Memorial Book of the Community of Zoludzk
(Bol'shoy Zhëlutsk, Ukraine)

51°19' / 26°07'

Translation of
Ner tamid le-zekher kehilat Zoludzk

Edited by: A. Avinadav, Tel Aviv 1970

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This is a translation of: Ner tamid le-zekher kehilat Zoludzk (Memorial book of the community of Zoludzk),
Edited by: A. Avinadav, Association of Former Residents of Zoludzk in Israel, Tel Aviv 1970 (H, Y 185 pages)

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Translated by Sara Mages


With the Book (a word from the editor} A. Avinadav 5
The Town That Was
The History of Zhelutsk Michael Primack 11
A summer day dream (poem) Arye Avinadav 27
My brother and sister please remember! Arye Galon 31
The life of the community and the individual in our town M. Meniuk-Fein 37
The way of life in Zhelutsk Ziskind Krook 52
The way of life in Zhelutsk [Y] Ziskind Krook 55
My town and my family L. Barill-Shoham 59
Like a rose amongst the thorns Yakov Zask 63
The endearing town Michael Leifer 67
Figures Arye Galon 71
Introduction to the Song of Songs Arye Galon 77
The wedding of the Rabbi's daughter Henya Primack 79
The slaughterers' dispute Dov Galon 82
In their memory Moshe Zuckerman 84
Orphan's Kaddish (poem) Chaim Lavshai 86
With a strong arm A. Galon 87
From Zhelutsk to Binyamina [Israel] Zev Diamentin 90
Woe, my homeland… (poem) Zerach Halevi 96
War and Holocaust
The establishment and the destruction of Wolyn's Jewry A. Avinadav 99
On the sanctification of the Lord's name Y.L. Yonatan 101
When a permission was given to the destroyer A. Galon 102
The destruction of Zhelutsk Z. Krook 103
Three sisters in the forest Yentel Kaufman 109
Three sisters in the forest [Y] Yentel Kaufman 115
The heroic death of Eliezer Kantor Yakov Bass 122
How our love ones fell M. Meniuk-Fein 124
My soul will cry in secret Z. Diamentin 127
The families Galon and Bliznyuk A. Galon 129
One out of a family Ajzek Giebel 130
Our home that was destroyed Elisheva Rosenberg 132
From death to life Dov Galon 135
In the struggle for life Ben-Zion Kantor 138
G-d will remember A. A. 145
List of Martyrs from Bol'shoy Zhelutsk   146
Absent in the Homeland: Sheraga Krook, Nathaniel Finkelstein and Yakir Mordechai Leifer A.G. 154
The Survivors
From Zhelutsk to the Brigade and HaBricha* Binyamin Zalzman 163
From destruction to salvation – the long way A. Galon 166
Former Zhelutsk's residents in Israel The Committee 188
Map of the region   2
A chart of the town The Architect Srbrany 9
37 photos (personalities, groups, families and landscapes are scattered throughout the book)
Verses and Sayings of our Sages on pages: 10, 83, 98, 114, 126, 144, 162
* Bricha – escape or flight -

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