In 1998, Dave Fox wrote: The Belarus SIG has come a long way in a very short period of time thanks to the hard work of many volunteers. It is difficult for me to believe that from an informal exploratory meeting of approximately twenty people at the Summer Seminar in Los Angeles on July 14, 1998, we have grown to 363 members with an active Belarus Discussion Group, Belarus SIG web site, on-going research projects, and now our first issue of the Belarus SIG On-line Newsletter. All of this in less than four months!

The Future

Dave concludes by saying: The Belarus SIG is up and running, but we have a long way to go. The future success of this SIG is dependent on the continued participation of our members. If you think something needs doing, volunteer to head up a team to do it.

We are the Future

Since 2015, under the leadership of David Feldman, Sharon Fingold and Paul Zoglin, the SIG has been striving to catch up to the other SIGs where information is more accessible. Meanwhile, new records have become available. Now, we need to revamp the website to make the records easy to find and use. Belarus SIG researchers have been waiting 17 years to access records and bring online new data.


JewishGen-erosity — Your gift makes it all happen!

Members are asked to make generous donations to JewishGen and to specific projects of the Belarus SIG.

Volunteers Needed

Like any non-profit organization, the Belarus SIG needs dedicated volunteers. Alan Raskin has volunteered to redevelop our website and help maintain it, and we are very pleased that he has answered the challenge.

We are in need of volunteers for the following tasks: