Remembrance Book of Nowy Targ and Vicinity
(Nowy Targ, Poland)

49°29' / 20°02'

Translation of Sefer Nowy Targ ve ha seviva

Edited by: Michael Walzer-Fass

Published in Tel Aviv, 1979

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Project Coordinator

Stephanie Weiner z"l


Our sincere appreciation to Ms. Shoshana Ben Ami, of the Nowy Targ Association,
for permission to put this material on the JewishGen web site.

This is a translation from: Sefer Nowy Targ ve ha seviva, Remembrance book of Nowy Targ and vicinity.
Ed. Michael Walzer-Fass. Tel Aviv, Townspeople Association of Nowy Targ and vicinity, 1979 (H,Y,E).

This material is made available by JewishGen, Inc. and the Yizkor Book Project for the purpose of
fulfilling our mission of disseminating information about the Holocaust and destroyed Jewish communities.
This material may not be copied, sold or bartered without JewishGen, Inc.'s permission. Rights may be reserved by the copyright holder.

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Our mission is to produce a translation of the original work and we cannot verify the accuracy of statements or alter facts cited.

Our book of remembrance (Shoshana Ben-Ami)5
This book–monument to Podhale Jewry (Zvi Nir)6
Editor's Foreword (Michael Walzer-Fass)7
History of the Jewish community in Nowy-Targ (Dr Avraham Chomet)9
Our Nowy-Targ (Dr Zvi [Herman] Kolber)12
From days past (Leopold Trepper)17
Nowy-Targ, my hometown (Kalman Shimon Dagan)19
Hassidic Nowy-Targ (Zvi Nir)20
"Hashomer Hadati" in Nowy-Targ (Zvi Nir)21
The National religious movement in Nowy-Targ (Yitzhak Neri)21
"Hashomer Hatzair" in Nowy-Targ (Sabina Lahav)23
"Akiva" in Nowy-Targ (Shoshana Ben-Ami)25
"Akiva" in Podhale (Genia Makovitz-Rand)27
My Aliya (Hela Miller-Osem)28
The library: core of social activity (Y. Traunstein)29
"Haggibor" Jewish sports club in Nowy-Targ (Baruch Remer)30
Thursday was market day (Shoshana Ben-Ami)30
Antisemitism in Nowy-Targ (Shoshana Ben-Ami)31
Skirmish at dawn (Yanek Langer)32
Things I remember (David Goldberg)33
My town Nowy-Targ (Michael Bergman)34
The "social club" in Nowy-Targ (Yosef Dranger)34
My Nowy-Targ (Shoshana Lieberman)35
Jewish life in the Podhale district (Anna Pollak-Fass)35
Our towns in Podhale (Yehuda Beldegrün)36
The contribution of Jewish Zakopane (Munek Piwok)37
Memories of a visit to Charni-Dunaietz (Michael Walzer-Fass)39
My town Kroshchenko (Moshe Aharon Zyskind)41
The town Rabkah Zdroi (Yosef Geller)42
The Lunezko community (Mordecai Schein)43
In memory of my family (Gila Knipel-Shprei)43
As the young ones tell it (Joachim Traunstein)44
Rabbi Yaacov Yokil Hirsch (Zvi Nir)45
Rabbi Yisroel Dovid (Yehuda Gerstner)45
My town Shchavnitza (Yehuda Gerstner)46
In memory of a great Scholar (Yosef Friedenson)46
Shimon Englander (Yitzhak Hammer)47
In memory of those no longer with us (Moshe Rand)48
–No title– (Shlomo Greenspan)49
My mother (Hannah Green-Gewirtz)49
A marker on the way [Moshe Baldinger] (Sarah Kreis)50
Childhood memories (David Goldberg)51
Dr Berthold [Baruch] Fass (Dr Zvi Herman Kolber)52
Yosef Folkman (Dr Zvi Herman Kolber)52
My parents and brothers (Joel Braunfeld)53
Introduction to the accounts of the Holocaust55
Nowy-Targ on the eve of the German takeover (Dr David Yacobovitz)56
                            Charni Dunaietz70
                            Makov Podhalanski70
The Holocaust: Personal Accounts 
Recollections from "those days" (Avraham Rieger)73
The "Judenrat" in Zakopane (Alexander Ben-Ami)75
Roundup day (Nahum Bek)77
In a Soviet concentration camp (Moshe Sinai)77
Recollections from the war era (Moshe Rand)78
Murder on the 9th of Ab (Herta Greenspan-Natowitz)79
Memories from the days of the Holocaust (Frania Tiger)80
The Rosenbaum trial (Yehuda Kestenbaum)81
The Jewish electrician (Hirsch Schiffeldrin)85
Our Association and its activities (Yehuda Beldegrün)87
My Town Sczawnica (Mayer Refael Zigler)146
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