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Covers the Territory of the Former Czechoslovakia, Including Bohemia, Moravia, Slovakia, and Subcarpathian Ruthenia

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     This is an aide to amateurs interested in Czechoslovak genealogy who have limited knowledge of computers. The reason for grouping Bohemia, Moravia, Silesia, Slovakia, and Subcarpathian Ruthenia together is quite simple. These ethnic groups lived together for more than a generation and intermariages took place among them. It is therefore logical to deal with them as one entity.

     Whether we like it or not, the computers are here to stay, and sooner or later they will become the principal tools of genealogists. There is a lot of information on the Internet already, but not everybody knows how to access it. Sometimes it may take hours to locate a specific site unless one knows its address. For a beginner, it is as looking for a needle in a haystack. If one is fortunate enough to locate a good resource page with numerous links, the immediate problem that arises is which of the links one should choose. Most pages list various links in a haphazard fashion, mixing apples with oranges, without any order or system. One must then spend an enormous amount of time opening each of these links to see whether any of them may be of some use.

     Bearing this in mind, I have made an effort to bring some order into the apparent confusion while compiling this list to make it easier for the user. After you review the Table of Contents, it should be relatively easy to find specific information you are seeking. Most of the important topics are covered. In cases where a relevant web site did not exist, I included a more general web site which would at least provide some leads to finding the information sought. Whenever relevant, information was also provided on selected publications and where they can be purchased.

     Altogether there are 15 major headings. Apart from the usual genealogical topics, encompassed by the first 10 headings, there are five additional auxiliary headings covering related topics, e.g.; History & Culture, Religion, Language, Publications, and Research Centers, Libraries, Archives, and Museums. Whenever appropriate, effort was made to provide information available for each national group separately, although in some instances this was not possible to do because of the overlap. Information on Jewish aspects was included with the rest of the informatioin, depending on the subject matter.

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I. General Resource Links & Rings
    A. Central & Eastern Europe
    B. The Czechlands: Bohemia, Moravia & Silesia
    C. Slovakia
    D. Ruthenia

II. Selected Web Sites
    A. The Czechlands
    B. Slovakia
    C. Ruthenia

III. Guides
    A. Getting Started
    B. General Sources

IV. Maps, Gazeteers and Place Searching
    A. Maps
    B. Gazeteers
    C. Specific Places
    D. Place Searching

V. Sources of Primary Data
    A. Parish Records
    B. Land Records
    C. Tax Rolls
    D. Military Records
    E. Passenger Lists
    F. Settler Lists
    G. Naturalization Records
    H. Obituary Notices

VI. Mailing Lists, Newsgroups & Chats
    A. Mailing Lists and Newsgroups
    B. Forums

VII. Surname Lists & Search Sites
    A. Surname Lists
    B. Search Sites

VIII. People and Families
    A. Multiple Listings
    B. Selected Personal Home Pages

IX. Societies & Groups
    A. Genealogical Societies
    B. Ethnic Cultural Societies

X. Professional Researchers
    A. Central & Eastern Europe
    B. The Czechlands
    C. Slovakia
    D. Ruthenia

XI. History & Culture
    A. Central and Eastern Europe
    B. The Czechlands
    C. Slovakia
    D. Ruthenia
    E. Czech & Slovak Immigrants in the U.S.

XII. Religion, Churches, Cemeteries
    A. General
    B. Cemeteries

XIII. Language
    A. General Resources
    B. The Alphabet
    C. Symbols and Abbreviations
    D. Names
    E. Dictionaries
    F. Translation Services

XIV. Publications
    A. Bibliographies
    B. Periodicals
    C. Library Holdings
    D. Publishers' & Booksellers' Offerings

XV. Research Centers, Libraries, Archives, Museums
    A. Research Centers
    B. Libraries
    C. Archives
    D. Museums


I.General Resource Links and Rings
    A.Central & Eastern Europe

    B.The Czechlands: Bohemia, Moravia & Silesia     C. Slovakia     D.Ruthenia

II.Selected Web Sites
    A.The Czechlands

    B.Slovakia     C. Ruthenia III. Guides
    A. Getting Started     B. General Sources

IV. Maps, Gazetteers & Place Searching
    A. Maps

    B. Gazetteers     C. Specific Places     D. Place Searching

V. Sources of Vital Data
    A. Parish Records

    B. Land Records     C. Tax Rolls     D. Military Records     E. Passenger Lists     F. Settler Lists     G. Naturalization Records     H. Obituary Notices (in US)

VI. Mailing Lists, Newsgroups & Chats
    A. Mailing Lists and Newsgroups

    B. Forums

VII. Surname Lists and Search Sites
    A. Surname Lists

    B. Search Sites
        1. The Czechlands         2. Slovakia         3. Ruthenia

VIII. People & Families
    A. Multiple Listings

    B. Selected Personal Home Pages

IX. Societies and Groups
    A. Genealogical Societies
        1. Central and Eastern European

        2. The Czech-Related         3. Slovak         4. Ruthenian     B. Ethnic Cultural Organizations
        1. Czech-Related         2. German Bohemian         3. Slovak         4. Ruthenian

X. Professional Researchers
    A. Central & Eastern Europe

    B. The Czechlands     C. Slovakia     D. Ruthenia

XI. History & Culture
    A. Central and Eastern Europe

    B. The Czechlands
        1. Historical Surveys         2. Cultural Sites and Events     C. Slovakia
        1. Historical Surveys         2. Cultural Sites and Events     D. Ruthenia
        1. Historical Surveys         2. Cultural Sites and Events     E. US Immigrants from Czechoslovakia
        1. Czechs
            a. Historical Surveys             b. Cultural Sites and Events         2. German Bohemians
            a. Historical Surveys             b. Cultural Sites and Events         3. Moravian Brethren         4. Slovaks
            a. Historical Surveys             b. Cultural Sites and Events         5. Ruthenians
            a. Historical Surveys             b. Cultural Sites and Events

XII. Religion, Churches & Cemeteries

    A. General

    B. Cemeteries

XIII. Language
    A. General Resources

    B. Alphabet & Script     C. Symbols and Abbreviations     D. Names     E. Dictionaries
        1. Central & Eastern European Languages         2. Czech         3. Slovak         4. Ruthenian     F. Translators
        1. Central and Eastern European Languages         2. Czech & Slovak

XIV. Publications
    A. Bibliographies

    B. Periodicals     C. Library Holdings     D. Publishers' and  Booksellers' Offerings

XV. Research Centers, Libraries, Archives, Museums
    A. Research Centers

    B. Libraries     C. Archives
        1. Czech-Related         2. Slovak         3. Rusyn     D. Museums