Records and Repositories in Belarus

National Archives of Belarus

State Provincial Archives

These contain the documents for the period after 1917.


4. Central Historical Archives: These contain almost all the surviving documents for the period before 1917. There are two such archives, the National State Historical Archive in Minsk and the State Historical Archive in Grodno.

5. ZAGS: literally from Russian and Belarusian meaning "Recording of Acts of Civil Position". These are the divisions of Belarusian Ministry of Justice. The records for birth, marriage, divorce and death of every person since 1917 should be there. There may also be similar records for the late 19th and early 20th century.

State Archives of Register Offices (ZAGS):

6. KGB: literally from Russian and Belarusian meaning “Committee of State Security”. This archive contains some records on persons who were under the control of that institution control in 1918. These documents are called “personal files”.

7. Archive of the Ministry of Defense: It stores military records, including information about persons who were in military since 1918.