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LOCATION: Kbel is a village, with area of 923 ha, located 30 km south of Plzen and 12 km south of the town of Prestice. The current total population is 295, with no Jews. The village of Malinec (see specific entry) is presently administratively connected with Kbel. 

HISTORY: There are some indications of the presence of Jews in the village of Kbel in the mid-18th Century, but  the Jewish community likely was very limited, with larger numbers of Jews being settled in the neighbouring villages of Vlci and Malinec

GENEALOGICAL RESOURCES: The Catholic priest of the parish of Kbel maintained a separate register for the Jews of the villages of Vlci and perhaps Malinec from circa 1802. Other documents are located at the Czech State Archives in Prague, Statni istredni archiv, tr. Milady Horokove 133, CZ-166 21 Praha 6, Czech Republic, tel/fax: +42 (2) 333-20274.

RESIDENTS AND DESCENDANTS:  Except the village of Malinec, few Jewish residents of Kbel itself have been identified; among them Herman BLEIER (b.1856 - d.1881 in Prestice) and his wife Amalie KLEIN (1855-1940).

SYNAGOGUE: There was no synagogue in Kbel.

CEMETERIES: Jews living in Kbel used the Jewish cemetery in Svihov (5 km SW). 

CONTACTS: Town officials: Obecni urad Kbel, c.p. 3, 334 01 Kbel, p. Prestice.

SOURCES: Die Juden und Judengemeinden Bohmens, Hugo Gold Ed (1934), pp 342-347; personal visit  in April 2000.

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