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The Aufrichtig Family - by Charlie and Ronny Roberts

Buyer, Stein, Michael, Hamerschlag, Stier, Patterson, Hunter, Agnew Family History - by Susan Buyer

The Family History of the Calzareth, Michaels, Rafael and Krieger Families - by Alex Calzareth - includes RAFAEL and WEINER  from Moravia and Austria and FRIED, GRATUM, RAUBICZECK, FÜRTH, HAHN, PICK, STERN and KOLLMANN from Bohemia

Genealogie Grünwald - by Traude Triebel


If I Forget Thee  - the Holocaust as experienced by Michael Honey

Lewitus/Heller/Steinshneider/Lederer & others Family Site

Family History Research - by Peter Lowe - includes BEJKOVSKY, BEYKOVSKY, BEYKOWSKY, KOPPERL, THORSH, BONDY, FISCHL from Bohemia and Austria; and ADLER, EISNER, FUERTH from Bohemia

PREISLER,  GOLDMAN & Related Family History

The ROBINSON Genealogy Home Page  - by Geoff Robinson

Rohel-Bach-Bohm-Loeb + Associates - by Peter Rohel - 4000+ names including: Adler, Bing, Eisler, Eskeles, Fischel, Friedmann, Gomperz, Gratz, Grünfeld, Kantor, Kary, Khuner, Klimesch, Lichtenstadt, Lowenstein, Markus, Mayer, Morawetz, Oberländer, Pollaczek, Reich, Rie, Saffir, Schlackenwerth, Spira, Stern, Todros, Wessels, Wiener, Wolf and more

The RUECKER - KOHLHAUSER Family - by Susanne Rücker-Kohlhauser

Our Mischpachach - by Judith Berlowitz
- includes FRESCHL and FISCHL from the Czech Republic

My family tree - by E. Randol Schoenberg

Jewish Genealogy from the Eastern Shore of MD - by Barry Spinak - includes LEDERER, STEINER, KLEINMAN and GREEN (GRUEN)  from Bohemia

The PICK and WEISS Families of Vienna, Austria  


Sudilkov Online Landsmanshaft
While not pertaining to our geographic region, this web site is the work of an Austria-Czech member. 

- in English and German

The ZWIEBACK Family Name

Ancestors and Family History of Ed Zwieback