
Dep.-Excl.Deportable and ExcludableSpecial Inquiry
D.O.S.Department of StateName Column
HusbHusbandRecord of Detained Aliens
LPCLikely Public ChargeSpecial Inquiry or Other
Med CertMedical CertificateSpecial Inquiry or Other
Nat or NatzNaturalizedNationality and Citizenship
N.O.B.Not On BoardLeft Margin
PPermitName Column
RechRecheckOccupation Column
R.R.RailroadRecord of Detained Aliens
S.I.Special InquiryLeft Margin
Tel $Telegram sent for moneyRecord of Detained Aliens
USBUS BornNationality and Citizenship
USCUnited States CitizenReferences to Other Pages or Lists
V/LVerification of LandingName Column
X"Detained"Left Margin

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