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Photo Name-Identification List

Translated, arranged and edited by Avigdor Ben-Dov

*(g indicates group photo; numbers in parentheses indicate right-to-left order on the page)


Name-Identification Page (*g = group) Notes
ALLENBERG Menachem 326g(2) with gmother Gendele SHAPIRA
AYNE Isser 160g, 430g Sokoly Soccer Team 1938
BARAN return Chaim Fishel 96g "The Elder", with gsons. (unknown)
BARAN Felix 374  
BARAN Shmuel 430g  
BARAN Yitzhak Itsha 96g owner of carpentry shop, with workers
BEN-MENACHEM Sarah 238g wife to Shmuel PACHINER
BEN-MENACHEM Yitzhak Meir 237 HaRav; to Jerusalem
BERMAN Emma 415g  
BIALODWORSKY Kaileh 431g  
BIALODWORSKY Malka 419g with friends
BIALODWORSKY Mirtcha 346g(1) wife to Moshe (maiden name unknown)
BIALODWORSKY Moshe 240, 346g(1) now DWORKIN;with wife, Mirtcha; US Army soldier
BIALODWORSKY Chaim Eliezer 346g(1) now DWORKIN;soldier US Army 1945
BIALODWORSKY Dov 346g(1) now DWORKIN;son of Moshe
BIALODWORSKY Mendel 346g(1) now DWORKIN;son of Moshe
BIALY Chaikel 313 son of Moshe Kopel; named for gfather
BIALY Moshe Kopel 325g son of Chaikel; Rav, with two daughters and wife
BIDENOVITZ Reuven 418g  
BLUMENBLATT Shirl 430g  
BLUSHTEIN Miriam 431g  
BLUSHTEIN Shalom 430g(2) with 5th grade pupils (1936)
BOROWITCH Abba 341(1), 341g(2) Rav; with family
BOROWITCH Devorah 431g  
BOROWITCH Kentcha 420g  
BOROWITCH Malka 427g  
BOROVITCH Moshe 432g to Argentina with wife & family
BOROVITCH Nachum 415g  
BOROWITCH Rachel 303g, 427g, 431g  
BOROWITCH Sarah 415g  
BOROWITCH Shmuel 416g, 418g, 419g(2), 420g bon voyage party, to USA 1929
BOROWITCH Yaakov 415g  
BOROWITCH Yehuda 430g  
BRECHT Dina 365g(2) w/family
BRECHT Shalom 365(3) Polish soldier
BREINSKY Zippora 284  
BRILL Arye Label 336 Rav
BRILL Asher 417g son of Liba
BRILL Hadassah 415g, 417g, 418g  
BRILL Pesach 422(2) Rav
BRILL Sarah 415g, 417g  
BRISTIN Eliezer 242g school teacher
BROIDIE Yisroel 363g(1) HaRav, Dr.
BROIN Bracha 287  
BRONSHTEIN Aryeh Label 420g, 433g husband of Tsipora TABAK
BURSHTEIN Chaikeh 419g  
BURSHTEIN Eliezer 242g  
BURSHTEIN Stirah 431g(1) with pupils grades 2 & 3 in Girls' School
BURSHTEIN Yechiel 207g(2) wife, Tsipora TABAK and 3 children
CHARNETSKY return Hindah 69g sister to Dina and Kraindel
CHARNETSKY Kraindel 69g sister to Dina and Hindah
CHARNETSKY Dina 69g wife of Yisroel MAIK
CHARNEY Miriam 235g Rabbanit, wife of HaRav Chaim (maiden name unknown)
CHARNEY Aharon Reuven 231, 235g HaRav
CHARNEY Chaim Eliezer Zvi 235g HaRav
CHARNEY Moshe 377g  
CHARNEY Shaikeh 160g Sokoly Soccer Team 1938
CHARNEY Shmuel 160g Sokoly Soccer Team 1938
CHARNEY Yaakov 160g Sokoly Soccer Team 1938
CIATA Avraham 425g(1) with wife, Sarah, NY Sokoly Society Secy. 1958
CIATA Sarah 425g(1) wife to Avraham (maiden name unknown)
COHEN Bernard 276g Ph.D, Public School Headmaster
CZANTKOVSKY Yona 262g(2) Sokoly BETAR youth leader with group
