The Life and Destruction of Olshan
(Gol’shany, Belarus)

54°15' / 26°01'

Translation of Lebn um umkum fun Olshan

Edited by: Former residents of Olshan in Israel (Irgun Yotzey Olshan)

Published in Tel Aviv, 1965

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Project Coordinator and Translator

Sheldon I. Clare

This is a translation from: Lebn um umkum fun Olshan;
The life and destruction of Olshan. Tel Aviv, former residents of Olshan in Israel (Irgun Yotzey Olshan), 1965. (H,Y)

Note: The original book can be seen online at the NY Public Library site: Olshan

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Life and Destruction of Olshan

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Book Committee

Executive Committee

Shabtai Kaplan, Ziml Abramovitz, Pesakh Gershonovitz, Shitra Kotin-Trabsky, Reuven Leond, Aharon Shuster


Aharon Abramovitz, Arye Gershoni, Yitzhok Khodosh, Yakov Kozlovski, Khaniya Yisraeli(Gurvitz), Moshe Ziskond

Editor of Hebrew Part

Meir Shli

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Photo - Book Committee

Under Photo - Kabalt Fanim (Heb: Welcome – ?) from Book Committee for Yakov and Batya Kaplan from America
(Line of Hebrew??)

Sitting from Left: Ziml Abramovitz, Shabtai Kaplan, Batya Kaplan, Yakov Kaplan, Ayre Gershoni, Aharon Abramovitz.

Standing from left: Khanya Yisraeli, Reuven Leond, Aharon Shuster, Shifra Kotin-Trabsky, Yakov Kozlavsky, Pesakh Gershonovitz, Moshe Ziskond, Yitzhok Khodosh

