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What is New On This Site?

26 July 2016

1. Online Resources for the history of Jews of Chicagoland
2. Jewish Funeral Homes
3. Genlighten
4. Naturalizations on

30 September 2015

1. Webinars available from National Archives

February 2015

1. Online cemetery info
2. INS link

12 Nov 2014

1.  Update cemetery information
2. Listing for Hebrew Benevolent Cemetery

20 July 2014

1. Newberry library synagogue collection on

17 April 2014

1. Chicago Jewish Blue Book on Spertus Institute Website
3. Joe Beine index of Cook County death records

5 April 2013

1. Update of Mike's email address

4 May 2009

1. Update on new Illinois Holocaust Museum & Education Center
2. Cook County birth certificates and registers available on LDS site.
3. Digitized version of (Chicago) Sentinel on Spertus Institute site
4. Information on the history of Chicago cemeteries including Jewish cemeteries

18 November 2008

1. Cook County Clerk of Circuit Court Declarations On-line index

17 July 2008

1. Cook County Clerk's record available online
2. JGSI Online Death Index

18 June 2008

1. Cook County Clerk's record available online
2. available from Newberry Library

9 April 2008

1. Chicago Jewish Archives
2. Spertus Institute Asher Library

1 July 2007

1. Additional updates of Illinois Cemeteries beyond Chicagoland.
2. Updates to Jewish Graceland Cemetery.

15 January 2007

1. Addition of Illinois Cemeteries beyond Chicagoland.
2. Addition of Illinois Newspaper Project.
3. Link to 1886 Robinson Fire Maps for 1886.
4. Update on "Who is Mike Karsen?"
5. Link to Federal Court Records.

11 December 2006

1. Updates of cemeteries and other minor corrections.

6 June 2006

1. Illinois Regional Archives Depository: Cook County Coroner's Inquest Record Index 1872-1911.
2. ChicagoHistoryMuseum: New name of Chicago Historical Society. Chicago street name changes and 1909 addressing changes. Online availability of 1928/29 Chicago City Directory.
3. Waldheim Cemetery: Announces website and willingness to take photos of graves.
4. Westlawn Cemetery: Willingness to take photos of graves

27 March 2006

1. Funeral homes updated.
2. Abraham Lincoln Library updates.

5 January 2006

1. New rates for microfilm rentals at FHCs.
2. Addition of Encyclopedia of Chicago with a History of Chicago Jews.
3. Update of online and offline property records from Cook County Assessor.

15 November 2005

1. Update on Free Sons Cemetery (now managed by Waldheim).
2. Hebrew Benevolent Society (Jewish Graceland Cemetery) now indexed and available through JGSI.
3. Oakwoods Cemetery information now available.
4. Update on Jewish Genealogical Society of Illinois projects.

26 August 2005

1. Added Steve Morse's advanced SSDI searching options.

5 July 2005

1. Update on Chicago Tribune Historical Archive.
2. Addition of the new Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library

3 June 2005

1. NARA offers e-mail searches of indexes for midwest Naturalizations.
2. Westlawn number of burials.
DuMelle, Grace, Finding Your Chicago Ancestors: A Beginner's Guide to Family History in the City and Cook County. (Lake Claremont Press, Chicago) in references.

1 April 2005

1. Additional locations added including Jewish Encyclopedia Online, Jewish Web Index, Illinois Genealogical Research, A Look at Cook, and Chicago Streets.
2. Additional free links added to Social Security Death Index.
3. New sections added to Organizations Cemetery Sections.
4. Direct link added to Chicago Jewish Archives.

11 March 2005

1. Merged Organizational Cemetery Sections listing sections of all cemeteries in a single alphabetical list.
2. Addition of Evergreen and Knesset Israel cemeteries.
3. Addition of What's New On This Site
4. FAQ: Is It Possible to Search This Site?

5 March 2005

1. Links to on-line cemetery lists at Waldheim Cemetery.
2. Cemeteries sections on JewishGen's JOWBR.




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