CZERWONICZ Ethel (Ida) 275, 277g(1), 351g, 417g(1) wife to Zeev SCHWEIZER
CZERWONICZ Liebtche 431g(1)  
CZERWONICZ Malka 345g wife to Yechezkel (maiden name unknown)
CZERWONICZ Motel 351g, 418g, 431g(2) in Australia, 1969
CZERWONICZ Rivka 350(2), 427g  
CZERWONICZ Yechezkel 98g, 345g, 418g(2), 419g(1), 420g(5)
CZERWONICZ Yaakov Lazer 417g  
CZERWONICZ Yosef 277g(2) son of Motel and Mina; named for gfather Yosef
CZESHLOK Simcha 415g  
CZIMBAL M. 258g, 259g, 269g, 296g teacher in Sokoly, to Hadera, Israel
CZIMBAL Tova 269g, 296g wife to M. (maiden name unknown), Headmistress with pupils
DACHOWITZ return Tzvi 319 HaRav
DIGHOLTZ Toibe 376g married to GOLDBERG
DVORKOVITZ   431g(1) with 2nd/3rd grade pupils in Girls' School
DZHACZA Yosef 430g  
ELGROD return David 364g(1) at ELGROD family wedding; married LEV
ELGROD Dina 363g 2nd daughter of Shlomo Yosef; m. Zeibal BARAKAT
ELGROD Feivel 364(2) Slobodka Yeshiva student & son of Yisroel
ELGROD Sara Mirka 365g(1) eldest daughter of Shlomo Yosef; wife of Chaim Velvel OLSHA of Sokoly; with daughters
ELGROD Shlomo Yosef 362 HaRav
ELGROD Yisroel Aryeh Leib 257, 258g, 259g, 260, 363g(1), 363g(2) to London
ELGROD Yona 365g with family
EPSHTEIN Avraham Halevi 317(1) HaRav
EPSHTEIN Chentsha 419g with friends
EPSHTEIN Ettia 415g  
EPSHTEIN Sarah 317(2) Rabbanit; wife to HaRav Avraham; (maiden name unknown)
FABZNER return Moshe 309g  
FEINBROEN Gisha 238, 239(1) married to PACHINER
FLEER Yaakov 160g, 430g Sokoly Soccer Team 1938
FLEER Z. 432g with wife (unknown) & Sokoly expatriates in Argentina
GERCZOVNA return   431g teacher, grades 2 & 3
GINZBERG Alter 357g, 417g, 419g with wife, Ida
GINZBERG Belah 351g  
GINZBERG Breineh 415g, 417g  
GINZBERG Chana Rivka 357g wife to Yaakov GOLDBERG
GINZBERG Rachel 417g  
GINZBERG Shaine 415g, 417g with friends
GINZBERG Shmuel 415g  
GINZBERG Tsilina Kuzah 264g teacher w/pupils; (maiden name unknown)
GINZBERG Yona 357g, 417g, 418g, 419g with wife, Tsilina
GOLDBERG Avraham 96g, 106g, 121, 187g, 431g(2) 1969, in Australia (wife, Melah)
GOLDBERG Chaim Eliezer 386g son of Tuvia
GOLDBERG Chaim Yehuda 106g, 122,158, 160g, 187g, 431g(2) in Australia 1969; Sokoly Soccer Team 1938
GOLDBERG Chaim Fishel 96g, 106g, 187g family to Australia: with gson
GOLDBERG Chaya 430g  
GOLDBERG Dubka 280  
GOLDBERG Elimelech 386g(1), 421(4) son of Tuvia; Polish Army soldier 1939
GOLDBERG Hadassah 431g  
GOLDBERG Leah 431g  
GOLDBERG Luba 188, 424(1)  
GOLDBERG Malka 386g(1), 420g, 430g daughter of Tuvia, with friends
GOLDBERG Mordechai 431g to Australia, 1969
GOLDBERG Moshe 278  
GOLDBERG Rachel 386g(1) wife to Rav Tuvia (maiden name unknown)
GOLDBERG Rashka 386g daughter of Tuvia
GOLDBERG Sarah 386g daughter of Tuvia
GOLDBERG Shlomo 386(2), 424(2) son of Label
GOLDBERG Tuvia 386g(1) Rav with wife, Rachel and five children
GOLDBERG Yaakov 53(2) HaRav and son of Yisroel
GOLDBERG Yisroel 53 (1) (wife Sprintsa?)
