Brest Lit(owsk) Volume II
The Encyclopaedia of the Jewish Diaspora
(Brest, Belarus)

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Translation of Brisk de-Lita: Encycolpedia Shel Galuyot

Edited by: E. Steinman

Published in Jerusalem, 1958

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This is a translation from: Brisk de-Lita: Encycolpedia Shel Galuyot Brest Lit(owsk) Volume II
The Encyclopedia of the Jewish Diaspora , Editors: E. Steinman, Jerusalem, 1958 (Y)

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Translated by Dr. Samuel Chani

Page # Author
21 History of the Jews of Brisk D'Lita S. Edelberg
45 Map of Council of 4 Lands 1667-1764  
45 Description of this map  
47 Brisk D'Lita in the Council of 4 Lands Ch. Barlas
71 List of Rabbis of Brisk D'Lita  
73 Jews of Brisk in the 16th and 17th Centuries K. Lichtenstein
89 The Destroyed City A. L. Feinstein
93 The Jews of Brest in the 19th Century M. Kaplan
105 The Self Government of the Kehilla A. Ludski
121 Division and Song M.S. Gershuri
143 The Great Fire of 1901 Nachum Sokolov
157 Brisk D'Lita - A Mirror of the Press N. Chinich
169 The Last Rabbis of Brest Menachem Berisha
     Rabbi Joshua Leib Diskin  
     Rabbi Joseph Dov Ber Soloveitchik  
     Rabbi Chaim Soloveitchik  
199 Books By the Greats of Brisk D'Lita  
203 Brisk D'Lita -A Poem Menachem Berisha
207 What My Memory Reveals By Rabbi Unterman
211 In My Parents Home By Michal Pochachevski
227 Brest In Bygone Years As told by Doba - Yafe
231 My Parents' Home By Mordechai Yaffe
237 Notes and Memories By A. Tzemach
247 The Blood Libel Ben-Zion Neumark
251 A Meeting with My Hometown I. Finkelstein
253 Between the Two World Wars S. Orchov
257 Brest Jews By M. Weisman
261 Two Figures Y. Govkin.
267 Brest Personalities M.Z. Ilin
271 Bygone Years Dr. A. Eisen
273 Four Personalities By Dr. M. Wolfson
275 Stolin Karliner Chassidim B. Kastrinski
279 Brisk - A Poem Anna Margolin
281 A City Surrounded By Shtetls By Moshe Satoy (Stavski)
285 In The Suburb By Y. Heftman
291 Three Things By Menachem Begin
299 Writers and Academics  
299 Dr. Yakov Gromer - An Amazing Figure By Zalman Schor
305 A Genuine Talent By Y. Klotzkin
309 Professor Y. N. Halevi -Epstein By Professor Simcha Assaf
315 Figures I Remember - Noah Finkelstein and Avraham Goldberg By Yitzchak Greenboim
325 Michal and Nechama Pochachevski By Moshe Smilanski
331 Yitzchak Tzvi Lipovski By Asher Barash
333 The Story of My Life By Arieh Leib Feinstein
339 Dr. Benjamin Shereshevski  
341 Dr. Yakov Grynberg  
341 Tzvi Har Zahav (Goldberg)  
343 Writers Who Originated From Brest  
353 Reb Chaim Cohen By Dr. M. A. Eisenstadt,
(Chief Rabbi of Petrograd)
355 Israel Asher Shereshevski and His Comrades By B. Koloditsky
359 Ben Zion Neumark M. Leizorovitch
361 Rabbi Mordechai Sheinerman  
361 Dr. Shmarye Shteinberg (Kassavary Grigorevitch)  
363 Reb Levi -Yitzchak Winnikoff  
365 Zerach Zaretski  
365 Zev Dov Begin  
367 Yakov Feinstein  
367 Shmuel Pomerantz  
369 Moshe Lubetkin  
371 Moshe Eliezer Ben-Anat (Breinhendler)  
371 PERSONALITIES AND OFFICIALS - List of community activists and personalities
407 Rabbi Scholem Menashe S.Pitlik
409 Rabbi Itzeleh Dayan Tzvi Ginat (Grynberg)
413 Rabbi Elyakum Getzel Tzvi Ginat (Grynberg)
415 Rabbi Tzvi Hirsh Barlas  
417 Rabbi Benjamin Korman Leah Dagnit
419 Rabbi Simcha-Zelig the Dayan Rabbi Dr. M.A. Riger
421 Rabbi Avraham Yitzchak Halevi Bleiweiss  
423 Rabbi Eliezer Lipa Klepfish  
427 The Administrations (Boards) of the Communal Institutions in Brisk D'Lita
429 Hebrew Education in Brest Tzvi Har-Zahav
433 Culture and Education Center A. Tour-Shalom
441 Educational and Cultural Institutions Nachum Chinich
443 The Tarbut Hebrew Gymnasium (High School) M. Arazi
447 12 Topolowa Street T.Govkin
449 Jewish Sport S.Rubin
453 The Zionist Organization B. Kastrinski
461 The Underground Zionist Work L.Goroditche
465 The 'Mizrachi' N. Rabinovitch
467 Mizrachi Youth and Mirachi Pioneers S. Shamir (Petrushka)
467 Young Zionists A.Ludski
477 Leftist Poale Zion M. Menachvetsky
481 Hashomer Hatzair Briski
483 The Zionist Revisionist Movement D. Meiri
489 The Bund Berl Kotlinsky
493 In the Underground Leizer Kling
497 The First Group of Brest Halutzim D. Ophir
505 The Yiddish Press In Brisk D'Lita M. Ginsberg
511 The Jewish Population in the 19th Century  
513 The Jewish Kehilla in the Brisk D'Lita S.Shwartz
515 The Census of Jewish Industry and Trade in Brest in 1921 I. K. Lichtenstein
523 The Tradesmen Union A. Chani (Australia)
535 Technical Training and Education A. Shtrickman
539 Banking and Industry  
547 I Stride over the Ruins of my City Dora Teitelbaum
549 Memories of an Escapee from Brest L. Glozman
572 My Father Wolf (Zev) Kachel
573 The Partisan Hannah Ginzberg S. Alitzki
574 The Partisan Activity in and Around Brest  
575 On the day of Destruction S.Winograd
583 The Entrance of the German Army into Brest  
585 The First Fateful Day Bertha Karlesh - Brandstein
593 Pages from a Diary Asher Zisman (Antwerp)
601 The Last Children of Brest Yitzchak Perlov
607 Synagogues and Prayer Houses that were destroyed in Brisk D'Lita  
611 The Landsmanschafts and the Story of the United Brisker Relief Y. Finkelstein
657 The Activity of the Joint in Brest A.Wertheim
661 Brisker Landsmanshaft in Australia A.Chani
665 “Amicale De Brest Litovsk” - Paris B. Wolsky
671 The Brisker Landsmanshaft In Argentina  
673 Surviving Brest Jews in Poland M.Neumark
675 Organization of Brest Descendants in Israel (Irgun Yotzei Brisk) A.Shtrickman
681 Briskers Who Fell in the War of Independence  
691 The Keren Kayemet Tax Benjamin Grushevski
695 Folk Stories Meir Ashkenazi
699 Brest in World Events  
703 Brest 1954  
705 The Story of this Book N. Chinich
707 Three Periods of Brisk D'Lita Avraham Levinson

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