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Why Family Tree DNA?
Thousands of people visit JewishGen each day, all with a similar purpose - to connect with relatives, learn about their ancestors and understand how they lived. For this reason, JewishGen is very pleased to partner with FamilyTreeDNA, allowing JewishGen users to take a deeper dive into their family research.

Does Genetic Genealogy Replace Traditional Research?
No. Genetic Genealogy is certainly considered to be a powerful tool in the arsenal of dedicated family historians who are researching their Jewish roots, and in recent years, much progress and many success stories have occurred due to a combination of technological advancements and a dramatic reduction in cost. But genetic genealogy is still most effectively employed in conjunction with traditional research, for genetic similarities can often lead to confusing and/or misleading results. This is a particularly acute challenge when taking into consideration the fact that Jews traditionally marry other Jews, thus creating multiple family connections between individuals and thousands of possible matches when performing DNA testing. We therefore encourage JewishGen users who wish to employ genetic genealogy, to do so in conjunction with traditional research.

Choose from a variety of DNA tests.
Family Tree DNA offers three options for DNA testing: Autosomal, Y-DNA and mtDNA. The tests are extremely easy, quick and pain-free. Best of all, JewishGen will receive a percentage of any revenue FamilyTreeDNA makes on the sale of the kits. If this is something of interest to you, please click one of the following links to learn more.

Family Finder
Only $79 Usd
Our signature autosomal DNA test that reveals your ancestral origins and finds DNA matches.
Only $169 Usd
Our male-specific Y-DNA test that analyzes 37 genetic markers on the
mtFull Sequence
Only $199 Usd
Our Full Mitochondrial Sequence test for both males and females is the most robust available for tracing deep maternal ancestry.
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