GOLDBERG Zalman 160g, 215g, 376g Sokoly Soccer Team 1938
GOLDIN Chana Peshe 415g  
GOLDIN Sarah Belah 415g  
GOLDMAN Nechama 417g  
GOLDSHTEIN Eliezer 415g  
GOLDSHTEIN Hela 430g  
GOLDSHTEIN Philip (Raphael Reuven) 249 Dr., to NYC, USA
GOLDSHTEIN Gita Risha 250(2) wife to Rav Shmuel (maiden name unknown)
GOLDSHTEIN Shmuel Mordechai 250(1);250g(3) Rav, with Talmud Torah pupils
GOLDSHTEIN Yitzhak 346(2), 420g Warsaw Ghetto fighter (killed in action)
GOLDWASSER Chaim Baruch 85g Rav, with wife, Rashka and two daughters
GOLDWASSER Moshe 415g  
GOLDWASSER Rashka 85g wife to Rav Chaim Baruch (maiden name unknown)
GORNOSTCHAINSKY Chaim 380g with wife, Chana
GORNOSTCHAINSKY Chana 380g wife of Chaim (maiden name unknown)
GREENSPAN Yitzhak Meir 293 Rav
GRITCHAK Minah 133g, 140g Principal, Bialystok Heb. School 1945
GRITCHAK Sarah Hennia 422(4) wife to Yaakov Moshe (maiden name unknown)
GRITCHAK Yaakov Moshe 422(3) husband to Sarah Henniia
GRITCHAK Yaffa 430g  
GRITCHAK Yehuda 64, 133g gson to Yaakov Moshe
GURKOWITCH Benyamin 430g  
GURKOWITCH Eliezer 377g  
GURKOWITCH Rachel 430g daughter of Yaakov Tzvi
GURKOWITCH Shlomo 430g son of Yaakov Tzvi
GUTTMAN Avihu 309g  
GUTTMAN Dina 308g wife to Raphael (maiden name unknown)
GUTTMAN Idele 415g, 417g  
GUTTMAN Leah 415g, 417g  
GUTTMAN Liba 415g, 417g  
GUTTMAN Penina 309g  
GUTTMAN Raphael 308g with wife, Dinah
GUTTMAN Shamai 308g, 309g, 357g  
GUTTMAN Shusha 357g  
GUTTMAN Yenteh 417g  
GUTTMAN Yosef 309g with father
HABIS return Yitzhak 332g(1) m. Tsippora MAIK; at wedding
HOOT   276g Public School teacher 1922
ITCHKOVSKY return Rachel 367g m. WASSERMAN; with son, Reuven
KALISHER return Rachel 217, 349g  
KALISHER Shmuel 9, 349g Sokoly Yizkorbook Editor (Heb. 1975)
KALISHER Yaakov 272g, 349g gson to Masha KAPLANSKY
KAPLANSKY Avraham 348(1) son of Yaakov
KAPLANSKY Masha 271, 272g with gson Yaakov KALISHER
KAPLANSKY Motel 420g  
KAPLANSKY Rachel 140g Bialystok Hebrew School teacher
KAPLANSKY Tzvi 279g(2) from Brinsk
KAPLANSKY Yaakov 348(2)  
KARMELOVSKY David 329g  
KARMELOVSKY Shoshana 329g daughter to David and Gita
KASTCHOVSKY David 136g, 137  
KLIPOVITCH Aharon Yehuda 153  
KLIPOVITCH Avraham 142, 155g head of family, to NYC USA
KLIPOVITCH Shaine Raizel 146  
KLIPOVITCH Shlomo 155g  
KLIPOVITCH Yehuda 155g  
KLIPOVITCH Yehudit 144, 155g  
KOENIGSBERG Aryeh 426g on Council, Poale-Zion Society of Sokoly 1919-20
KOENIGSBERG Avraham Yaakov 329g  
KOENIGSBERG Adela 351g  
KOENIGSBERG Aryeh Label 329g  
KOENIGSBERG Chana Raizel 424(4) daughter of Freida and Avraham Yaakov
KOENIGSBERG David 329g with wife, Gita KARMELOVSKY and family
KOENIGSBERG Frieda Perl 424(3) wife to Avraham Yaakov (maiden name unknown)
KOENIGSBERG Mendel 329g K. family
KOENIGSBERG Miriam 329g  
KOENIGSBERG Rosa 329g wife to Label (maiden name unknown)
KOENIGSBERG Sarah 329g wife to Mendel (maiden name unknown)
KOLODZINSKY Liba 417g, 418g, 419g  
KOLODZINSKY Raizel 417g  
KOLOZNESKY Chaim 337g, 415g with wife, Ettel
KOLOZNESKY Ettel 337g wife to Chaim (maiden name unknown)
KOLOZNESKY Sarah 337g child to Chaim
KOLOZNESKY Itka 337g, 417g child to Chaim
KONOPIATI Dov Berel Bernard 244, 276, 276g Headmaster, Sokoly Public School 1922;to California (now Dr. Bernard KAHAN)
