Melnitsah: in Memory of the Jewish Community
(Melnitsa, Ukraine)

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Translation of
Melnitsah, pelakh Volyn-Ukrainah: sefer hantsahah,
'edut ve-zikaron le-kehilat Melnitsah

Editor: Yehoshe (Joshua) Lior

Published in Tel Aviv, 1994

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This is a translation of: Melnitsah, pelakh Volyn-Ukrainah: sefer hantsahah, 'edut ve-zikaron le-kehilat Melnitsah
(Melnitsah: in memory of the Jewish community),
Editor: Yehoshe (Joshua) Lior, Melnitza Surviors in Israel and the Diaspora, Published: Tel Aviv, 1994 (H, Y, E 354 pages)

Note: The original book can be seen online at the NY Public Library site: Melnitza

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Translated by Yocheved Klausner


Foreword The Editor 9
Foreword [Y] The Editor 12
The edges of the charred scrolls Tzipi Neuman-Avnon 15
A Memorial
Yizkor   17
Mikol Ha'amim [From all Nations] (poem) Nathan Alterman 18
List of Melnitsa martyrs who perished in the Shoa   21
A poem Yehudit Kotz 31
Never forget (poem) [Y] David Sefard 32
A map of Wolhynia   33
Chapters of Testimony and Remembrance
History of Jewish Melnitsa Yehoshua Lior 35
Melnitsa Betzalel Beller 53
Episodes and memories Feivel Beller 65
Melnitsa in recent years M. Landa 67
A map   68
Melnitsa Menachem Shemesh 70
Jewish Melnitsa between the two World Wars Israel Wolk 71
Shtetls in Wolhynia [Y] David Sefard 80
My birth place Shmuel Ritter 83
Zvi Mersik From the book by Melech Neustadt 86
Vilna letters   87
The Hechalutz movement David Gibel 96
BEITA”R Nisan Ritter 101
How I made Aliya to Eretz Israel Menachem Ritter 104
The town and its people David Gibel 108
Memories Henia Stein 115
From the history of my life Lea Zwick 119
The Days of Holocaust and Uprising
A Vow Avraham Shlonski 122
Between Lachwa and Melnitsa Yehoshua Lior 123
A Poem Yehudit Kotz 133
Melnitsa near Kowel Yerachmiel Zwick 134
After all (poem) Yitzhak Katzenelson 136
In the bloody footsteps of the murderers Lea Rog 138
A little girl without a childhood Zelda Beller-Lior 143
Yidl mit'n Fidl [Yidel with his fiddle] (poem) David Sefard 150
Memories from the time of the Holocaust Chana Bogin 151
On the roads of escape and rescue Sima Shpierer 156
In Memory of our Dear Ones
Memorial to the deceased   163
Giber Zelig   164
Hoffman Moshe and Esther   165
Wolk David   167
Wiener Asher   170
Zakay Kalman   172
Linover-Katz Lea   180
Neuman Elkana   184
Smorzhek Baruch   185
The Vogel Family   186
Pergamen-Katzman Sonia   187
Friedkovski-German Miriam   190
Kehat-Koss Shalom   192
Stern Yehoshua   196
Stern Moshe   197
Shay David   200
Shemesh Menachem   201
Map of Melnitsa   204
Melnitsa that no more exists Wolk 296
List of the family residences   207
A visit to Melnitsa Rieter 211
Former Melnitsa residents in Israel Photographs 214
Life and destruction of the Jewish Community in Melnitsa
Yad Vashem” [A memorial] (poem)   220
Betzalel Bahler   221
Feivel Bahler   239
The last years of Melnitsa M. Landa 242
Zvi Mersik   243
Memories from the Jewish life in Melnitsa Shaye Zwiebel 245
To your holy memory David Sefard 249
In the forests of Wolhynia Yehuda Litwar 250
Melnitsa Testimonies 256
Copy of Testimony No. 299   259
Resistance David Sefard 260
Be alert, my brother! David Sefard 262
A remembrance from my family Avraham Knabel 263
Tony Kass   265
David Sefard   267
Preface Joshua Lior 7
Zog nit keinmol - Song of the Partisans   10
Izkor (Remember)   12
List of the deceased   15
Map of Poland, 1939   17
Melnitza Bezalel Baller 19
Episodes (Memoirs) Faivel Baller 33
Zvi Mersik Melech Neistadt 36
Melnitza between the two World Wars Israel Wolk 38
Comments and Remembrances on the Ancestral Home
of Melnitze of Pre-World War I in the Country (of the time) Russia
M.H. Baller 47
In the Footsteps of the Ukrainian Murderers Lea Rog 48
A Child Without a Childhood Zelda (Zoya) Baller-Lior 54
In memory of Esther and Gershon Cohen From Cohen Family Album 61
Isaie Swiebl Shmuel Reiter 64
In Everlasting Loving Memory of the Family Rozynko from Mielnica Shmuel Reiter 67
My visit to Melnitza, August 1993 Shmuel Reiter 72
Melnitza Museum of the Diaspora, Tel-Aviv 78


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