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OTHER NAMES/SPELLINGS:  Rousinow, Rausinov, Czech Rausinov.

LOCATION: Rousinov is a small village in the Rakovnik district of Bohemia, Czech Republic.  It is located at 50.01 longitude and 13.40 latitude. Rousinov is 12 km SW of Rakovnik and about 60 km from Prague (see Map - by Mapquest, then click on your browser's "Back" button to return to this page).

GENEALOGICAL RESOURCES: Birth, Death and Marriage record books for Rousinov  from 1840-1860s are preserved and located at the Czech State Archives in Prague, Statni istredni archiv, tr. Milady Horokove 133, CZ-166 21 Praha 6, Czech Republic.  Births( 1840-1863) are found in HBMa #1772, #1768, an index for 1853-1889 exists; Marriages (1840-1879) are found in HBMa #1770, #1772 , an index for 1853-1897 exists. Deaths (1843-1862) are found in HBMa#1772, with an index for 1853-1910. 

CEMETERIES: The cemetery was established in the 1800s (Jan Herman indicates before 1830; a villager said during the cholera epidemic of 1866). It covers approximately 800 square meters on a rural hillside surrounded by agricultural fields.  It is reached by crossing private property and there are no signs or markers.  From the village, one goes uphill to the second farm track  southwest of the village (about 2 km).  Go 800 meters down the track , through fields, to the area of trees on the hillside to the left. The cemetery is surrounded by a masonry wall. The gate is missing and the pre-burial house is in ruins. There are about 50-60 stones in one half of the cemetery. Many are overturned and/or broken. All are weathered and many impossible to read. The latest burial found was in 1923. The present owner of the cemetery property is the local Jewish community (Praha). 

SOURCES: Jewish Cemeteries in Bohemia and Moravia by Jan Herman; International Association of Jewish Genealogical Societies Cemetery Project, Czech Republic, Rousinov. 

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