KONOPIATI Kalman 330g, 425(2) son of R. Yoel Tzvi; d. on Pesach 1951;in Montreal Canada, aka KAHAN
KONOPIATI Miriam 330g with family; married KRUSHNANSKY
KONOPIATI Tzvia 330g, 425g(3) with family, married Chaim Eliexer SHAPIRA
KONOPIATI Yoel Tzvi Herschel 330g Rav; with wife, Raizel YISKOLKI and family
KOSCHAVSKY David 379g murdered by Poles 1945
KOSCHAVSKY Faige Rivka 379g  
KOSCHAVSKY Faivel 379g, 432g with Sokoly expatriates in Argentina ca. 1930
KOSCHAVSKY Gershon 379g, 430g(2) to USA ca. 1946
KOSCHAVSKY Itsha Yitzhak 379g with wife, Sarah Rachel
KOSCHAVSKY Sarah Rachel 379g wife of Itsha (maiden name unknown)
KOSCHAVSKY Zvi Herschel 379g to USA ca. 1946
KOZLOVITZ Bracha 431g  
KRAVCHAVITZ Leah 118g wife to Shlomo (maiden name unknown)
KRAVCHAVITZ Mindel 326g(1) daughter to Rav Shmuel
KRAVCHAVITZ Moshe 119g, 160, 430g with wife and two daughters; on Sokoly Soccer Team 1938
KRAVCHAVITZ Shlomo 118g with wife, Leah
KRAVCHAVITZ Shmuel 326g(1) Rav with wife and children
KRAVITZ Hadassah 417g  
KRAVITZ Shaul David 417g  
KRAVITZ Shifra 417g  
KRAVITZ Shoshka 427g, 431g  
KRONENBERG Chana 155g  
KRONENBERG Yente 155g  
KRUSHNANSKY Shmuel 160g Sokoly Soccer Team 1938; m. Chana BARAN
KUTIK David 419g  
KUZSHOL Leah 430g  
LANGLEIB return Esther 431g  
LANGLEIB Mendel 432g wife, Liba LEFCHINSKY & Sokoly expatriates in Argentina
LEFCHINSKY Aryeh 387g at work with brother Nissel
LEFCHINSKY Avraham 426g on Council of Poale-Zion Society of Sokoly 1919-20
LEFCHINSKY Chaim Shlomo 420 Bialystok Ghetto fighter
LEFCHINSKY Eva 377g wife of Yosef (maiden name unknown)
LEFCHINSKY Faige Leah 431g  
LEFCHINSKY Liba 268, 377g, 432g in Argentina; with husband Mendel LANGLEIB
LEFCHINSKY Liba Etel 377g with husband Yehuda; to Buenos Aires
LEFCHINSKY Neshkah 432g with Sokoly expatriates in Argentina
LEFCHINSKY Nissel (Nissan) 387g, 419g at work, with brother Aryeh
LEFCHINSKY Shasha 377g to Argentina; married CHARNEY
LEFCHINSKY Shmuel Aryeh 426g, 432g with Sokoly expatirates in Argentina
LEFCHINSKY Yosef 377g with wife, Eva
LEFKOBSKY Mordechai 96g, 376g  
LEV   276g teacher, Public School 1922 w/class
LEV Alter 421 Russian Army officer 1913
LEV Avraham Yitzhak 8g, 279g(2), 351g
LEV Boruch Yitzhak 355, 356g(3) Rav (note: cropped from view p. 356)
LEV Chaim 370g brother to Hennia
LEV Chaya Penina 356(2), 430g  
LEV Feivel 356g(3) Rav with wife, Rivka & family
LEV Hennia (Chana) 370g sister to Chaim
LEV Leah 419g  
LEV Miorichi 264g Public School teacher w/pupils
LEV Rachel 351g wife of Avraham Yitzhak (maiden name unknown)
LEV Reuven 258g, 407  
LEV Shabtai 342, 415g  
LEV Yishayahu 356g(3) son of Feivel
LEV Yisroel 356g(3), 430g son of Feivel
LEV Zalman 356(1)  
LEVIN   431g teacher in grades 2 and 3
LEVIN Freidel 344(1)  
LEVIN Menachem 247 Dr. of Chemistry, in Jerusalem
LEVIN Yitzhak 344(2), 431g(1) teacher, Public School, grades 2 & 3
LEVIN Yehudit 344(3) daughter of Fredl and Yitzhak
LEVINSOHN I. 258g (Hebrew initial yud)
LEWINSKY Chana 279g(1)  
LEWINSKY Nina 279g(1)  
LIBROKEWITCH   430g Public School teacher, grade 5
LICHUBAR Gitel Tova 358g(1), 431g(1) with husband, Leon; in grade 3 of Public School
LICHUBAR Leon 358g(1) with wife, Tova LICHUBAR (?)
