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[Pages 607 - 690]

Memorial Pages
Translated by
Ricky Benhart (nee Schikman),
Lance Ackerfeld

[H] = Hebrew / [Y] = Yiddish / [E] = English

[H] Albaum and Gelbart family 607
[Y] Izralewicz family 608
[Y] Izralewicz family 609
[H] Bajtner family 610
[H] Oks family 610
[H] Ajbuszyc family 610
[H] Unger family 611
[H] Erenfryd family 612
[H] Erenfryd family 613
[H] Ajzenberg family 614
[H] Gelbard family 614
[H] Gruszke family 614
[Y] Belek family 614
[Y] Bialystok family 615
[Y] Rajchman and Bialystok family 616
[Y] Breitbard and Rozmaryn family 618
[H] Erlich family 618
[H] Gitler family 618
[H] Bajtner family 619
[H] Brukner family 619
[H] Erlich family 619
[H] Bajtner family 620
[H] Balicki family 620
[H] Balicki and Zajkiewicz family 621
[H] Buchbinder family 621
[Y] Grosman family 622
[H] Himelfarb family 622
[H] Dombrowicz family 622
[Y] Guterman family 623
[H] Dafner family 623
[Y] Grosfeld family 624
[H] Wajszalc family 624
[H] Gliksman family 625
[H] Mentlik and Leszczyna family 625
[Y] Guterman-Gliksman family 626
[H] Grinwald family 627
[H] Gliksman family 627
[Y] Goldblum family 627
[Y] Dancyger family 628
[Y] Wajnsztajn family 629
[H] Dombrowicz family 629
[H] Wolbromski family 629
[H] Hajda family 630
[H] Wajnryb family 631
[H] Zaks family 632
[H] Weksler family 632
[Y] Zaks family 632
[H] Zilbersztajn family 632
[H] Zlotnik family 633
[H] Zygrajch family 633
[Y] Zaks family 634
[H] Janowski family 634
[H] Wajngarten family 635
[H] Zajonc family 635
[H] Trajman family 636
[H] Izralewicz family 637
[H] Lajtner family 637
[H] Tajchner family 637
[H] Joskowicz family 638
[H] Izralewicz family 638
[H] Jakubowicz family 639
[H] Lemkowicz family 639
[H] Magierkiewicz family 640
[H] Moszenberg and Liber family 640
[H] Moneta family 640
[H] Liberman family 641
[Y] Londner family 642
[H] Londner family 642
[H] Lewkowicz family 643
[H] Lenczner family 643
[Y] Granatman family 644
[H] Lustiger family 645
[H] Lis family 646
[H] Lewi family 646
[H] Lenczner family 647
[H] Magerkewicz family 648
[H] Lederman family 648
[H] Micenmacher family 648
[H] Grajcer family 648
[H] Milsztajn family 649
[H] Nusinowicz family 649
[Y] Stawski family 649
[E] Nower family 650
[Y] Malnowicer family 650
[Y] Najfeld family 650
[H] Frejlich (Simhoni) family 651
[H] Slomnicki family 651
[H] Prejzerowicz family 651
[H] Feldberg family 651
[Y] Najman family 652
[Y] Rozenblat family 652
[Y] Panski, Najman, and Kazimierski family 653
[H] Nusbaum family 654
[H] Plawes family 655
[H] Pozmantier family 655
[H] Perlgricht family 655
[H] Cukerman family 655
[H] Feldberg family 656
[H] Piwniczny and Zygrajch family 657
[H] Frochtcwajg and Szpilberg family 658
[H] Frochtcwajg, Grosfeld, and Dzubas family 659
[H] Rozen, Weksler, Hercberg, and Frochtcwajg family 660
[H] Perkal family 661
[Y] Fisz family 661
[H] Parasol family 662
[H] Pomocnik family 662
[H] Kozuch and Ajzenman family 663
[H] Kajzer, Rubinsztajn, and Gliksman family 664
[H] Kanarek family 664
[H] Kornfeld family 665
[H] Knobler family 665
[H] Klajnplac family 666
[H] Kajzer family 667
[Y] Krempel family 667
[H] Klajn family 668
[H] Kozuch family 668
[H] Rozenbaum family 669
[H] Rozen family 669
[H] Rudoler family 670
[H] Zygelbaum family 670
[H] Rotner family 671
[H] Rechnic family 672
[H] Rozencwajg 672
[H] Rechnic family 673
[H] Ruszinek family 673
[H] Rozenblum family 673
[Y] Rozmaryn family 673
[Y] Rozencwajg and Freund family 674
[H] Rabinowicz family 675
[H] Rozenfrucht family 675
[H] Rozenberg family 676
[H] Kaner family 677
[Y] Rozencwajg family 677
[H] Rechnic family 678
[H] Erlich family 678
[H] Poznanski family 678
[H] Rechnic and Poznanski 679
[H] Krystal family 679
[H] Sztorchajn family 680
[H] Sztorchajn family 681
[H] Salwi (Sliwka) 681
[H] Shunami family 682
[H] Gurst family 682
[H] Szenker family 683
[Y] Szwimer family 684
[H] Szwimer family 685
[Y] Sliwka family 685
[H] Swiczarczyk family 686
[H] Siwek family 686
[Y] Szlezynger family 687
[H] Szpigelman family 687
[Y] Sliwka family 688
[H] Szpigler family 688
[H] Szeps family 689
[Y] Sliwowicz family 689
[Y] Sztylman family 690

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