Help FAQ

What is the Belarus SIG Help Desk?

The Belarus SIG Help Desk is the team to contact when you have questions and problems relating to the best way to use the Belarus SIG website. It is not a genealogical help service.

For questions not related to the SIG website, your first step is to see if your question is answered in one of the Jewishgen Get Started pages. If you don’t find an answer there, then choose the next step:

  1. For questions about general genealogy, post a message to the JewishGen Discussion Group.
  2. For questions about Belarus genealogy, post a message to the Belarus SIG membership at
  3. For questions about technical issues using JewishGen services, fill out and submit the Technical Support Form.

How do I ask Belarus SIG a question?

When writing to the SIG Desk, please tell us exactly what your question is. Be very specific and tell us exactly you are referring to, what you are trying to achieve, what you expected the results to be, and what were the results you saw. State precisely what you are trying to do.

If you have a question about an information page, include the information page web address. Information pages start with http://

If you have a question about a database result page, explain what you found and what you want to know. The database pages don’t have web addresses. The help desk team needs to know the exact steps you took to get to a specific database result page so we can find the same page. Or, copy the results of your database search and provide those to us so we know what information you are referring to.

In every message to the Belarus SIG Help Desk, be sure to include:

Establish a context and explain what you are trying to achieve. If we cannot understand your message, we cannot help you.

Send your query to the Belarus SIG Help Desk at

Note: We are happy to guide you in your search, but we cannot offer any personal research services.

Genealogical Questions

All questions about genealogy or genealogical research should be directed to the Belarus SIG List Serve and the JewishGen Discussion Group. The Belarus SIG Help Desk will point you in the right direction so that you may find the right place to look for answers.

For information about genealogical research, please consult the JewishGen FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions About Jewish Genealogy, the JewishGen InfoFiles, or search the JewishGen Discussion Group Archives or JewishGen web site.

You could then post a query to the JewishGen Discussion Group’ mailing list.