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The List of Martyrs (Voronovo, Belarus)

Transliterated by Jack Gottleib

Abramiski, Alter, and wife, Shifra and children   return
Arkin, Aaron, Margolit, Israel, Haim, Benjaimin, Deborah, Sheena
Arkin, Bluma, Tzvi and daughter
Arkin, Eta-Chana, Beryl and daughter
Balterisky, Aryeh-Lev   return
Balterisky, Benjamin, Peshya
Balterisky, Haim-Eliahu and wife
Balterisky, Hershel, Faigel
Balterisky, Joseph his wife and children
Balterisky, Pesach his wife and children
Balterisky, Tzvi, Tzvyah and children
Baron, Abraham wife, Rhoda, and Sheena
Basist, Esther
Benunsky, Eiziki and wife
Berkovski, Besha-Reina, Yizhak(her son)
Berkovski, Samuel, and wife
Berlovitz, Feivel wife and children
Binyakanski, Leeba
Binyakanski, Nechama, Mendel, Yoel and family
Bloch, Lazur, wife, Rezel(his mother) and children
Bloch, Shabtai, Reizel(his daughter)
Borsky, Hershel, Henia and children
Borsky, Zeidel, Bosel, Lev and children
Chafetz, Yeshayahu, Faiga, Feivel, Gisha   return
Dlugin Shabtai, Tema and children   return
Dlugin, Shimshon, Krynah, Rephael, Sonya, Chana, Alkah
Dokshtolski, Tzadok, Chanah(his mother)
Dovrov, Alter, wife, Tuvia, Chayim
Dubinsky, Israel, Freedel and children
Dubliniski, Samuel and wife
Dublniski, Chayim, wife and children
Dudovitz, Chavah
Dvilanski, Abraham-Elyahu, Motla, Mosya, Benyamin, and children
Dvilanski, Velvel, Judith, Temah
Dvilanski, Yizhak, Esther and children
Eishishki, Gershon, Sheena and chilren   return
Eishishki, Yechezkiel, Faiga and children
Eishishki, Yitzhak, Mirel, Aaron
Epstien, Yakov, Leah, Faiga and children
Finestein, Moshe, Alta, Monique, and children   return
Finklestein, Benjamin, Rachel and children
Finklestein, Shema, Chesya, and children
Garbetzki, Tzvi(Hershke), Tsiril and children
Gershonevitz, David, Batya, Joseph, and children
Gershonevitz, Moshe, Dova, Lev, Chaya, and children
Gershonevitz, Moshe, Sarah, Abraham, Zalman, Chesya and children
Gobitz, Chanan, Tovah, and children
Gobitz, Joseph, Sheena and children
Gobitz, Tuvia, Reizel
Gol, Joseph, his wife, Chaya(his mother)
Gol, Meyer, Malchah, Chaya, Batya, Mosha
Gorbitz, Kiza
Gorbitz, Meyer, Leah, Haim-David and children
Gordznetchik, Yehoshua, Sarah, Grunya
Grodznetchik, Yakov, Chaya, Hayim-Elyahu, Yehuda-Mosha
Grodznetchik, Aaron(Ora), Zelda and children
Grodznetchik, Nachum-Hersh, Sarah-Mara, Yoel, Gisha
Grodznetchik, Pinchas, Judith and daughter
Grodznetchik,, Nachum, Liba(his mother)
Itzkovitz, Feivel, Chava and children   return
Itzkovitz, Pesach
Kagan, Yizhak, Leah and children   return
Kalamanovitz, Joshua
Kamanitsky, Yizhak, Chaya Gittel
Kamitsky, Isaac, Nechama and children
Kamyonski, Yakov, Sarah, Henech, Faiga, Gulya
Kaplan, Abba
Kaplan, Benjamin, Riva, and children
Kaplan, Groynim and children
Kaplan, Joseph, Sarah, Lev, Beila, Zalman
Kaplan, Kasriel-bar
Kaplan, Lev, Beila and children
Kaplan, Moshe, Chaya-Bayya, Lev and children
Kaplan, Neta-Elya, Esther, Sarah
Kaplan, Shaul
Kaplan, Yakov,Kreina, Shalom
Kaplan, Yizhak, Chaya and children
Kapli, Yerachmiel-Judah, Rashal and children
Katzenelbogen, Rachel, Yerachmiel(son), Lazur(son), Zalman(son)
Kolah, Faiga, Judith, Byala and children
Konyachovsky, Reizel, Chaina(daughter)
Koplovitz, Haina, Joseph(her son)
Kosovsky, Benzion, Miriam and children
Kovniski, Yakov, Gronya, Miriam, Aharon
Kreshunsky i, Moshe, Lyova and children
Kreshunsky, Hersch( Sibirnick)
Kreshunsky, Judah, Leah, Tzvi, Miriam
Kudlinski, Velvel, Kyla, Dinah, Moshe
Kuropatwa, Chaim-Joseph
Kuznitz, Lev
Kuznitz, Nahum, Sheena
Kuznitz, Pesach, Henya, and children
Kuznitz, Simcha, wife and children
Kuznitz, Yizhak, Bat-sheva and children
Lapidos, Abraham Lazur, Gittel and children   return
Levin Eyiahu, Tzera-Leah
Levin, Aaron( son of Yakov-Boazo), Sarah and children
Levin, Aaron, Chana and children
Levin, Beerel, Sarah Leah, Shlomo, Shalom, Shimon
Levin, Benyamin and wife, Abraham-Meyer, Beela, Hodas, Chana, Saul, Ephriam
Levin, David, Sarah and children