LICHUBAR Malka 415g  
LICHUBAR Miriam 415g  
LICHUBAR (Nisan) Nissel 279g(2) from Lapy
LICHUBAR Nissel 279g(2) from Sokoly
LICHUBAR Niskah (?) 420g  
LICHUBAR Tsipora Feigel 415g, 417g(1) wife of Alter PAYIS
LICHUBAR Yitzhak Meir 361  
LIFSCHITZ S. Y. 258g  
LITWAK Shamai 136g, 430g murdered by Poles 1945; grade 5 (1936)
LITWAK Yaakov 139 brother to Shamai
LITWAK Yehoshua (Shaikeleh) 136g age 12, murdered by Poles 1945; brother to Shamai
LORINSKY Eliezer 160g Sokoly Soccer Team of 1938
LORINSKY Leon 273, 432g with Sokoly expatriates in Argentina
LUBOWITCH Dov 155g  
LUBOWITCH Eliezer 155g  
LUBOWITCH Esther 155g  
LUBOWITCH Reuven 155g son of Chaim
LUBOWITCH Yente 155g  
MALACH return Sarah Esther 420g, 430g  
MALON Reuven 430g  
MALON Zeev Velvel 160g, 376g Sokoly Soccer Team 1938
MAMRIKA Label 216  
MARKUS Noach 279g(1)  
MEGANZIN Malka 432g with Sokoly expatriates in Argentina
MEGANZIN Yaakov 432g with Sokoly expatriates in Argentina
MAIK Adi 354g(2) son of Shlomo
MAIK Chava 354g(1) second wife of R. Zerach (maiden name unknown)
MAIK Chaya 69g sister of Yisroel MAIK
MAIK Leah 69g, 279g(1), 354g, 420g visit to Sokoly 1937; daughter of Zerach; wife to Shlomo
MAIK Michael (Mike) 332g(3) son of Moshe MAIK and Sarah Leah NOIMAN
MAIK Michael 17, 106g, 332g(3) son of Zerach; father to Moshe; with wife, Tsipah MELTZ
MAIK Moshe 8, 106g, 122g, 160g, 332g(3),351g, 430g Sokoly Yizkorbook Editor; w/wife Sarah Leah NOIMAN;Sokoly Soccer Team 1938
MAIK Shlomo 354g(2) husband to Leah MAIK; named for gfather
MAIK Shmuel 69g, 354g(1) son of Yisroel
MAIK Tova 354g(1) daughter to Yisroel; gdaughter to Zerach
MAIK Tsippora 332g(1), 332g(2), 332g(4) daughter of Moshe & Sarah; IDF soldier; m. Yitzhak HABIS
MAIK Yaakov 332g(4) IDF soldier; brother to Tsippora
MAIK Yisroel 69g, 354g(1) son of Zerach
MAIK Yisrael 354g(2) son of Shlomo
MAIK Yona 354g(2) son of Shlomo; brother to Yisrael
MAIK Yosef(Yossi) 332g(3) son of Moshe
MAIK Zerach 354g(1) Rav; with wife Chava & gchildren; son of Shlomo
MEISLER Sarah 430g  
MELTZ Tsipah 332g(3) mother to MOSHE; with husband Michael MAIK
METZNER Batya 288 wife to PAZIGER, to Petah Tikva, Israel
MORASHKEVITZ Shirka 418g wife to Yitzhak (maiden name unknown)
MORASHKEVITZ Yisroel 421 Russian soldier, Army of Czar Nicholas
MORASHKEVITZ Yitzhak 418g with Zionist youth group 1925
MORSHTEIN Tsasha 264g, 431g(1) Public School teacher, grades 2 & 3; wife to CZERWONICZ
MOSHUNZNIK Avraham 415g  
MUNKARSH Aryeh Label 160g Sokoly Soccer Team 1938
NEMEZINSKY return Tzvi 160g Sokoly Soccer Team 1938; m. RADZILOVSKY
NEMEZINSKY Yaakov 430g  
NEMEZINSKY Yisroel 160g Sokoly Soccer Team 1938
NOIMAN Sarah Leah 332g, 351g wife to Moshe MAIK
NURZYCZ Sarah 430g(1) wife to Isadore PUNYA BECKER; grade 5 of Public School
OISTER return   431g(1) teacher grades 2 & 3, shown with wife (name unknown)
