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Wisoko-Litowski Bruderleider Verein
Washington Cemetery, Brooklyn, NY
(partial List)

contributed by Joyce Weaver

As the previous work on Wisoko-Litovsk supplied names from a 1980's dues list,  Joy Weaver has kindly supplied the names of some members of this shtetl who were buried in the organization's plot earlier in the century.  We have no knowledge of the personal history of these people other than their names and date of death.

SURNAME Given name Date of death Baby/Adult
BIRNBAUM Sarah 6/4/25 Adult
BLUM   11/26/07 Baby
DESACHOWITZ Ben 3-21?-22? Adult
EISENBERG Kate 8/22/29 Adult
FABER   7/3/11 Baby
FEINBERG Morris 8/21/05 Baby
FEINBERG Sam 7/17/12 Adult
FISHMAN Alte 6/18/22 Adult
FISHMAN Sam 2/18/39 Adult
GARBERG   10/13/05 Baby
GELSKY Nat 2/26/27 Adult
GEWIRTZ Eleanor 11/28/35 Adult
GOLD Fannie 11/23/22 Adult
GOLD Jeannette 6/25/19 Adult
GOLD Mary 5/17/08 Adult
GOLD Sam 12/10/15 Adult
GOLDSTEIN Charles 1-5-21? Adult
GOODMAN Ida 1?-3-00 Adult
GOODMAN   2/8/09 Baby
GREENBAUM Davis 2/6/07 Adult
KESSER Henry 2/24/19 Adult
KOSLOFSKY   4-24-?? Adult
LEVIN Annie 12/7/08 Baby
LEVIN Mollie 12-8-37? Adult
LEVINE Bakie 12/12/09 Adult
LEVINE Jos. 11/19/12 Adult
LEVINE Morris 1/8/09 Adult
LITWACK   3/26/09 Baby
MALLES Celia 5/10/50 Adult
MALLES Wolf 8/25/41 Adult
MINOFF Sarah 5/20/23 Adult
MINOV Albert 5/26/37 Adult
MINOV Fannie 7/17/56 Adult
MINOV Fannie 12/23/45 Adult
MINOV Sam 11/29/70 Adult
MOSS Lena 9/14/19 Adult
PADERNSKY   11/3/09 Baby
POLLACK   4/25/09 Baby
RADISCH Stanly no date Adult
REDISCH Barton Mar.1937 Adult
RICHTER Rosie 4/12/17 Adult
ROCKOWITZ Mary 9/14/22 Adult
ROSEN Esther 9/17/47 Adult
ROSEN Rachel 1/13/14 Adult
ROSEN Samuel 5/28/49 Adult
ROSENBERG   1/30/10 Baby
RUBIN Sam 4/10/22 Adult
RUBIN   1/8/03 Baby
RUDISCH David 8/13/39 Adult
SCHEINBLUM Fannie 9/21/46 Adult
SCHEINBLUM Louis 7/13/25 Adult
SHAWOWITZ Esther 9/20/14 Adult
SHERIFF   6/2/10 Baby
SHERIFF   1/11/14 Baby
SIEGEL   9/20/08 Baby
SILVERSTEIN Celia 5/16/23 Adult
SILVERSTEIN Leonard 12/23/18 Adult
SOFER   8/17/11 Baby
SOKOLSKY Jos. 4/17/37 Adult
SOMMER   8/15/10 Baby
STEINBERG Morris 8/20/23 Adult
SUMMER David 8/5/12 Adult
TROYETSKY Abr. 5/25/33 Adult
TROYETSKY Celia 10/28/18 Adult
TROYETSKY Elean 1/11/19 Adult
WEINBRANT   4/8/08 Baby
WEINER Sam 7/18/15 Adult
WISHINGRAD Harris 1/20/16 Adult
ZABINSKI   8/24/11 Baby
ZILBERANSKY   4/7/09 Baby
ZUCKERMAN Jos. 5/16/25 Adult
ZUCKERMAN Jos. 10/14/32 Adult
ZUCKERMAN   no date Baby

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