The Jews of Kishinev
(Chişinău, Moldova)

47°00' / 28°57'

Translation of
Yehudei Kishinev

Edited by: Yitzhak Koren

Published in Tel Aviv 1950

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This is a translation of: Yehudei Kishinev (The Jews of Kishinev),
Editors: Yitzhak Koren, Tel Aviv 1950 (Y, 264 pages).

This material is made available by JewishGen, Inc. and the Yizkor Book Project for the purpose of
fulfilling our mission of disseminating information about the Holocaust and destroyed Jewish communities.
This material may not be copied, sold or bartered without JewishGen, Inc.'s permission. Rights may be reserved by the copyright holder.

JewishGen, Inc. makes no representations regarding the accuracy of the translation. The reader may wish to refer to the original material for verification.
JewishGen is not responsible for inaccuracies or omissions in the original work and cannot rewrite or edit the text to correct inaccuracies and/or omissions.
Our mission is to produce a translation of the original work and we cannot verify the accuracy of statements or alter facts cited.


TOC translated by Yocheved Klausner

Introduction 11
Every Community and its Unique Fate 15
The first steps 16
Ruralism and Urbanism 18
The community life 20
The national character 22
The beginnings of Zionism 23
The reaction against the pogroms 24
The Ukraine refugees 27
Within the boundary of the Romanian Jewry 30
Hasidism and “Enlightment”
The Kishinev rabbis 35
The beginnings of Enlightment 37
The Yeshiva - a Spiritual Center 39
Between Hassidim and Maskilim 41
War against the “tough guys” 47
The influence of the Hasidim on the community 49
Social Movements
Revolutionary centers and labor organizations 58
The “Bund” 60
The “Agudat Israel” party 62
The group of “Jews sons of the New Testament” 63
The Argentina movement 67
The Pogrom in the year 1903
The Jewish defense 73
Who is the principal responsible for the Pogrom 80
The “Righteous Among the Nations” 82
The end of the riots 84
The echo through the Diaspora 87
The pogroms of 1905 92
Chibat Zion [“the love of Zion”] 97
Political Zionism 112
The Mail Bureau 117
Tze'irei Zion [“the Zion youth”] 122
The beginnings of the Second Aliya 128
Zionist Kishinev within the boundary of Romania 136
Hechalutz [“the pioneer”] 139
The activity of the Funds 140
A Zionist family 145
The years before the Holocaust 148
Education and Culture
Physical education 165
Literature 168
Michael Gershensohn 177
The Press 180
The Jewish Theater 186
Cantors in Kishinev 194
Painting and sculpture artists 198
The Economic and Legal Life
Within the boundary of Moldavia until 1812 205
Under Russian rule (1812-1918) 206
The Jewish co-operative movement 212
Within the boundaries of Romania (1918-1940) 213
Social institutions 219
The Jewish Hospital 220
Days of Disintegration and Destruction
The Ghetto and the deportation 228
Destruction in Transnistria 235
The “Struma” in the depths of the sea 236
Documents 243
When a community is annihilated 259
Sources 261

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