Memorial Book of Kobylnik
(Narach, Belarus)

54°56' / 26°41'

Translation of Sefer Kobylnik

Edited by Yitzhak Siegelman

Published in Haifa, 1967 (H, Y)
Committee of former residents of Kobylnik in Israel

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Project Coordinator

Yosef Saar


Our sincere appreciation to Meir Swirsky for the Committee of former residents of Kobylnik in Israel,
for permission to put this material on the JewishGen web site.

This is a translation from: Sefer Kobylnik Memorial Book of Kobylnik. Editor: Yitzhak Siegelman, Haifa, Va'ad Yozei Kobylnik b'Israel,
Committee of former residents of Kolylnik in Israel, 1967 (H, Y).

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Translated by Sara Mages and Yocheved Klausner


Remembrance and Grief
A monument to our town The Editorial Board 7
Instead of the Orphan’s Kaddish Baruch Axelrod 10
A Eulogy Yitzchak Gordon 11
The synagogue in town and around it Meir Sawirski 15
Remember Dr. M. Dvorzhesky 20
Life and Folklore
This is the Way we Lived (poem) [Y]    
The Granfather from Kobylnik (Y) Moshe Kolbak 23
The history of our town Kobylnik Yitzchak Gordon 25
Holidays and festivals in the town Meir Yavnai 30
A wedding in town Dvora Bachman (Gordon) 51
HeHalutz” in Kobylnik Yitzchak Gordon 57
With the realizers in the “Hakhshara[1] Aharon Hadash 66
The education in our town Kobylnik Meir Yavnai 70
The economic life of the Jews of Kobylnik Meir Yavnai 78
Memories from the Old Home [Y] Pinchas Kariv (Kriwitzki) 82
Landscapes and figures in Kobylnik [Y] Yehosua Swidler 89
The Blood Libel Meir Yavnai 97
The great fire in Kobylnik [Y] Yehosua Swidler 101
Yeshayahu-Yosef the beadle Meir Yavnai 103
Daily life in the town Yafa Persov (Sheinka Janowsky) 107
The feeling of departure Y. Gordon 109
Lamentation [Y] Yitzchak Gordon 115
The destruction of Kobylnik Yitzchak Gordon, Chana Dimenshtein, Asher Krokov, Yosef Blinder 119
Kobylnik and Surroundings during the Holocaust [Y] Yehoshua Swidler 151
Murderes, Murderers of Children [Y] Eng. Meir Swirski 183
On the Day of the Slaughter [Y] Chaya-Lube Swintelsky 187
How have we burned Kobylnik [Y] Meir Hadash 191
We Have Survived in the Forest [Y] Yosef Blinder 195
In the Fight with the Enemy [Y] Herzel Gordon 199
We Lived to See the Liberation [Y] Tzvi Dimenshtein 205
A hiding-place in the pigs and chickens pen Efraim Krobchinsky 208
We joined the partisns Meir Hadash 210
Episodes from Hell [Y] Zila Charmetz 213
Wandering in the War [Y] Chaim Gantovnik 218
The Hell that was Ghetto Vilna [Y] Yehosua Swidler 221
The Pain and Grief After the Liberation [Y] Yitzchak Tshernatsky 240
The Days of Liberation in Kobylnik [Y] Meir Swirski 244
Tracing the Lost Days [Y] (poem) Yitzchak Gordon 252
Joseph Tunkewitch [Y] Asher Krokov 257
With the Kobylnik People in Anger and in Pain [Y] Leon Salamon 260
From Kabylnik to Bergen Belsen [Y] Shoshana Pszcechodnik 267
Reflections of memory Yitzchak Gordon 271
Remember what the Nazi Amalek did unto thee!   273
List of the martyrs from Kobylnik   274
Addresses of Kobylnikites in Israel   287
Picture of Kobylnikites in Israel   288
Pages to note family events   292
Table of Contents   293
A memorial to our home-town [English]   296

  1. Hakhshara – training in Hebrew – agricultural institutes similar to kibbutzim where Zionist youth would learn their technical skills necessary for their emigration to Israel. Return

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