Research Resources

Genealogy Research Collection

Our collection at the Plainview-Old Bethpage Library is now housed in a new bookcase near the Reference Librarian’s desk.  The library is located at 999 Old Country Road, Plainview [(516) 938-0077], and holds many of the JGSLI’s holdings of reference books, periodicals, etc., including the new Arthur Kurzweil collection.

The travelling library is available for use at all monthly meetings.

Tips & Tricks

At every monthly meeting, a new tip or trick is announced.  Members are free to add theirs either at the meeting or on our Tips & Tricks discussion board on Facebook.

One of the biggest resources we have is our membership.  Sometimes to break through a brick wall just requires a fresh set of eyes and a new thought.  The Mishpocha Mavens are on hand before every meeting to help, and many members are active in our Facebook group.  Make your request as specific & clear as possible and let us help you!

Support JGSLI through Each purchase you make through a JGSLI link sends us a small commission. Get everything you need and help JGSLI at the same time!

Other Research Links — the premier Jewish genealogy site & — (free trials available) subscription sites that have enormous access to historical records. Especially helpful for large-scale record collections such as census records, passenger records, etc.

Family History Library  —  much of the collection is only available on microfiche, but some has been digitized, and the index is searchable.  There are three FHLs across Long Island.

Stephen Morse’s One-Step Webpages  — free searching of Ellis Island passenger database, other passengers manifest databases, census records and other records in one step.

Roots Television  — nice collection of videos that highlight specific skills,  knowledge or record types.  Also includes episodes from PBS’ Ancestor series.

B’nei Mitzvah Certificate (download)

Learn More at a JGSLI Workshop … barring hurricanes and other natural disasters, our annual workshop is held each November.