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Online Access to French Civil Record Archives (in French, but easy to understand. For an easier-to-understand alphabetical list of French departments, CLICK HERE)

Reichshoffen Synagogue
Reichshoffen, Alsace



Grand Synagogue, Brussels
Grand Synagogue, Brussels

Last revision: January 11, 2014

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Welcome to the French SIG, a special discussion group, hosted by JewishGen. Our prime objective is to provide a forum for questions, exchange of information and discussion of matters involved in doing Jewish genealogical research in France, other French-speaking areas such as Belgium, Luxembourg and Switzerland, and in former French colonies such as Tunisia, Algeria, etc.

We hope to be able to link you directly to other helpful sites for these areas, and encourage you to share with us any that you have found of help. Those researching in the German-speaking areas can be helped by the German-Jewish Special Interest Group, GerSIG, which covers some of the same regions.

Reading the messages may enable you to discover another user who has uncovered a piece of information vital to your research, or who is linked to a family or town that you are also researching. You should be able to find users eager to share their information and quick to provide tips and feedback.

We strongly urge you to go to the JewishGen Family Finder site to register the names and towns you are researching. This will provide you with unparalleled opportunity for contact with other researchers who have an interest in those same names and places. You are free to select your preferred level of personal privacy on that site and decide the method by which you prefer to be contacted by other researchers.

For additional information contact:

Coordinators: PIERRE HAHN

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