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OTHER NAME: Hochlibin, Libyne Vysoka

LOCATION: (seeMap - by Mapquest, then click on your browser's "Back" button to return to this page).

HISTORY: In the second half of the 18th century the power over Hochlibin and the surrounding communities belonged to the Counts Wallis and Wenzel Ko_ka, Prague, writes the following in his history of Hochlibin about the Jews then:
       "Hochlibin never had a Jewish Community of its own since the Jews here always belonged to the congregation in Wallisgrün.
       "In 1820 there were 49 Jews in Hochlibin, around 1880 there were still 20 Head (sic) and now there is not a single Jew living in Hochlibin anymore.  The last Jewish family, Theodor Hönig sold its property here (a store and farm) in 1929 and moved to Falkenau a./E. [...sorry don¹t know what that is, maybe "an der Elbe"].
       "About 25-30 years ago the Hochlibin Jews constituted their own prayer group and had their own house of prayer in the home of F. Ignaz Abeles, who at the time was also the Chairman and record keeper of the Jewish Congregation Wallisgrün."



SYNAGOGUE: The congregation in Wallisgrün.

CEMETERIES: The Jews were buried in the Cemetary in Kozlau(n?).

CONTACTS: Today the Chairman of the Jewish Congregation Wallisgrünis Mr Emil Kauders in Cistá.

SOURCES:  Translated from: "Die Juden und Judengemeinden Böhmens in Vergangenheit und Gegenwart" by Hugo Gold.

SUBMITTER:   Karl Jansky, Hochlibin.  

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