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Welcome to the JewishGen Ukraine Database. This is a multiple database search facility which incorporates all the databases listed below, which include more than 2.4 million records (as of January 2024). The database is a work in progress and new records are being added on a monthly basis. Check back often!

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Component Databases:



  • Máramaros Jewish Vital Records
    54,000 birth, marriage and death records, 1851-1895,
    from 40 towns in the former Hungarian county of Máramaros
    (now in Zakarpatska Oblast, in SW Ukraine).
  • Sub-Carpathia Jewish Vital Records 
    More than 17,000 birth, marriage and death records, 1895-1940,
    from 28 towns in the former Hungarian counties of Bereg, Máramaros, and Ugocsa (now in Zakarpatska Oblast, in SW Ukraine).

Russian Empire:

Bessarabia Gubernia

  • Duma Voters Lists, Bessarabia, 1906-07
    128,000 voters in Bessarabia, who were eligible to vote in the Russian Duma elections in 1906 and 1907.
  • Bessarabia Vital Records
    More than 160,000 Jewish birth, marriage, divorce and death records for Bessarabia – primarily for Kishinev (now Chişinău, Moldova), and also for Beltsy (Bălţi), Novoselitsa (Novoselytsia), and other places.
  • Bessarabia Revision Lists
    More than 158,000 records from Reviska Skazka — 19th century Czarist tax censuses - for 45 towns, including: Akkerman (Cetatea Albă), Alexandreny (Alexăndreni), Beltsy (Bălţi), Bendery (Tighina), Brichany (Briceni), Khotyn (Hotin), Kishinev (Chişinău), Lipkany (Lipcani), Orgeev (Orhei), Soroki (Soroca), Teleneshty (Teleneşti), and many villages and agricultural colonies.
  • Bessarabia Business Directory, 1924
    More than 13,000 entries for Jewish businesses, in 705 localities in Bessarabia, from a 1924 Romanian business directory.
  • Chişinău Commercial Directory, 1940
    Nearly 1,300 apparently Jewish names among government officials, professionals and owners, listed in a 1940 Chişinău commercial yearbook.
  • Russian-Jewish Fallen Soldiers of WWI
    Data about 1,559 Jewish soldiers in the Russian army from Bessarabia, who were killed or wounded in the First World War.
  • Jews in Public Life of Bessarabia, 1862-1912  
    Records of 1,382 Jews listed in the Czarist government's annual “Bessarabia Reference Calendar”, 1862-1912.

Kherson Gubernia

Kiev Gubernia:

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