Entertainment and Ball Given by the
United Wisoko-Litowsker and Woltchiner Relief

(Vysokoye, Belarus)

52°17' / 23°22'

(Volchin, Belarus)

52°17' / 23°19'

Translation of Yisker zhurnal gevidmet diumgekumene
fun Visoka un Voltshin

Editors: Samuel Levine, Morris Gevirtz, NY, 1948

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Andrea Simon


Edited by Andrea Simon & Henry Neugass


This is a translation from: Yisker zhurnal gevidmet diumgekumene fun Visoka un Voltshin
Entertainment and ball given by the United Wisoko-Litowsker and Woltchiner Relief
Ed. Samuel Levine, Morris Gevirtz, NY: United Wisoko-Litowsker and Woltchiner Relief, 1948

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Dedicated to the Holy
Memory of the Martyrs of
Visoke-Litovsk and Volchin
I weep for those mishaps, my eyes are dripping with tears,
for the destructions.
Saturday eveningBeethoven Hall
February 7th210 East 5th Street

Entertainment and Ball
Given by the

United Wisoko-Litowsker and
Woltchiner Relief

February 7th, 1948

Beethoven Hall
210-214 East 5th Street, New York City

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Hebrew Cover 1
Title Page; Journal Committee Members List 3
Yizkor!Morris Gevirtz4
Woe to Those Who Have Been LostRabbi Abba Seltzer5
Photo: Arrangement Committee 6
Summer in My Small Town VisokeFaigl Shatsky-Yudin7
Photo: Passaic Branch of the United Relief 9
Open Letter to Our Landsleit 10
From Darkness to LightRabbi Reb Abraham Shmuel Samuels12
Photo: Journal Committee 14
God Is Crying…Morris Gevirtz15
Visoke-Litovsk and Volchin Survivors 19
Hyman Gevirtz, Our PresidentSamuel Levine20
Two Letters From the Other WorldDavid Wolf22
The Terrible Catastrophe in the Small Town of VolchinMendl Refkovske25
Photo: Surviving Landsleit after Liberation 26
Get Acquainted with … the United … ReliefLouis Weiner27
A Yom Kippur Night in VolchinMorris Gevirtz29
About some of our Active Relief WorkersSamuel Levine32
Dedications: Kravitz, et al. 33
Dedications: Khazanovitch, et al. 34
Wysoko-Litovsker Bruderlikher UntershtitzungsfareynGevirtz et al.35
Dedications: Rubin 36
Dedications: Wisoko Aid Society of Chicago 37
Dedications: Gold 38
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Compliments of our Landsleit and Supporters of Our Relief (list) 83
Dedications: Bernstein 84
Dedications: Rosen 85
Dedications: Myers 86
Dedications: Ripley 87
Dedications: Katz 88
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Dedications: Goodman 93
Dedications: Bokras; photo 94
Dedications: Born 95
Financial Report… and a Little History of How the Relief Was Organized 96
United … Relief Officers and Executive Committee (lists) 97
English Title Page 98
English Cover 100

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