Levin, Lazur-Hersh, Blume, daughter, Deborah, Abraham
Levin, Mendel, Esther and children
Levin, Motel, Chaya, David, Zelda and children
Levin, Saul-Reuben, Minah and children
Levin, Shlomo and children
Levin, Velveel, 7 year old girl and family children
Levin, Yaakov
Levin, Zalman, Rivka, Meyer(their sons)
Levitovitz and children
Levkowitz , Aaron, Fraidel and children
Levkowitz, Heschel, Fraidel and family
Levkowitz, Leev-Yechezkiel, Rivka, Pesya
Lipinsky, Shimon, Tuvia, Sarah, Abba
Lipinsky, Yechezkiel, Fruma, Tzvi, and children
Lipinsky, Zissel, Leah-Yentel, Minah
Lobutsky, Aaron-Hersh, Leah
Lobutsky, Chaim, Edla and children
Lobutsky, Shabtai, daughter and children
Magilsky, Abraham-Bar, Malcha, Gedalyah and children   return
Magolisky, Benjamin, Faiga-Rachel, Gedalia, Shmuel, Sheena
Meyerowitz, Meyer, his wife and children
Meyerowitz, Reuben, Pesya and children
Meyerowitz, Zelta, Bayla and children
Michalovsky, Mechla, Siyoma(her son)
Molechedsky, Izaac, Reizel, Belah(their daughters)
Olkenitzki, Abraham and wife   return
Olkenitzki, Benjamin wife and children
Olkenitzki, Chaim-Yacob, wife and children
Olkenitzki, Eta, sons and daughters
Olkenitzki, Glika and Velvel
Olkenitzki, Joseph, Berta and children
Olkenitzki, Shmuel and Bracha
Olkenitzki, Yeshyahu, Elka and children
Olkenitzki, Yizhak, wife, his mother Ital, and children
Olytovitz, Yizhak, Faiga and children
Olytovitz, Zelda-Riva
Paikovsky, Motel, Shana, Chaim, Tzvi   return
Paikovsly, Judah, Esther
Plotnick, Yehoshua, Sarah and children
Poditvinsky, Abraham, his wife and children
Poditvinsky, Abraham, Sarah Leah and children
Pupko, Yerachmiel, Bela-Judith, Abraham, Fraida, Esther, and children
Pupko, Feivel, Esther
Pupko, Joesph, Leah, Issur
Pupko, Joseph, Sarah-Rivkah
Pupko, Motel, Shafrina, Haya-Leah
Pupko, Pinchas, his wife, and Batya
Pupko, Shaul, Miriam, and children,
Pupko, Yakov, Breena
Pupko, Yakov, Loba, Zerach and children
Puzerisky, Abraham, Chana, and children
Puzerisky, Shlomo, Nechama and children
Rabinowitz, Noah-Elya and wife   return
Ribitsky, Aharon, wife, Moshe and children
Rivak, Samuel, wife and children
Rodnick, Melach, Rivka, Rodel
Rotman, Velvel, Miriam, Alter and children
Shelovsky, Samuel,Faiga-Rachel, David, Esther   return
Shelovsky, Zerach,Pesya
Shiftinsky, Chaim, sister
Shiftinsky, Nechama, Chya, Henya, Kyla, Shpira Shlomo, Chaya, Byla and children
Shiftinsky, Shabtai, Shifra, and children
Shiftinsky, Shalom
Shmerkovitz Bezalel, Batya, Rivka
Shmerkovitz, Joseph, Shtissel, Meshalom
Shmerkovitz, Malka, Faiga(sister)
Shmerkovitz, Meyer( Mytzchik), Dinah and children
Shmerkovitz, Yakov, Sarah, Chayim, Rachel and children
Shmerkovitz, Yizhak, Malka
Shneider, Yizhak, Sarah and children
Sifkona, Chaya
Solminsky, Mary, Asher(her son), Zelta(her daughter)
Soltchinsky, Chaim-Yona, Batya(her daughter) and children
Soltz, Berka and children
Soltz, Velvel, wife and children
Stickoleshchik, Chaya, Batya(her daughter) and children
Tebashinsky, Lev, Edla, and children   return
Tebashinsky, Meyer
Turetsky, Yaakov, Esther
Turetsky, Yizhak, Faiga-Judith, Fraida and children
Turezky, Gottlieb, Marishal and children
Turezky, Yizhak-Meyer, Deborah, Moshe, Yakov, Rachel, Beirel
Turok, Moshe, Rachel and children
Varsutsky, Hinda, Baruch(her son), Dovah(her daughter)   return
Varsutsky, Shlomo, Hodas and children
Vashilisky, Gerson, wife and children
Vellman, Moshe, wife Shabtai and family
Vellman, Nachum, Reizel, Beirel, Yerachmael, Benjamin and family
Velpinsky, Anshel, Faigah
Velpinsky, Moshe, Loba
Velpinsky, Yizhak, Esther and children
Vilinchik, Benjamin(her son)
Vilinsky, 'Owner of Flour Mill', wife and children
Viner, Aaron, Rachel and children
Yoselvitz,(Harav), wife and children   return
Zabinsky, Lazur, Faigah and children   return
Ziglnitsky, Abraham, wife and children
Zilverman, Levah
Zipkovitz, (Harav), wife, Chava and children
Zvolotski, Moses, Devrosha and children

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