Dombroven Book;
Memorial to the first Jewish
Agricultural Colony in Bessarabia

(Dumbrăveni, Moldova)

48°03' / 28°14'

Translation of
Sefer Dombroven; ner-zikaron la-moshava
ha-haklait ha yehudit ha-rishonah be-Bessarabia

Edited by: Chaim Toren

Published in Jerusalem, 1974

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Project Coordinator

Dr. Arnold Davidson


This is a translation from: Sefer Dombroven; ner-zikaron la-moshava ha-haklait ha yehudit ha-rishonah be-Bessarabia;
Dombroven Book; memorial to the first Jewish Agricultural colony in Bessarabia;
edited by Chaim Toren, published by the Dombroven Societies in Israel and the Diaspora in Jerusalem, 1974 (252 pages; H, Y)

Note: The original book can be seen online at the NY Public Library site: Dumbraveny (1974)

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TOC translated by Yocheved Klausner

Hebrew Section
Chaim Toren 7
The History of the Town
Agronomist Zev Karmi-Weinberg (Haifa) 14
Eliyahu Davidsohn (Tel Aviv) 21
The Rabbi's House
Chaia Font-Sternberg (Jerusalem) 24
Moshe Sternberg (Jerusalem) 26
Hadassa Sternberg (Ra'anana) 45
Memories from Home
Leib Kuperman z”l 51
Chaim Toren (Jerusalem) 59
Moshe Ayalon-Achsenfeld (Jerusalem) 62
Rosa Achsenfeld-Fuchs (Cholon) 65
Yehudit Achsenfeld-Weizman (Cholon) 67
Dov Mishali z”l (Kfar Bilu) 70
David Achsenfeld (Pardes Chana) 77
Shoshana Achsenfeld-Grinberg (Haifa) 80
Yechiel Kornblit (Kfar Saba) 82
Baruch (Buzi) Rabinowitz (Ra'anana) 84
Yekutiel Blovstein (Haifa) 86
Roshka Seltzer (Tveria) 89
Yechezkel Fuchs (Petah-Tikva) 91
Chaike Kaisser (Netanya) 93
The Destruction of the Town
Chaike Achsenfeld-Kark (Cholon) 95
Agronomist Zev Karmi-Weinberg (Haifa) 100
A Memorial Plaque on Har-Zion Jerusalem
A. L. Frommerman (Jerusalem) 103
Yiddish Section
Chaim Toren 109
The History of the Town
Agronomist Zev Karmi-Weinberg (Haifa) 119
Eliyahu Davidsohn (Tel Aviv) 129
The Rabbi's House
Chaia Font-Sternberg (Jerusalem) 133
Moshe Sternberg (Jerusalem) 136
Hadassa Sternberg (Ra'anana) 163
Memories from the Old Home
Leib Kuperman z”l 173
Chaim Toren (Jerusalem) 185
Moshe Ayalon-Achsenfeld (Jerusalem) 189
Rosa Achsenfeld-Fuchs (Cholon) 194
Yehudit Achsenfeld-Weizman (Cholon) 197
Dov Mishali z”l (Kfar Bilu) 201
David Achsenfeld (Pardes Chana) 210
Shoshana Achsenfeld-Grinberg (Haifa) 215
Yechiel Kornblit (Kfar Saba) 218
Baruch (Buzi) Rabinowitz (Ra'anana) 221
Yekutiel Blovstein (Haifa) 223
Roshka Seltzer (Tveria) 229
Yechezkel Fuchs (Petah-Tikva) 231
Chaike Kaisser (Netanya) 233
Chaike Achsenfeld-Kark (Cholon)
Chaike Achsenfeld-Kark (Cholon) 237
Agronomist Zev Karmi-Weinberg (Haifa) 245
A Memorial Plaque on Har-Zion Jerusalem
A. L. Frommerman (Jerusalem) 249
I see you, my town (a poem)
Meir Weinberg (Rusia) 252
Dombroven Partial Residents’ List  

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