Memorial Book of Ratno;
the Life and Destruction of a Jewish Town in Volin
(Ratno, Ukraine)

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Translation of
Yizker-bukh Ratne; dos lebn un umkum fun a yidish shtetl in Volin

Editors: Jacob Botoshansky, Itzhak Yanasowicz

Published in Buenos Aires, 1954



Project Coordinator

Lynne Siegel


This is a translation from: Yizker-bukh Ratne; dos lebn un umkum fun a yidish shtetl in Volin
(Memorial book of Ratno; the life and destruction of a Jewish town in Volin),
Editors: Jacob Botoshansky, Itzhak Yanasowicz, Published in Buenos Aires 1954,
Former Residents of Ratno in Argentina and the USA (Y 806 pages)

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Translated by Gloria Berkenstat Freund


From the Editor 13
From the Publisher 15
Jewish Ratno in the Old Days
Various Sources about Ratno Dr. Philip Fridman 19
The Beginning of the Jewish Settlement in Ratno Fishl Held 27
Correspondence in HaMelitz Dovid Finkelshtein 41
The Last Seventy Years of Ratno Jewish Life Yudl Kanishter 43
Fifty Years Ago Berl Kohen 114
When and How We Studied in Ratno Berl Kohen 118
The Start of Zionism in Ratno Yudl Kanishter 125
Ratno in the Past Batzaleil Heller 135
The Anonymous Artists Avraham Barg 139
Two Societies Yakov Rag 141
Moshe the Khazan [cantor] in the Ratno Synagogue Yakov Rag 144
Shabbosim [Sabbaths] and Holidays in the Shtetl [town] Yehuda Ben Tzvi 147
In the Time of Bulak Balachowicz
In the War Days L. Bayan 155
“Thank God, It Is Burning” Y. Kanishter 164
Two Old Men Noakh Kohen 171
The Melancholy Rosh Hashanah Yisroel Honik 176
The Living Yahrzeit [anniversary of a death] Yakov Toker 179
The Bloody Assault Across the Ratno Area Y. Kanishter 182
Mama, and I? Welwl Grabov 195
Memories of the Bulak Balachowicz Times Benyamin Fuks 198
Between the Two World Wars
Ratno Organizations and Parties Moshe Honik 207
Teachers and Educators Noakh Kohen 230
The Founding of the Scouts in Ratno Yakov Rag 239
From the Recent Past L. Bayan 242
The Jewish Artisan and His Union A. Barg 253
Worker Union Chaim Grabov 260
“A Theft” Yisroel Honik 266
Ratner [people from Ratno] in the Struggle for our Homeland
Fighter and Builder of the Jewish Land (Berl Itsi Taker) 273
Avraham Grabov Yisroel Honik 276
Avraham Grabov (Biographical Notes and Excerpts from His Creations) 279
A. Abrach (A Bit of a Biography and a Song) 297
Types and Personalities
Types and Personalities Kanishter 305
Communal Worker M. Dobish 321
Borukh Olicki's Ratno Grandfather L. Olicki 326
Paid Off the Debts Leibl Bayan 333
Yankl the Shoemaker Berl Kohen 338
Small Episodes from the Shtetl [town] A. Barg 343
Nicknames in the Shtetl Y. Ben Tzvi 347
We Go To See Yona Rozenfeld Y. Kanishter 355
Ratno, My Second Home Leibl Vahl 361
Melamdim [teachers in traditional schools] and Teachers in Our Shtetl Leibl Meites 366
Memories Brukha Kohen 374
Some Memories Mates Olicki 381
The Sad Songs Yisroel Honik 389
Memories from the Recent Past Iser Kaminski 391
The Polish Tax Office and Its Official Avraham Barg 400
Pages from My Childhood Years in Ratno Chaim Grabov 403
My Childhood Years in Ratno Louis Goldman 419
With Song and Dance Moshe Honik 421
A Sefer-Torah Was Torn Yudl Kanishter 424
Memories of My Shtetele Ratno Asher Eides 429
From Ratno to Kfar Sirkin Mordekhai Gefen 433
A Joyful Shabbos Avraham Barg 436
A Nigun [melody] Welwl Grabov 438
A Wedding in the Shtetl Yakov Fuks 441
Rechytsa [Belarus] Asher Eides 444
Longing for the Shtetl Dovid Goldin 446
My Remembrances of the Young in Ratno F. Kemper 448
On the Eve of the Holocaust
The Bridges Are Burning Yisroel Honik 459
Heavy Clouds in the Heavens 463
Letter to L. Bayan Niska Shapiro 469
Excerpts from a Letter to L. Bayan Ahron Yankl Ginzberg 469
From a Letter to L. Bayan Leibl Blavshtein 472
Thank You Letter from the Ratno Kehile [organized Jewish community] 474
A Letter from the Tarbot School in Ratno 477
The Great Destruction
The Extermination of Ratno Avraham Barg 483
Under the Nazi Occupation Avraham Barg 489
Pages from a Diary Shloma Perlmuter 519
Small Children - Great Martyrs 535
They Went to the City Shloma Perlmuter 539
Notes from the Survivors Yehuda Kagan 544
Our Shtetl Ratno Under Nazi Rule Moshe Chaim Fuks 565
Notes Yisroel Chait 574
From a Letter Yakov Shteingarten 581
An Orphan Tells Shika Kuperberg 584
The Only Survivor of Two Families Perl Wernik 590
Letter from the Refugees 594
List of Ratno Families 608
Ratno Landsleit [Countrymen] Remember and Mourn their Home
Ratno Zev Grabov 617
13th of Elul, 5713 [August 24, 1953] Zev Grabov 618
Ratno My Home Yisroel Honik 622
There Once Was a Shtetl Leon Ginzberg 630
Where Are You? Shmuel Goldman 633
A Life That Is Gone Yisroel Honik 636
I Tell My Son Yisroel Shteingarten 639
A Dream Noakh Kohen 641
The Book of Memories The Rabbi Shimeon Fridlender 645
It Was Yisroel Honik 648
There Was Once a Shtetl Y. Kanishter 652
The Pain Is Great Eliezer Ginzburg 656
Ratno Sara Ginzburg-Shwarc 659
Roads and Dreams Yisroel Honik 662
I Am Still Alive Yisroel Chait 665
I Am Still Alive Malka Kanishter-Klatshke 667
From Death to Life Eliyahu Toker 674
The Dear Mother Shtetl Golda Eides 677
Ratner in the World
Ratner in Argentina Moshe Honik 681
Ratner in Chaco Asher Eides 697
The Founding and Aid Work of the Ratner Relief Committee in New York 700
The Society Bnei haRav Josef Arie Anshei Ratne Vohlin 707
The Ratner Relief Committee in N. America Akiva Karsh 710
The Elegy for Our Destruction A.M. Klein 711
Memory 721
List of Martyrs 726
A Word from the Chairman Moshe Honik 799
List of Photographs 801


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