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Jewish Census of 1722 in Všeruby

Adam HAHN, over 60 years of age, leather and feather merchant, also a butcher, pays 3 guilders in taxes, lives in an estate-owned cottage, his annual income is over 40 guilders and has lived in Všeruby for 34 years.

Mojžíš HAHN, horse merchant, also a butcher, is 34 years old, has a wife Kitel, also 34. Children Ester 8, Aron 4, Plümel 6 months. His taxes are 23 guilders, contribution 6 guilders, also lives in an estate-owned cottage, makes more than 80 guilders annually. He has been living in Všeruby 10 years.

David ARON and his wife Kitel. Children Mojžíš, Michal, Šalamoun, Aron and Ester. He is a spices and tobacco merchant, and a butcher. He pays 23 guilders in taxes, contribution 13 guilders, his annual income is over 80 guilders, and has been living in the estate-owned cottage for 30 years.

Josef ALEXANDER, 25 years old, wife Alenka, servant Sorell, linen, cloth and feather merchant. Taxes 20 guilders, contribution 12 guilders, annual income over 60 guilders. Has lived in Všeruby 5 years.

Samuel WINSCHBACH 38, wife Klickel 33, children Daniel 12, Hendel 10, Samuel 7, Jakub 5, Herschel 2. He is a wool and feather merchant, also school cantor. His taxes are 23 guilders, his annual income 70 guilders, and has lived in the estate-owned cottage for 13 years.

The oldest family living in Všeruby is that of Abraham MARKUS. The records show that the family has been living there for at least 100 years. Markus is 42, his wife Kitel 38, children Löbl 14, Chaim 12, daughters Klickel 10, Bayerle 8, Plümel 5, Kolde 2. A wealthy family. They have a nanny for the children Dinele 14, and three servants Fraydl 40, Aron 18 and Devel 19. Markus is a cloth, spices and tobacco merchant, as well as a butcher. His taxes are 25 guilders, contribution 45 guilders, his annual income is over 200 guilders. He owns his own house, which he bought from Všeruby resident Martin Frey in 1713 for 120 guilders.

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Jewish families in 1837

Jakub GOTTLIEB with wife Terezie, née Latzanová, lived in number 103.

Nathan SCHACK and Lidmila, née Abelesová, lived in number 120. In 1836 they had one son Samuel.

Bernard KLAUBER and Chaia Casalina, née Wolfová, lived in number 89. Their children were Julius b. 1836, Marie b. 1838 and Samuel b. 1839.

David KLAUBER and Marie, née Wolfová, lived in number 89. Children Pavlína b. 1839, Vilém b. 1842 and Bernard b. 1848.

Vojtěch SABATH and Jana, née Rottová, lived in number 120. Children Josefa b. 1841 and Bernard b.1843.

Jindřich KOHNER and Terezie, née Porgesová, lived in number 31. Children Rosa b.1841, Vilém b.1842, Nathan b. 1846, Gely Augusta b. 1848, Jakub b. 1850 and Matylda b. 1851.

Jachim HUTTER and Rosa, née Haberová, lived in number 88. Children Rosa b. 1841, Albert b. 1844, David b. 1846 and Kateřina b. 1847.

Rosa, HABER’s daughter, who probably did not obtain a permission to marry, (as will be explained below) had four children: Františka b. 1842, Rosa b. 1841, Kateřina b. 1847 and Ferdinand b. 1850.

Solomon PERELES and Eva, née Kohnerová, lived in number 29. Children Barbora b.1845, Marek b. 1847, Šimon b.1849, Terezie b.1851, Löw b.1854, Gotthard b1856, David b.1858 and Moric b.1860.

Jakub KOHNER and Marie, née Schimlová, lived in number 86. Child Nathan b. 1848.

Moric KOHNER and Julie, née Reichová, lived in number 105. Children Max b.1858, Marie b. 1859, Františka b. 1860 and Jakub b. 1862.

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In the 1860s the following Jewish families lived in Všeruby

Eliáš KOHNER and Františka, née Löwensteinová lived in number 106. Children Anna b. 1859, Ludvík b.1860 and d. 1863, Pavla b. 1862 and Karla b. 1863. 

Heřman FLEISCHL and Marie, née Löwithová, lived in number 86. Children Lia b. 1860, Antonín Rudolf b. 1862 (he would later become a building inspector and will be mentioned later), Františka, Simon, Rosa, Emil, Klára and Jindřich.

Moric KLAUBER and Mína lived in number 7. Children Terezie b. 1863 and Emilie b. 1864.

Vilém BLOCH and Rosa, née Osoblachová, lived in number 86. Child Jeanne b. 1866.

Moric HOITASCH and Rosa, née Langschnurová, lived in number 7. Children Mína, Klára, Vítězslav, Gustav, Berta, Emma.

After 1870 more Jewish families settled in Všeruby:

Jan KLAUBER and Františka, née Engelmannová, lived in number 89. Son Josef b. 1879.

David KLAUBER, glazier, and Barbora, née Schwarzkopfová, lived in number 27.

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Jewish families living in Trhanov

Bohumil LÖFFLER and Vilemína, née Reachová, lived in number 56. Children Vilím b. 1858, Rudolf b. 1861 and Marek, b. 1863.

Šalamoun NASCHAUER and Josefa, née Ledererová, lived in number 25. Children Otto b. 1862 and Barbora b. 1864.

Leopold POLLAK and Vilemína, née Reachová, from Kdyně, daughter of a well known healer and obstetrician. They had two children.

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1890 the following families lived in Všeruby

Ferdinand HUTTER and Klára, née Schwarzová, children Rudolf b. 1897 and Josef b. 1898.

Bernard ÖSTERREICHER, a teacher, and Mína, née Finková, their child Emil b. 1898.

Heřman SCHWARZ, a cattle merchant,  and Karla, née Ertlová, children Arnold b. 1903, Terezie b. 1904.

Jindřich LEDERER, a grocer, and Berta, née Steinerová, children Julius b. 1906 and Elsa b. 1908.

Max POLLAK, manager of a farm, and Hedvika, née Schwarzová, child Eliška b. 1910.

Gustav HOITASCH, a merchant, and Ida, née Ledererová, lived in number 7. Children Berta Valerie b. 1912, Herta b. 1919.

Leopold FISCHHOF, originally from Brno, and wife Pavla, née Ledererová, child Bedřich b. 1913.

Vilibald SCHWARZ, a grocer, and Emma, née Epsteinová, lived in number 69. Child Gréta b. 1917

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