OKUNE Chaya 420g  
OKUNE Malkah 427g, 431g(1) pupil in grade 2-3 of Public School
OKUNE Yosef 376g  
OLSHA Avraham Yaakov 371g Rav, with wife Baila Rivka RUTKIEWICZ of Lomza
OLSHA Chaim Yehoshua 98g, 279g(1), 300, 420g wife Rachel
OLSHA Chaim Velvel 365g(1) with wife, Mirka ELGROD and two daughters
OLSHA Chana 98g wife of Moshe ZELBERG
OLSHA Esther Leah 372g(1)  
OLSHA Felah 357g  
OLSHA Fischel 279g(1), 372(3) Medical Doctor; to Israel
OLSHA Moshka 98g, 279g(1), 300, 420g  
OLSHA Rachel 365g(1) daughter of Chaim Velvel & Sarah ELGROD
OLSHA Rachel 372g(4), 279g(1) wife to Eliezer SHATCHUPAKEVITCH
OLSHA Shifra 431g  
OLSHA Shirkeh 365g(1) daughter to Chaim Velvel & Sarah ELGROD
OLSHA Shlomo (Shlomka) 98g, 422g(1) Rav with wife, Sarah Miriam
OLSHA Tsipora 98g  
OLSHA Tzvi Herschel 372g(2), 421 soldier of the Czar, Russian Army
OLSHA Velvel 419g  
OLSHA Yehoshua 418g with Zionist pioneers 1925
OLSHA Yitzhak 98g son of ChaimYehoshua
OLSHA Yoel Joel 430g, 431g(2) in Australia 1969
OLSHAK Shaine 136g sister to Tova
OLSHAK Tova 136g sister to Shaine
OLSHKER Yehuda 279g(1, 2), 289g(1, 2), 303g with wife; now ILAN, to Kibbutz Dafne Daled
OSTROWITZ Yitzhak 417g, 419g  
PACHINER return Avraham 239(2) HaRav
PACHINER Chana 238g  
PACHINER Chaya 409, 415g wife to GOLDBERG
PACHINER Yitzhak Meir 237 HaRav, son of Rav Menachem
PACHINER Menachem 238g Rav
PACHINER Rachel 238g  
PACHINER Shmuel 238g, 245 wife Sarah Ben-Menachem
PACHINER Toibeh 419g(2)  
PATINKA Chaim 426g bon voyage to USA
PATINKIS Devorah 431g  
PAYIS Alter 358(2),417g, 419g  
PAYIS Dina Malkah 415g  
PIKARSKY Moshe 350(1) HaRav
PIYEPSH Reuven 426g, 432g to Argentina
PLUT Chaim 385  
PLUT Naftali 105, 388g with wife, Rachel SYNESS
PLUT Shaine Chenkeh (Chana) 385g with mother, Rachel
PLUT Zelig 430g  
RABINOWITCH return Mushkah 98g  
RABINOWITCH Sarah Miriam 98g wife of Shlomo OLSHA
RABINOWITCH T. 258g (Hebrew initial tzadi)
RACHELSKY Bezalel 432g in Argentina w/wife Braineh
RACHELSKY Braineh 432g with husband Bezalel (maiden name unknown)
RACHELSKY Dov 333(1)  
RATCHEKOBSKY Bobcheh 418g, 419g  
RADZILOVSKY Nechama 420g, 430g  
ROGOWITZ Shmuel 304 Rav, died at age 76 in 1940
ROSEMAN Matelle 383g wife to Tzvi (maiden name unknown)
ROSEMAN Munik 122g, 357g  
ROSEMAN Tzvi 383g with wife, Matelle
ROSEMAN Yehudah 426g on Council of Poale-Zion Society of Sokoly 1919-20
ROSEMAN Yisroel Chaim 383 Rav
ROSEMAN Yoel Dov 384g with wife and four sons
ROSEN Chaim Label 327g with wife in Chicago, IL USA
ROSENBLOOM Yosef 224 HaRav
RUDNIK Zaidkeh 415g  
RUTKIEWICZ Baila Rivka 371g wife of HaRav Avraham OLSHA
RUTKIEWICZ Devorah Rachel 279g, 316, 357g, 420g wife of Chaim OLSHA; to Benyamina, Israel
SALPOVSKY return Zaidel 431g(2) in Australia 1969
SAPIROVITCH Yisroel 96g  
SARNOWITZ Yisroel Aharon 418g  
