Gubernskie Vedomosti On-Line

Gubernskie Vedomosti

These translations are taken from Articles and Notices placed in the Gubernskie Vedomosti published in the Gubernia of Courland commencing in 1852. We hope that these translations will provide an occasional newsletter from Courland. Back issues will be archived for reference on the web site. Watch this space!

These Gazettes are now rare and in fragile condition owing to the state of the paper on which they were printed which is now nearly 150 years old. Holdings of Vedomosti from numerous regions have been microfilmed and are available in that form from what is now part of the Proquest Slavic Studies collections, although the listing there does not include the Courland documents. The Vedomosti was also published in other areas relevant to the Jewish history of Latvia, namely Livland and Vitebsk.

Gubernskie Vedomosti On-Line

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