How to use the Belarus SIG website to find your Belorussian ancestors and their shtetls

by Edward Rosenbaum

The Belarus SIG website is full of information aimed at providing research tools for helping people locate their ancestors, and their ancestral shtetls. The website consists of an active newsgroup, over 300 different webpages, several databases and contains more then 300,000 names. If you cannot find your ancestors name on our website, we hope that you can find enough information to know where else to look.

  1. How to Use the Belarus Website tutorial
  2. I know my family name, but I have no idea where the family came from. What can I do?
  3. I have a vague idea where the family came from, but do not know the name of the town. What can I do?
  4. I know my family name, but what were their first names in Belarus?
  5. How can I find out what records may exist for my shtetl?