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Leaders of Keren Hayesod with a delegation from their head office in Kishinev [page 487]
Leaders of Keren Hayesod with a delegation from their head office in Kishinev

The photo was taken on the eve of Yom Kippur 1924.

1. Moshe-Yossel Berishes Kaufman 2. Dovidel Volendener-Cooperman 3. Yosef Speyer 4. Chaim Gukovsky 5. Avraham Freilich 6. Yosef Steiff 7. Benzion Timan 8. Attorney Aharon Bronstein 9. Yechezkel Landau 10. Motya Zeidman 11. Berka Rosenfeld 12. Asher Goldenberg 13. Aharon Premislow 14. Yaakov Roitman 15. Avraham Milgrom 16. The emissary Zalman Fradkin 17. Emissary Dr. Yosef Sapir 18. Emissary Yaakov Wasserman 19. Mordechai Sheindelman 20. Hillel Dubrow 21. Yaakov Rabin 22. Moshe Steinwortz 23. --- 24. Shimshon Bronstein 25. Yitzchak Baratchin-Bar-Ratson 26. Noach Leiderman

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Farewell photo for Esther Snitkovsky prior to her departure for South America (1929) [page 489]
Farewell photo for Esther Snitkovsky prior to her departure for South America (1929)

1. Zvia Fishman 2. Doba Grozman-Cohen 3. Zissel Ludmir 4. Chayka Rosenberg-Cheruti 5. ---- 6. Chana Chasid-Winkelstein 7,8,9,10 ---- 11. Busya Wolfenson 12. ---- 13. Lola (pharmacist) 14. ---- 15. Tova Rosenberg 16, 17. ---- 18. Chantsa Ludmir 19. Sarah Fishman 20. ---- 21. Sonya Gandelman-Sazhman 22. ---- 23. Manya Roisman 24. Eva Bronstein 25. Henya Ludmir-Eppleman 26. --- 27. Dina Rosenthal 28. Sheva Kliger 29. ---- 30. Hillel Dubrow 31. Mina Dubrow 32,33. --- 34. Menucha Gelman 35. ---- 36. Esther Snitcovsky 37. Dora Rosenthal 38. ---- 39. Gittel Revkolevsky 40. Rosa Goichberg 41. Henya Steinwortz 42. Busya Gandelman 43. Ethel Sheindelman-Shani.

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Women, Youth, Elections to Congress

Let us also mention the activities of Zionist women in Yedinitz. Among the most active were Batsheva Kliger, whose house was the location for meetings, Chana Axelrod, Zeitel Fradis, Henya Steinbortz, Lisa Galprin, Ita Bronstein, the Rosenthal sisters, Rosa Hochberg, Susya Shitz, Batya Steiff, Mindel Dubrow and others whose names I forget. Please forgive me for this. The Zionist women were also active on behalf of various charity funds.

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