SCHMELZINGER L. 264g to Rio de Janeiro, Argentina
SCHNEIDER Alter 283, 351g  
SCHNEIDER Esther 351g  
SCHULMEISTER Chanan 415g  
SCHULMEISTER Moshe Lippe 46  
SCHWIZNIK David Yehuda 160g, 215 Sokoly Soccer Team 1938
SCHWEITZER Aryeh 277g(1)  
SCHWEITZER Zeev 277g(1), 351g with wife Ida CZERWONICZ
SEGAL Malka Leah 312g wife to Alter SOKOLOVITZ; Rav Zundel SEGAL's daughter
SEGAL Nachman 245g  
SHAFRAN Bobcheh 219 daughter of Motel and Peshah
SHALYOVSKY Y. 258g Hebrew initial yud
SHAPIRA Chaim Eliezer 425g(3) with wife, Tzvia KONOPIATI
SHAPIRA Gendele 326g(2) with gson Menachem ALLENBERG
SHAPIRA Motel 160g, 430g Sokoly Soccer Team 1938
SHAPIRA Tzvi Dov Hirsch-Ber 326(3)  
SHARVIT, I. I. 258g Hebrew initial yud
SHATCHUPAKEVITCH Eliezer Lazer 245g d. in Hebron riots 1929; wife Rachel OLSHA to USA
SHAULZI Sarah Tova 279g(1)  
SHERMAN Sarah 264g Sokoly school teacher
SHMELZINGER L. 263, 264g Public School teacher
SLODKY Elimelech 351g  
SLODKY Gedaliah 351g  
SLODKY Moshe 351g, 430g  
SLOMASKY Meyer 155g with wife, Rachel and circle of friends
SLOMASKY Rachel 155g wife to Meyer (maiden name unknown)
SOKOLOVITZ Alter 312g with wife, Malka Leah
SOKOLOVITZ Brachah 418g(1)  
SOKOLOVITZ Chaya 415g  
SOKOLOVITZ Hadassah 417g wife of Moshe (maiden name unknown)
SOKOLOVITZ Itka 419g  
SOKOLOVITZ Leimeh 415g, 417g, 419g  
SOKOLOVITZ Moshe 417g with wife, Hadassah and friends
SOKOLOVITZ Raizel 415g, 417g  
SOKOLOVITZ Roza 418g(1)  
SOKOLOVITZ Tsiporah 431g  
SOKOLOVITZ Yehudah 420g with friends
SOKOLOVITZ Zundel 279g(1) MD in USA and son of R. Alter
SOLARZ Michol Yosef 373 m. Toibe OLSHA, to Kfar Saba, Israel
SORASKY Chanah 216g(1) wife of Moshe (maiden name unknown)
SORASKY Devorah 430g  
SORASKY Dov 413 IDF soldier, rank of Captain
SORASKY Ethel 427g  
SORASKY Hannah 432g wife of Yehoshua (maiden name unknown)
SORASKY Label 216g(1) visit to Kfar Aviv Israel from USA; uncle to Moshe
SORASKY Moshe 160g, 214, 216g(1), 216g(2) Sokoly Soccer Team 1938; Polish soldier Kfar Aviv, Israel with wife, Chanah
SORASKY Nissel 432g to Argentina w/wife & children
SORASKY Tsipporah 427g, 431g  
SORASKY Yaakov 216g(1), 387g with family of son, Moshe at Kfar Aviv Israel
SORASKY Yafa 418g(1)  
SORASKY Yehoshua 432g family in Argentina
SORAVITCH Mordechai 359  
SORAVITCH Roza 430g  
SORAVITCH Yaffa 303g  
SORAVITCH Yehoshua 281 solicitor in Sokoly
SPECTOR Chaim 160g Sokoly Soccer Team 1938
SPECTOR Feivel 160g Sokoly Soccer Team 1938
SPECTOR Mordechai Shmuel 242g, 296g Talmud Torah teacher with pupils
SUKMAN Zalman 221 to Tel Aviv, Israel
SUMOVITCH Chaya Rivkah 431g (1) grades 2 and 3, girls' class in Public School
SYNESS Aharon Eliyahu 388g Rav, with wife and family
SYNESS Chanah 388g daughter of R. Aharon
SYNESS Chaya 388g, 431g(1) daughter of R. Aharon; w/class in Public School
SYNESS Dov 388g son of R. Aharon
