How to Use the Belarus Website

Please consult the 14-part tutorial in PDF format for further information.

Search Strategies

  • Belarus SIG site search
  • Search the site through the JewishGen search.
  • Search all of the Belarus SIG text files (not the All Belarus Database) through Google. Search String should contain Belarus SIG: (colon) and then your subject (no spaces)

    Belarus SIG:Your_Subject_Here

  • Search all of JewishGen’ text files (not database files) through their Search the JewishGen website page.
  • Search JewishGen databases in one step using free search. If you are not a member of you can use the “Free” databases once you sign up as a “Guest”. There is no charge. You will not have to sign up again.

    In the search box use advanced search and choose “Jewish Collections”. Be specific for Gubernia or Belarus to limit the results.