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Page created: 26 March 2012
Latest Revision or update: 24 November 2014

Jewish Section of the Paignton Cemetery©

Researched by Rosemary Hoffman
formatted for the website by Louise Messik

Main Group of Graves

  12 11 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1


Max Peretz

Isaac Levy

Pearl Mellor

Abraham Mellor

Rev Louis Weiwow

Miriam Wyndham Weiwow

Samuel Barnett 

Bernard Solley

Aubrey Solley





Enid  Sinclair

Marcus Grunberg

Ruth Whyte

Bernard Ellison

Lewis Chapkis

Fay Chapkis

Sophie Solley

Lewis Solley

Alan Barnett

Sybil Barnett

Vanessa Bloom 


Anthony Hyman

Golda Maze)

Joseph Feldstein

Annie Feldstein

Alexander Bernhard


Rita Brooks

Gerald Burton

Hettie Lyons

Vera Lees


Leon Fredman



Jacob  Maze

Harry (Harris) Collins

Maurice Kosky

Augusta Kosky

Deborah Barnett


Henry Green

David Murray

Anne Murray

Muriel White

Bob White


Rachel Freedman

Sam Freedman

Freda Bunt

Henry Willinger

Gomez Rodrigues da Costa


Harry Silver

Ronald Markham

Ronald Luria

Amy Jacob

David Jacobs

Caroline White



Majlock Kronenberg

Anne Barnett

Elias Levine

Mary Black

Solomon Black

Elsa Whzig

Alexander Dokelman

Mark Waxman

Elena  Gaunt  

Annie Salter

Dr Joseph Lyons






Herman Kay

Joseph White

Moses Robinson

Sylvia May Robinson

Gladys Berman

Harry Hart









Sonia White

Samuel Aarons

Ezra Freed

Sadie Berman

Frank  Berman

Freda Brown

Simon Bender

Smaller Group of Graves Adjacent to Prayer Hall

The Graves are arranged so that row L is the one at the top of the cemetery. The Unmarked Graves have been placed in the grid although there are no pictures to go with them. The information was kindly provided by the Torbay Cemeteries and Crematorium and Mr and Mrs Freed who are the contacts for the Chevra Kadisha in the Torbay area. The Information is correct as at 28 November 2011.


  4 3 2 1

Alma Sneddon

Max Kahn

Laura King

Darren Jacobson


Nathan Crown

Woolf Lepek

Abraham Harris


Marjorie Slifkin

Walter Wynate

Ruth Summerfield





Blanche Peel


Four Graves now Separated by Trees

Harry Wilder

Lilly Wilder

Norman Coffin

Woolf Schaak

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