SYNESS Hannah 432g wife of Moshe (maiden name unknown)
SYNESS Moshe 388g, 426g, 432g son of R. Aharon; leader in Poale-Zion Society 1919-20; to Argentina with family
SYNESS Rachel 388g with husband, Naftali PLUT
SYNESS Sarah 388g duaghter of R. Aharon
SYNESS Shlomo 388g son of R. Aharon
TABAK return Hinka 202g gmother to Manes
TABAK Leah 202g wed to Manes (maiden name unknown)
TABAK Manes 202g marriage to Leah
TABAK Mishele (Moshe?) 195g children of Sarah & Pesach
TABAK Pearl 195g children of Sarah & Pesach
TABAK Sarah 52 wife of Pesach (maiden name unknown)
TABAK Tova 195g children of Sarah & Pesach
TABAK Tsipora 106g, 140g, 195g, 201, 207(1), 207(2) Heb. School teacher; married Yechiel BURSHTEIN
TSHENTKOVSKY Yona 262g BETAR youth leader
TURAK Aryeh 426g on Council of Poale-Zion Society of Sokoly 1919-20
TYKOCZINSKY Tzvi Skok 377g  
TZADOK Lippa 242g school teacher with pupils
VASLOWSKY return Belah 286 wife to SORASKY
VISHNIA Nachman David 235g Rav and son of R. Shmuel
VITRIEL Yisroel 160g Sokoly Soccer Team 1938
WAGNER return Devorah 155g  
WAGNER Eliezer 160 Sokoly Soccer Team 1938
WASSERMAN Avraham 261  
WASSERMAN Reuven 367g son of Rachel ITSKOVSKY
YECHNES return Bezalel 417g, 419g, 420g  
YECHNES Chana 423(4) wife of Nachum (maiden name unknown)
YECHNES Gisha 417g  
YECHNES Nachum 423(3) husband to Chana
YECHNES Raizel 423(2) Rabbanit, wife of Zalman (unknown maiden name)
YECHNES Zalman 423(1) Rav
YELLIN Faivel 433g with wife
YISKOLKI Aharon Tzvi 425(4)  
YISKOLKI Raizel 330g Rabbanit to Rav Yoel Tzvi KONOPIATI, with family
YISMACH Chaya 430g(1)  
YITOM Malka 309g  
YITOM Yehuda 309g  
YITOM Yehudit 309g  
ZALZO return Sarah Tova 279g(1), 420g(3)  
ZAMIR Aharon 290 now, SHOSTAK, in Israel
ZATURSKY Tsipora 265, 415g wife to BRILL
ZELTSER Aharon 420g(1)  
ZHEREBKOVSKY Sarah 430g(1) daughter of Chaya Yehudit
ZHOLTY Birko 331g  
ZHOLTY Chaim 420g(3) husband of Felah
ZHOLTY Chaya Rachel 331g wife to Birko (maiden name unknown)
ZHOLTY David 136g, 420g(3) son of Aharon
ZHOLTY Natan 252, 255, 258g, 259g in Haifa; now ZAHAVI
ZHOLTY Rikel 426g on Council, Poale-Zion Society of Sokoly 1919-20
ZILBERG Chana 98g  
ZILBERG Moshe 98g  
ZILBERMAN Dov 415g  
ZILBERSHEIN Yona 428g BETAR youth leader (1935)
ZILBERSTEIN Arye Label 26  
ZILBERSTEIN Ita 418g(1) Krushba forest health retreat
ZILBERSTEIN Tzvi-Herschel 279g(2), 333g(2), 418g(1), 418g(2) with wife, Uvah Liebtcha;Zionist Pioneers at Polish train station 1925
ZILBERSTEIN Uvah (Liebtcha) 279g, 333g(2) wife toTzvi (maiden name unknown)
ZELOTKO Alteh 155g wife to Yitzhak (maiden name unknown)
ZELOTKO Chanan 155g with wife, Leah
ZELOTKO Itka 155g  
ZELOTKO Izik 155g  
ZELOTKO Leah 155g wife to Chanan (maiden name unknown)
ZELOTKO Yente 155g  
ZELOTKO Yitzhak 155g with wife, Alteh

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