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Jewish Funeral Homes

There are many Jewish funeral homes in the Chicago area. We have listed the ones with the most historic information.   Furth and Company, The Piser Chapels, and Weinstein Family Services are now all consolidated under Weinstein & Piser Funeral Home. While other new Jewish funeral homes exist in Chicagoland they would not have historic information.

Weinstein and Piser Funeral Home

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Weinstein & Piser F
uneral Home                        (reviewed 17 Feb 2005 Allen Yaffe)

111 Skokie Boulevard
Wilmette, IL 60091
Phone: 847-256-5700
E-mail: Inquiries through a form on website

Description of Resources:   
Includes records for Original Weinstein (from 1920). Has records for the following funeral homes which are no longer in business: Hartman-Miller, Gratch-Mandel, Albert & Jaffe, and J. (Jacob) Weinstein.  Includes records for Weinstein Bros. (from 1894) and the following funeral homes which are no longer in business: Palmer-Lauer and Robert A. Weinstein.  Includes Furth and Company.

A cemetery guide of Greater Waldheim cemetery is available by visiting one of their chapels.

Access to Records and Fees:

The records may be accessed by telephoning the office.

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