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OTHER NAMES: Malinetz, Mallinetz.

LOCATION: The village of Malinec is located approximately 35 km south of Plzen (14 km south-east of the town of Prestice), in a hilly countryside. 

Malinec: the village. 
HISTORY: In the region, tombstones attest to the presence of Jews since at least  the 15th Century, but the first reports on the Jewish community in Malinec date from the mid-18th Century (Jewish archives: book 70, page123 - Sarah LOWY married Daniel WACHTEL in 1775 and they had a son Lowy in 1780).  At that time, the religious teacher of Malinec was Herman VOGEL. As in the neighbouring village of Vlci, most Jews were traders and others were engaged in the cattle business and farming.   The 1837 census lists14 jewish families in 9 houses; their names were KLEIN, LOCHNER and WACHTEL. In 1890, 6 families remained in their own family houses.  Malinec was part of the district of Prestice and, in 1893, it was established as one of the seven communities of this district,  with 146 souls, a synagogue and a religious teacher. It was the largest community of the district after the city of Prestice. Jews moved to larger towns after 1893, especially to Svihov and Prestice, and probably to Pilzen. Elder townspeople (interviewed in the year 2000) remember the Jewish community that existed until the first half of the 20th Century and describe them as "very merry people". 

GENEALOGICAL RESOURCES: Information can be found in the census for 1783 and 1793.  Record books for Malinec are located at the Czech State Archives in Prague, Statni istredni archiv, tr. Milady Horokove 133, CZ-166 21 Praha 6, Czech Republic, tel/fax: +42 (2) 333-20274. Some information was found in the archives of the municipality of Kbel.

The names associated with Malinec were, as previously written, WACHTEL, LOCHNER, KLEIN and,  additionally, VOGEL, BLOCH, LEDR and REDERER. Today, Nancy Deutsch-Sinderbrand (in New York) and George and Mary Mauksch (also in New York) are descendants of two branches of the WACHTEL family from Malinec. Claude Wachtel, the author of this article, is a descendant of Rosalie VOGEL, living in Malinec in the 18th Century (the daughter of the religious teacher Herman VOGEL). 
The house of Lazar Wachtel, sold in 1870.  The bill of sale, to 
Josef Pintir, was kept in the municipality of Kbel.

SYNAGOGUE: there was an old synagogue from about the first half of the 19th Century, now replaced by a dwelling house. The site of the old synagogue (the white house, on the left). The yellow house, on the right, was the Jewish butcher's house.
CEMETERIES: the community in Malinec used the Jewish cemeteries in Svihov (6 km SW). 

CONTACTS: The village of Malinec is now part of the municipality of Kbel. Town officials: Obecni urad Kbel, c.p. 13, 334 01 Vlci, p. Prestice.

Die Juden und Judengemeinden Bohmens, Hugo Gold Ed (1934), pp 342-347, 515-516; Jewish sights of Bohemia and Moravia, Jiri Fiedler, Ed. Sefer, Prague 1991; archives of the obecny urad in Kbel, personal visit  in April 2000. 

Claude Wachtel, 71 rue Didot 75014 Paris, France 

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