Jewish Encyclopedia of Russia
Surnames starting with the letter U

translated by Josif and Vitaly Charny

The following list is a translation of names and minimal personal data for 8,500 people included in Jewish Encyclopedia of Russia (Rossiyskaya Evreiskaya Entsiclopediya); first edition; 1995, Moscow.

Famous people who are listed in the book, which in fact is a biographical dictionary, were born in Russia, the USSR, the Russian Empire, or lived there. This is the first edition of this kind in Russia and a large group of specialists from Russia, Israel and other countries participated in the project.

There are many more well known people in Russia to be included in the next edition of the book. We have to remember that the success of many of these people was achieved against all odds related to limited opportunities that Jews had in Russia.

The translation is an attempt to inform people about this additional source available for researchers.

Vitaly Charny

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Surname Given name Patronymic Birth date Birth place Death date Death place Occupation aka (other name) Entry number
UCHITELEfimYulevich1913St. Petersburg1988St. PetersburgCinematography 6842
UFLYANDVladimirIosifovich1937   Author 6839
UFLYANDYakovSolomonovich1916Petrograd (St. Petersburg)  Mathematician 6841
UFLYANDYulyMikhailovich1897St. Petersburg1978St. PetersburgPhysiologist 6840
UGOLYOVAleksandrMikhailovich1926Dnepropetrovsk1991MoscowPhysiologist 6802
UGORETSIzrailIosifovich1899Vitebsk1967MoscowEngineering 6803
ULANOVSKYAleksandrPetrovich1891Odessa1971MoscowIntelligenceIzrail Khaskelevich6805
ULIKVeraIosifovna1928Kiev  Performing Art 6806
ULITSKAYALyudmilaYevgenevna1943Moscow  Author 6807
UMANSKYAleksandrAzarevich1900Kiev1973MoscowEngineering 6808
UMANSKYYakovSemionovich1905 1986MoscowEngineering 6809
UNSHLIKHTIosifStanislavovich1879Mlava, Plotsk1938 Politics 6811
UNTERMANIsser-Ieguda 1886Brest-Litovsk, Grodno1976 Rabbi 6810
URBANSKYYevgenyYakovlevich1932Inta, Komi1965Bukhara, UzbekistanPerforming Art 6813
UREVNaumBorisovich1936Chelyabinsk, Ural  Physical-Chemistry 6820
URINOVYakovIsaakovich1898Vladaria1976MoscowCinematography 6814
URINSONYakovMoiseevich1944Moscow  Public Figure 6815
URITSKYMoiseySolomonovich1873Cherkassy, Kiev1918PetrogradParty Functionary 6816
URITSKYSemionPetrovich1895Cherkassy, Kiev1938MoscowMilitary 6817
URLANISBorisTsezarevich1906Kiev1981MoscowEconomy 6818
URSHTEINMauritsyStanislavovich1872Warsaw? PsychiatryMorits U.6819
URYSONPavelSamuilovich1898Odessa1926FranceMathematician 6821
USACHLeonidLeonidovich1927Moscow  Performing ArtLazar U.6823
USANOVICHMikhail Ilich 1894Zhitomir, Volyn1981Alma-AtaPhysical-Chemistry 6822
USHATSMikhailLazarevich1927Simferopol, Crimea  Artist 6843
USHPOLISGrigorySaulovich1923Nauiasis Daugelishkis, Lithuania1996Ashdod, IsraelMilitary Hero 6844
USIEVICHGrigoryAleksandrovich1890Khotinichi, Chernigov1918Gorki, PermRevolutionary 6824
USOSKINMarkMikhailovich1903Odessa1966MoscowEconomy 6825
USPENSKYBorisAndreevich1937Moscow  Philologist 6826
USTINOVLevEfimovich1923Moscow  AuthorGoldshtein6827
USYSHKINAvragam-Mendl 1863Dubrovno, Mogilev1941JerusalemPoliticsMikhail Moiseevich6830
USYSHKINShmuel 1899Ekaterinoslav1978JerusalemLawyer 6831
USYSKINAleksandr Kuzmich 1908Zakharkino, Tver  Engineering Navy 6828
USYSKINIlyaDavidovich1910Yaroslavl Gubernia1934 Physics 6829
UTEVSKYAronMikhailovich1904Konotop, Chernigovgub1988KievBiochemistry 6832
UTINBorisIsaakovich1832 1872St. PetersburgLawyer 6834
UTINYakovIsaakovich1839St. Petersburg1916St. PetersburgFinancier 6837
UTINYevgenyIsaakovich1843St. Petersburg1894VolynskayaLawyer 6835
UTKINIosifPavlovich1903Khingan, China1944 Author 6838
UTYOSOVLeonidOsipovich1895Odessa1982MoscowSinger, Actor, MusicVaisbein6833
UZIELIMoshe 1889Mstislavl, Mogilev1946Tel-AvivPublic Figure 6804
Surname Given name Patronymic Birth date Birth place Death date Death place Occupation aka (other name) Entry number