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The Town of Olshan Until World War I
17 Historical Notices  
19-39 The Jews of My Generation Yakov Kaplan
40-44 The Town That I Remember B. Tz. Goldberg
45-47 This is How the town Appeared Shepsl Kaplan
48-50 Jewish Workers Movement Moshe Baron
Between Both World Wars
53-58 In the Years of the First World War Shepsl Kaplan
61-63 Child and Teenage Years Arye Gershoni
64-65 The Tragic Death of Ester Levin Shlomo-Halevy Levin
66-68 Memories of Teenage Years Leah Blokh-Rudnik
69-72 Melameds and Religious Schools Shepsl Kaplan
73 The “Tarbes-School” and its Educational Activities Pesakh Gershonovitz
74 The “Tarbes School”, The Light of the Town Shifra Kotin Trobsky
75-77 An Account of the Educational Council of the “Tarbus” School  
The Religious Life
86 /td> Rabbi Reuven Hodosh, Cantors, Singers, and Prayer Leaders Shepsi Kaplan
87 The Synagogues Pesakh Gershonovich
90 Sabbath Eve in Town A.A. Potashnik
The Economic Life
95 The Jewish Farmers and their Land Ownership Pesakh Gershonovich
102 Cooperative Peoples-Bank  
104 “Linat Hatzedek“  
97 Horticulture (Gardening) Shepsl Kaplan
99 Hand Knitting and Handicraft  
101 “Gmilos-Hesed” (Non-interest Loans) Box  
107 Firemen  
108 “Hakashra” and My Zionist Activities Arye Gershony
109 The Activity of “Hakhalutz” - Pioneer Settlers in Palestine Reuven Ben Aharon
110 (Beyt-R) and Its Cultural Activities Shifra Kotin-Trabsky
111 The Money Collection For “Keren Hakayemet” - National Fund Pesakh Gershonovitch
Types of People and Images
121-138 The Day-to-Day Lives of Olshan Jews Shepsl Kaplan
Borokh the Pharmcist  
Sh. L. Dolinski and His Communal Activities  
The “Gabai” (Synagogue Warden) Gershon Abramovitch  
The Olshan Shokhet (Ritual Slaughterer) Mordkhe-Nete and his Peasant Trade  
R' Shimon Segolovitch the Prayer Reader  
R' Yudl the Physician and His Wife “Heyvn”  
R' Itsche the Sexton and Hebrew Teacher  
R' Yoneh Gdalye the Timber Merchant  
Bonyeh Kaplan and R'Elye Schvartz  
Berl the “Emperor”  
Dudke the Smith
Yehoshua the Smith  
The “Pinchukes” (Old Family Name)  
Peshe the Baker  
Blume Berkman  
Shmuel Beyarski  
R' Leyb the Butcher  
Hirshl Rudnik  
The Family Varanovski  
The Family Gurvich  
R'Meyer the “Agent”  
139 Elyakum Litzki and His Love for “Soil Work” Mina Zhalovski-Litzki
140 The Toiler (worker) Families of Oshmaner Street Shifra Kutin-Trabski
143 Dina Potashnik Rabbi Eliezer Potashnik
144 The Family Liond Reuven Liond
145 The Family Abramovich Zeydl Bagdanovski
148 The Fanily Kozlovski  
150 The Famity Potashnik An Olshaner
Olshaners in America
160 Emigration and Longing (Nostalgia) Y.Leyb Potashnik
164 Olshaners in America Shepsl Kaplan
166 (Traykayt??) and Pride Zeydl Bogdanovski
169-190 In the Years of the German Extermination Shepsl Kaplan
The Outbreak of World War II  
The Festive Entry of the Red Army  
Germans Occupy Olshan  
The Polish Police, Local Authorities and German Fateful Sentences  
Establishment of the Jewish Council  
Looting of Jewish Possessions  
Saved myself from Olshan Slaughter and Holocust in Volozhin  
179 The Great Slaughter in Volozhin  
In the Volozhin Ghetto (?? Witness)  
In the Vishniever Ghetto (??? Witness)  
The Systematic Extermination in the Olshaner Locale (Environment)  
Resettlement of Olshan in Oshmana Ghetto  
188 The Martyrdom of Rabbi R'Moshe Aharon Feldman On the (Arisher) Side  
191 From Volozhin Back to Olshan Hana Lev-Tcherniovski
193 Zhelanke - The Mass grave of 400 Jews Haya Kzura-Katz
194-198 Under the German Regime Pesakh Gershenovitch
June 24, 1941  
The Tragic Death of Pharmacist Borukh Abramovitch Killed in a Gypsy “Action”  
Olshaner Nazi-Regime compelled to Drag Two Tanks  
199-203 Olshan Jews in German Concentration Camps Shepsl Kaplan
The Nazi Murder of Children
204 The Extermination of the Children by Germans in the Kashidar Camp Shepsl Kaplan
207 Childhood in the Shadows of the Gallows Haya Altman-Abramovitch
216 The Extermination of Children in Zhezhmir Camp Haya Kzurer-Katz
217-232 The Tortured Jews run to the Partisans Shepsl Kaplan
Anguish and Extermination in the Aleksat Camp  
The Death March and the run to the Woods  
Encounter With Soviet Troops in German Uniforms  
(Punishment - Expedition Fired Upon our Group)?  
The (Hebrew?) line?, Row) of Liberation  
The Death of Bunzeh Kaplan on the Eve of Liberation Return to the Former(old) Home After the Liberation  
233-240 The Way Through Anguish Haya Kzurer-Katz
241 In the Extermination Camp Lament (Estonia) Aharon Shuster
254 Women in Ghettos and Camps Rivka Davidson-Segalovich
262 From Camp to Camp Henye Blozer-Tchepelansky
265 The Camp in Vilna in the “Inexpensive Houses” Rivka Shkop-Abramovich
268 My Experience in the Years During the German Extermination of Jews A. A. Potashnik
Struggle (Conflict) and opposition
283 The Hero's Death of Tschepelonsky's Partisan Group Michle Gurvich-Kozlovsky
285 In Struggle against the Germans Zisl Abramovich
289 In the Woods (Forest) Sima Rudnik-Soladukha
292-364 Armed Partisan-Struggle Reuven Liand
365 Final Word  
373 Victims of the Shoah (List)  
381-429 Necrology (Obituaries)  

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